Sep 202012

straight boy Denver Grand & Trey Evans sucking and Flip-Flop Fucking at Brokestraightboys


we would each get to spend a weekend with Denver Grand. Good trouble seems to find the stud wherever he goes. The cameraman and Trey Evans went to bed early the night before this shoot, and Denver went out with Spencer and a number of other people. Don’t want to spoil Denver’s rendition, but pee was involved. You have to hang out with a guy who tells a urine tale. Today Denver and Trey are going to flip flop. Trey has never been a talker, and he says even less around Denver; however, whenever he looks in Denver’s directions his grin is from ear to ear. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were close to DG?…

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Aug 272012

Trey Evans gets his cherry popped up by Brandon Beal at Brokestraightboys 01


The sound you’ll hear in a few minutes is Trey Evans‘ cherry being loudly popped by Brandon Beal. According to our about to be virgin stealer, he has experience in taking away the innocence of women. “I’ve taken plenty of female v-cards,” Brandon says. “They all get attached.” Trey is insistent he won’t cling to Brandon after the deed is done, but does anyone believe that? Who can resist Brandon, no matter if he’s kicking your virginity to the curb or not?…

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