May 112017

Bishop Eldridge bareback flip-fucks Elder Holland in The New Name at Mormonboyz


It’s nice to see hot new Mormon daddy Bishop Eldridge get fucked for the first time. Watch Eldridge and Elder Holland take turns barebacking each other until they blow two creamy loads. And Bishop Angus’ new bottoming scene is also coming!

It’s rare to see a Mormon daddy get fucked at Mormonboyz. Eldridge joined Mormonboyz last month. It is great to see Eldridge push his limits for those who want to see daddy on bottom. Holland’s big thick cock really fucks the hell out of Eldridge.

Eldridge and Holland explore each other’s bodies before they turns blowing each other. Hollands rims Eldridge before he barebacks Eldridge’s tight hole in doggy style. Eldridge then drills Holland in doggy and cowboy positions.

Eldridge blows a juicy load on his stomach before Holland adds to the mess with a creamy load of his own. In the next chapter, macho daddy Bishop Angus will bottom for Holland (See last three photos). Can’t wait!


Watch The Full Video – Mormon Daddy Bishop Eldridge’s Bottoming Debut

Bishop Eldridge bareback flip-fucks Elder Holland in The New Name at Mormonboyz 01


Bishop Eldridge bareback flip-fucks Elder Holland in The New Name at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Mormon Daddy Bishop Eldridge’s Bottoming Debut


  19 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Bishop Eldridge Flip-Fucks Elder Holland Raw – Eldridge’s Bottoming Debut”

  1. Great! First Eldridge, then Angus. Two hot daddies get fucked in a row.
    It seems MBZ owner read our complaints. LOL

    • I like Eldridge. He’s not a big man like other muscular daddies, but he is a good-looking guy and has a natural smooth build. I noticed he got a black nail in his right middle finger.

    • Yes, I think MBZ owner read comments in here. I saw his comments occasionally, or maybe he leaves comments under other ID. Nice to see he listen to fans.

    • The announcement of Eldridge’s bottoming debut got my attention. The pics of Angus finally bottoming again after more than a year put a smile on my face! I’ll hold of subscribing until the day that scene is released!

  2. This scene looks hot. A big dicked jock topping a hot daddy is always epic!

  3. Love Bishop Angus’ face expressions when he gets fucked.

  4. At last! Alex, are you reading this?! 🙂
    If they’ve got any competitive spirit, can Oaks and Nelson be far behind? Some of the best promise from Mormon in a while. Looking forward 🙂

  5. Bishop Angus’ bottoming is always welcome.

  6. Blonde Holland is my favourite missionary. Cute, lean, hung and versatile

  7. Can I just say that this is awesome?! I’ll never understand why a lot of gay guys only want to see a certain type on the top and another type on the bottom. They want a masculine top and more feminine bottom — isn’t that hetero sex. I like to see men (young and mature) enjoying sex — even if a dick up there ass does give them pause (as the case may be with the good Bishop). I hope that fans who like daddies bottoming support these scenes so that they aren’t as rare as they’ve been in the past.

  8. can we please please please get President Oaks bottoming next? that would get me to re-up my subscription.

    • I think if he was willing to bottom, it would have happened by now. I’d like them to bring back that old horn dog Woodruff and see one of the boys give him what he has coming! I hope this opens the door to more versatility — and surprises down the road!

    • President Oaks had a lot of scenes at their straight sister site. He once fucked three women in one scene. Oaks is straight, or at least Bi. I can tell he enjoys guy/guy action as well.

  9. Angus and Eldridge will be a good pair. Hope they do a flip-flop.

  10. This is a hot scene. Elder Holland is always a good performer, one of the best at MB. The new guy looks hot as well. It is good to see a flip for a change. Well done Mormonboyz!

  11. Eldridge is hot guy and a great addition to the site. Nelson and Oaks are such limited performers. No rimming; no bottoming. Hope to see Eldridge fuck many more of the young elders. A scene with him and Angus also sounds good.

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