Aug 282016

A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs fucking Vincent Diaz at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce upcoming hot scenes at in September. Besides from porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Diego Sans and Dalton Briggs, we will see a few hot guys make their debut, such as Ken Rodeo, Vincent Diaz, K. Kaleb and Austin Carter.

Hot muscle jock Vincent Diaz is aka Clyde at Chaosmen, and he also goes by Elder Rex at Mormonboyz. It’s great to see Vincent join and get his tight bubble ass fucked again. Vincent will bottom for Dalton Briggs and Dirk Caber in two new scenes.

Newcomer K. Kaleb is a hot muscled stud. His face looks familiar. I just can not recall his alias. Hot jocks Ken Rodeo and Austin Carter will show us their bottoming skills. Colby Keller fucking Phenix Saint is another hot scene I won’t miss.

There are two hot threeway scenes you could follow. K. Kaleb and Johnny Rapid tag team Chip Young in the locker room. Hot macho hunk Ricky Larkin will pound Mike Maverick and Paul Canon in an interracial threesome.


Watch The Full Video – 18 Upcoming Hot Scenes in September, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Ken Rodeo at Men


[Sep 02] “Ours Part 1“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Ken Rodeo


A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs fucking Vincent Diaz at Drillmyhole 01


[Sep 03] “Stepdick Part 1“, Dalton Briggs Fucks Vincent Diaz


A Sneak Peek of Colby Keller fucking Phenix Saint at Men


[Sep 05] “Clandestine“, Colby Keller Fucks Phenix Saint


A Sneak Peek of K. Kaleb & Johnny Rapid fucking Chip Young at Bigdicksatschool


[Sep 06] “I See You“, K. Kaleb & Johnny Rapid Fuck Chip Young


A Sneak Peek of Ricky Larkin fucking Mike Maverick & Paul Canon at Drillmyhole


[Sep 08] “Peepers Part 1“, Ricky Larkin Fucks Mike Maverick & Paul Canon


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire fucking Wesley Woods at Str8togay


[Sep 09] “His Royal Highness Part 1“, Connor Maguire Fucks Wesley Woods


A Sneak Peek of Dirk Caber fucking Vincent Diaz at Drillmyhole


[Sep 10] “Stepdick Part 2“, Dirk Caber Fucks Vincent Diaz


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Rikk York at Men


[Sep 13] “Te Amo“, Diego Sans Fucks Rikk York


A Sneak Peek of Tobias fucking Austin Carter at Drillmyhole


[Sep 14] “The Perfect Guy“, Tobias Fucks Austin Carter


A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs fucking Dirk Caber at Drillmyhole


[Sep 17] “Stepdick Part 3“, Dalton Briggs Fucks Dirk Caber


Watch The Full Video – 18 Upcoming Hot Scenes in September, 2016


  15 Comments to “Men – 18 Hot New Scenes Starring Vincent Diaz, Dalton Briggs, Ken Rodeo, Austin Carter, K. Kaleb, Rikk York and More”

  1. a bundle of hot scenes. just hope Dalton Briggs will feature in a new top to bottom scene.

  2. Rumors said Paul is a racist. But it looks like Paul has no problem sucking black dude Mike Maverick’s cock, right? I agree Dalton should bottom. Maybe Diego will pop his cherry.

    • I am here for Austin Carter.
      Rikk York and Diego look like a hot pair and wish they flip-fuck. It’s absurd Diego became a top only guy @Men

  3. I could care less if a duck face like Dalton will bottom or not, just wake me up when Jack king gives up his virginity

    • Dalton is not bad looking, but the face scruff does not fit him.

      • Agreed. It’s a bad trend that porn stars think they look so masculine with some face hair. Dalton, Vincent and Phenix are bad examples. Even for macho stud like Ricky Larkin, I like his shaved look over his bearded face.

  4. Come on make a Top Bottom and have Diego Sans pummel Dalton Briggs, or better yet make it a flip flop fuck.

  5. The good thing is finally stopped making those boring parody series. Parody is popular in straight/mainstream porn, but gay guys only get off watching hot man on man sex.

    • Um… did you see the Pokemon paraody they just announced. I subscribed this month — to watch Ricky get fucked — even if it was by he-who-shall-not-be-mentioned. But I watch porn to see hot masculine men on the bottom — and I’m just not seeing that in these updates. Rex was a cute guy at mormonboyz — though I usually find the men hotter there than the bottom boyz, but the scruff, bad haircut and out-of-shape body aren’t doing him any favors here!

      • Oh, that’s shame. I just saw that Pokemon parody coming out in 2 days, it’s aweful to
        see extemely boring Johnny Rapid again, but it’s even worse that Adam Bryant did not bottom!

        • Adam’s ass was built to take a dick. He seemed okay with it — but tweeted that he hated it. has trouble getting the hot beefy guys to bottom regularly — that’s why I don’t subscribe regularly. Have to wait until they build up enough good scenes to download — which usually takes 6 months or longer.

    • All these gay porn parody scenes we’ve seen @men have a str8 version. Mindgeek copied parody series from their straight sites… Awkward costumes and dumb plots are boner killers.

  6. I still renew my membership as long as they update on a daily basis. And to be fair, their lighting and camera work are better than most studios. Some amateur sites have hot guys, but poor directing and camera ruined everything.

    • I’m more interested in quality than quantity. I think if they cut out at least half of their updates — they could pay hotter performers to do more scenes. Of course, they risk losing some regular customers — but if the end result is better videos and better performers — I think they’d actually increase membership.

      • Mindggek have popular guys in porn, Paddy OBrian, Diego Sans, Adam Bryant, Dato Foland, Hector De Silva… it’s another reason for my rentention of membership.
        I prefer quality too, but it’s hard for other competitors in industry to beat if they also focus on condom porn.

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