Jun 122017

A Sneak Peek of Adam Ramzi and Kurtis Wolfe Fucking Alex Mecum and Julian Knowles at Jizzorgy


It is time to introduce hot new scenes at Men.com in June. It’s nice to see Paddy O’Brian and Kurtis Wolfe get fucked again. Francois Sagat returns to porn after being away for a long time. And new muscle hunk Julian Knowles will make his bottoming debut.

In “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 4”, Paddy O’Brian will bottom for Diego Sans. Francois Sagat’s been a porn legend since he worked for Titanmen and Falconstudios years ago. It’s nice to see Francois come back and get his bubble ass fucked again.

It’s nice to see masculine tattooed beefy stud Julian Knowles make his bottoming debut in a muscle foursome. Men’s new exclusive William Seed will fuck Zack Hunter, then Ryan Bones and William will tag team Will Braun.

Popular stars Kurtis Wolfe, Jonah Fontana and Alex Gray will make their Men.com debut. It has been two years since Kurtis’s last bottoming scene at Randyblue. Kurtis will get spit roasted by Arad Winwin and Jonah Fontana in a threesome.


Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Scenes at Men.com in June, 2017


A Sneak Peek of William Seed Fucking Zack Hunter at Drillmyhole


[Jun 16] “Hide And Seek Part 2“, William Seed Fucks Zack Hunter


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans Fucking Paddy O'Brian at Str8togay


[Jun 17] “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 4“, Diego Sans Fucks Paddy O’Brian


A Sneak Peek of Noah Jones Fucking Johnny Rapid and Leo Fuentes at Drillmyhole


[Jun 18] “Peepers Part 7“, Noah Jones Fucks Johnny Rapid and Leo Fuentes


A Sneak Peek of Adam Ramzi and Kurtis Wolfe Fucking Alex Mecum and Julian Knowles at Jizzorgy 01


[Jun 19] “Dangerous Days Part 3“, Adam Ramzi and Kurtis Wolfe Fuck Alex Mecum and Julian Knowles


A Sneak Peek of Arad Winwin Fucking Colby Keller at Men


[Jun 20] “Intensity“, Arad Winwin Fucks Colby Keller


A Sneak Peek of Jack Hunter Fucking Ethan Slade at Drillmyhole


[Jun 21] “Cum Smoothie“, Jack Hunter Fucks Ethan Slade


A Sneak Peek of Ryan Bones and William Seed Fucking Will Braun at Drillmyhole


[Jun 23] “Hide And Seek Part 3“, Ryan Bones and William Seed Fuck Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian Fucking Francois Sagat at Drillmyhole


[Jun 24] “Dream Fucker Part 1“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Francois Sagat


A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs Fucking Johnny Rapid at Drillmyhole


[Jun 25] “Peepers Part 8“, Dalton Briggs Fucks Johnny Rapid


A Sneak Peek of Arad Winwin and Jonah Fontana Fucking Kurtis Wolfe at Drillmyhole


[Jun 26] “Dangerous Days Part 4“, Arad Winwin and Jonah Fontana Fuck Kurtis Wolfe


A Sneak Peek of Cliff Jensen Fucking Alex Gray at Str8togay


[Jun 30] “Mine Now, Sister“, Cliff Jensen Fucks Alex Gray


Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Scenes at Men.com in June, 2017


  18 Comments to “Men – 15 Hot New Scenes Starring Julian Knowles, Ryan Bones, Francois Sagat, Paddy O’Brian, Kurtis Wolfe, Arad Winwin”

  1. This bundle looks nice. Paddy’s bottoming scene is due.

    New hunky stud Julian Knowles is a hot muscle bottom. I think he shot scenes for Men and Titan. It seems his scene with Men will be released first.

    And when will we see Arad Winwin and Cliff Jansen’s bottoming debut?

    • Men hired a bunch of top only guys…Ryan Bones, William Seed, Cliff Jansen, Arad Winwin, Dalton Briggs, Noah Jones, Jimmy Durano…It’s time to film another top to bottom scene!

      • Nice list. I think some of them will eventually bottom up, like when they’re desperate to get money for drugs.

      • Agreed. It’s sick to my stomach watching another Arad’s topping scene. Cliff and Jimmy should bottom too.

    • great to see paddy bottom again……….love to see him get gangbanged again or bottom for Cliff Jenson

  2. Francois Sagat still looks hot af.
    Ryan Bones and William Seed should flip fuck without Will Braun.

  3. Kurtis has been escorting for quite a while. Glad he is back on screen.

  4. +++ Hot

  5. Paddy bottoming but Diego still not. Guess that’s a proverbial ‘glass half-full.’ I’d also like to know where Dennis West has drifted off to; I wasn’t anywhere nearly finished with him.

  6. MEN have so many stars: Paddy, Diego, Arad, Ryan, Cliff… They need listen to fans and film scenes fans like. No more stereotype. We like watching hot guys take a dick up the ass, not watching a boring top fucking a dude with his limp dick.

  7. Alright Men.com, the fans have spoken. The ball is in your court. ??

  8. I dont know but I am waiting for Arad winwin to bottom. It is not worth watching if he doesn’t bottom. Arad has the quality of bottoming….

  9. Yes Jimmy durano should also make a bottoming debut. Its no more of stereotype man. people want entertainment. Please its a request to the porn sites atleast make porn industry a worth watching. What do you say my dear friends???

  10. I think we’ll see William Seed fuck Ryan Bone too. Look carefully at the end of that 3-way teaser with Will Brain.

    • I watched the trailer. I did not think Ryan got fucked. It could be Will Braun riding Ryan’s dick.

    • I don’t think so. No close-ups of Ryan being penetrated. Will Braun is the bottom if you read MEN’s summary.

      Hide And Seek Part 3
      Ryan Bones | Will Braun | William Seed
      Released June 23, 2017
      Now it’s Will Braun’s turn to get pounded by these two studs and he’s more than a happy to be a willing participant.

  11. Not a fan of Johnny Rapid, but the way he rides Dalton Briggs’ thick cock looks hot.

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