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The cast list of 28 hot frat boys including Andy, Benny, Jose, Kyle, Mike, Stiffer, Travis and more at Fraternityx


Wow! It takes me a few hours to make this cast list. Now you have names of these hot college dudes at Fraternityx, and what roles they act in the scene. Enjoy!

I know many fans love Fraternityx. Most FX models are college students who shoot porn to put them through college. FX scenes feature hot, young frat boys having bareback gangbang fucking. The sex is very intense with lots of seeding, multiple creampies and cum eating.

The only thing bothering me is FX does not have model profiles. Sometimes we get confused who is who and what roles they act. So I decide to bring this issue to the site owner. Here is the information I get. My favorite models include Andrew, Andy, Benny, Jose, Kyle, Mike, Stiffer and Travis.

I make three categories: top, versatile and bottom. “Top” means they never bottom up so far. “Versatile” means they already did both topping and bottoming scenes. And “Bottom” means they only did bottoming scenes.

Top: AJ, Andy, Ezekiel, Jackson, Kevin, Kyle, Shawn

Versatile: Andrew, Angelo, Anthony, Benny, Carter, Ethan, Grant, Jansen, Matt, Mike, Morgan, Roman, Ryan, Stiffer, Travis, Will, Zach

Bottom: Danny, Jose, Sean, Scott


Watch The Full Video – All Bareback Scenes of 28 Hot Frat Boys

The cast list of 28 hot frat boys including Andy, Benny, Jose, Kyle, Mike, Stiffer, Travis and more at Fraternityx 01


Watch The Full Video – All Bareback Scenes of 28 Hot Frat Boys


  36 Comments to “Fraternityx – The Cast List of 28 Hot College Dudes”

  1. I’ve seen some of these guys in other porn sites (I’m assuming it’s during/after doing FraternityX)
    Like Scott (Scott Harbor) Matt (Matthew Keading) Will (Will Parks) Angelo (Jacob Durham), etc.Also, some in But I can’t seem to find any info on SEAN. Is FraternityX his only appearance in gay porn–or porn in general?

    –P.S. I also think he’s really cute, in a dirty, douche way which I find HOT for some reason. HAHA!

  2. Yes, some of them did scenes for other studios by different names. e.g., Ethan aka Ethan Slade, Andrew aka Andrew Collins, Mike aka Jet at Chaosmen, Roman aka Roman Rivers, Stiffer aka Steve Stiffer.

    But my favorite three: Andy, Kyle and Jose. I can not find any info about them.

  3. Jackson is Jackson Klein I think, funny how he never bottoms for Fraternityx, but definitely has for other sites.
    Any info on Jansen? He’s my favorite. His scenes for fraternityx are limited & I don’t think he’s with them anymore. I’d like to know if he’s done scenes with any other studios. Wanna see more of him!

    • I agree it’s Jackson Klein. He at least bottomed for Tyler Saint and Johnny Torque on other studios.

      Jansen is so hot for sure. I can not find any info about him though.

  4. Thanks for the post Mansparkle. This is really helpful! I wish FratX would list the models for each video.

    AJ and Ryan are my favorites – anyone know their full names or where i can find their other videos?

  5. Any info on Jansen, Danny or Zach? these boys are my favorites but can’t find anything about them :/

  6. Yes!! I’ve been wanting to know names. But I think u may have missed a few. The bottom in “six loads”. The two bottoms in “party foul/pass around assholes” (they both wore basketball tanks) And the top that always wears the leather cock strap.

  7. The entire cast of “The After Party” is missing from this list.

  8. Why was russel not here?

  9. Anyone knows the full name of Sean and Tyler on Fraternity X ?

    • Tyler’s surname (if it is the slim guy who was in 5 Videos in 2012) is Tyler Shields and can be found on a couple of porn databases, but with very little info other than he was 22 and from Indiana – love to know more about him or find his twitter but nothing found yet.

      Several other Tylers came later on to FX, but I think they all have surnames (eg Tyler Sky, etc)

  10. Who is the boy w blonde curly hair and a rose tattoo. Newer videos. Has words tattooed across his chest

  11. Whos the guy that toped on (used holes) he wore the hat and sunglasses he has a sort of spiral tattoo on his sholder

  12. The guy named Grant in this list is definitely Jake Ashton at Bromo and Jake Ashford at Today he has gained more muscles and his hot little bubble butt has become even hotter 🙂

  13. Does anyone know the name of the fratx guy who had black hair, pale, gauge earrings, a tattoo on his left pec. He’s usually a bottom. The video I always find is the one where he’s being fucked on the ground between two beds and he’s wearing a green shirt

  14. Does anyone know full name of Danny?

  15. What’s Zach’s full name and has he dine any other scenes for any other company

  16. Anyone know anything on Travis?

  17. Anyone know where i can find more Stiffler videos

  18. Anyone here knows the blond guy with the NY tattoo on his sleeve and wears blue/red cap?

    • All I know is that they call it “Stone”. If you search for it like that, some things appear like the FratX video list it appears in. I WOULD LOVE to know his real name or if he has made more videos.

  19. Does anyone know anything about Shawn?? I need way more from him 🙂

  20. U have some bout what about Zach Alexander or rad

  21. “The After Party” is one of the hottest scenes ever.
    Can you please see if you can get those guys names.
    Thank you

  22. yo anyone know the name of the blonde guy with freckles that bottoms? he appears in the newer videos and typically in the pledge ones. like uhh “pledge induction night”? and if possible does anyone also know the name of the guy who the blondie rode in the same video? he had dark curly hair. thnks

  23. Does anyone know what happened to Benny? I loved to see him getting fucked like a bitch

  24. Who is the cute younger guy with the pink playboy bunny tattoo…he is hot as hell…..l want to see him get fucked or suck dick at least…

  25. What happaned to Stone. He was sexy as hell.

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