Sep 122012

masculine Spencer Reed & Billy Baval top bearded Dominic Pacifico at Alphamales 01


First to arrive is Dominic Pacifico and he is one sexy fucker. Spencer Reed knows him and don’t waste time tasting again each other until they are interrupted by the arrival of brazilian hot topman Billy Baval. he works his way into the duo and share Dominic hungry holes. Dominic gets spitroasted and drilled by spencer while Billy shoots a massive creamy load on his chest.

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Aug 272012

Dolan Wolf fingers and tops Marco Sessions all the way at Alphamales 01


Dolan Wolf and Marco Sessions reach the tent late at night and go straight to bed. It’s just in the morning that Dolan wakes up with a boner and decides to take care of it regardless of his mate. Marco wakes up as well and cannot resist the urge to help his friend out…

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Aug 212012

muscular Nathan Price and bearded Dominic Pacifico flip-flop at Alphamales 01


Nathan Price is at home in bed reading up some serious stuff but something bothers him. He knows old buddy Dominic Pacifico is in the area for some training and would really fancy feeling him again inside him…

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Aug 152012

Isaac Jones jacking off at Alphamales 01


Take one of the sexiest french men Isaac Jones you’ve ever seen, put it in a tent, turn up the heat until he gets naked and watch him rise, stroke his meat, pinch his nipples and tug his balls. Continue salivating until he reaches exploding point and the cream starts pouring out. Serve hot.

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Aug 072012


New recruits for Trojan Rock’s Boot Camp are gathering! In this scene it’s Dean Matthews and Duke Michaels, both hot and masculine hunks of British meat. But there’s a problem. These guys are running late and they’ve forgotten their camping gear as well.

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