Sep 162016

A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano & Connor Maguire fucking Jack Hunter & Wesley Woods at Jizzorgy


It’s time to introduce new scenes at for the rest of September. Hot studs Romeo Alfonzo, Cole Brunner, Sam Truitt and Michael Del Roy will join And I also had a talk with the rep manager of about the new update for October.

It’s nice to see hot muscle jock Romeo Alfonzo (aka Romeo Alfonso at Randyblue and aka Claudio at Chaosmen) join And more exciting, in his profile, Romeo’s sexual positions is versatile. Does that hint his bottoming debut might be coming soon? 😀

Handsome Cole Brunner is aka Matt at Realitydudes where he lost his anal virginity. Cole will top Alex Mecum in his debut. Big-dicked studs Sam Truitt and Michael Del Roy also join the roster of

And today I had a small talk with the rep manager of He told me October will be a busy and a big month for, but he did not tell me the details. Maybe the new T2B or new Parody episode is coming? Let’s see how big it could be.


Watch The Full Video – 12 Hot New Scenes for the Rest of September, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Colby Keller at Drillmyhole


[Sep 19] “Meet Cute“, Diego Sans Fucks Colby Keller


A Sneak Peek of Johnny Rapid flip-fucking Sam Truitt at Bigdicksatschool


[Sep 20] “Fauxtographer“, Johnny Rapid Flip-Fucks Sam Truitt


A Sneak Peek of Phenix Saint fucking Michael Del Roy at Drillmyhole


[Sep 22] “Peepers Part 3“, Phenix Saint Fucks Michael Del Roy


A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano & Connor Maguire fucking Jack Hunter & Wesley Woods at Jizzorgy 01


[Sep 23] “His Royal Highness Part 3“, Jimmy Durano & Connor Maguire Fuck Jack Hunter & Wesley Woods


A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs fucking Dirk Caber & Vincent Diaz at Drillmyhole


[Sep 24] “Stepdick Part 4“, Dalton Briggs Fucks Dirk Caber & Vincent Diaz


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Phenix Saint at Str8togay


[Sep 25] “Training Bro“, Diego Sans Fucks Phenix Saint


A Sneak Peek of Jessy Ares fucking Ken Rodeo at Men


[Sep 26] “Ours Part 2“, Jessy Ares Fucks Ken Rodeo


A Sneak Peek of Romeo Alfonzo fucking Johnny Rapid at Str8togay


[Sep 27] “Online Identity“, Romeo Alfonzo Fucks Johnny Rapid


A Sneak Peek of Darin Silvers fucking Roman Todd & Will Braun at Drillmyhole


[Sep 29] “Peepers Part 4“, Darin Silvers Fucks Roman Todd & Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Cole Brunner fucking Alex Mecum at Drillmyhole


[Sep 30] “Secret Perv“, Cole Brunner Fucks Alex Mecum


Watch The Full Video – 12 Hot New Scenes for the Rest of September, 2016


  17 Comments to “Men – 12 Hot New Scenes Starring Romeo Alfonzo, Cole Brunner, Sam Truitt, Michael Del Roy, Jessy Ares and More”

  1. good news. Hope Romeo will do what his profile stated: bottom up!

  2. No Colby Jansen since July 12? Alarming. Did we miss some retirement announcement?

    • It’s been reported Colby is no longer an exclusive model for Colby will launch his personal site Colby’s Crew next month.

      • his new site is condom porn or bareback?

      • As we’ve seen, that kind of thing can go either way. Nobody was more the Big Noise of 2015 than Rocco Steele, then started up his own site, and what’s happened to his momentum? I’ll keep my fingers crossed because Jansen is my very favorite, but it’s honestly a gamble if he can showcase himself as reliably as MEN has the last four years.

  3. I think Romeo ‘s gonna be the next T2B star , is just desperate for a qualified candidate and Romeo is perfect

  4. Dirk Caber bottoming for a young guy is always hot to watch. Jessy Ares is back! Great..

  5. Some good scenes in this bundle. My review:

    Diego fucks Colby Keller – good
    Johnny Rapid & Sam Truitt flip-fuck – meh
    Phenix fucks Michael Del Roy – ok
    4 guys orgy – good
    Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber & Vincent Diaz – good
    Diego Sans fucks Phenix Saint – good
    Jessy Ares fucks Ken Rodeo – meh. Ken’s super thick lips are a boner killer
    Romeo Alfonzo fucks Johnny Rapid – good
    Darin Silvers, Roman Todd & Will Braun – ok
    Cole Brunner fucks Alex Mecum – very good

    • to be honest, Sam Truitt is a cute guy with a big tool between his legs. Too bad he’s paired with boring Johnny. As for Johnny, oh, man, is he a secret lover of the owner of it seems he will stay with for ever! grrrrr

  6. Is face hair a new normal? Diego, Colby, Connor, Jimmy, Wesley, Jack, Phenix, Jessy, Alex, Cole…They all have a beard.

    Even Darin Silvers and Roman Todd who look better in a shaved face jump on the bandwagon…
    it’s absurd..

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