Jul 012017

Rugged Daniel barebacks and breeds hot muscle jock Nixon at Seancody


It’s nice to see handsome blonde muscle jock Nixon get fucked for the second time. Watch Daniel bareback Nixon’s tight ass hard and deep before he fucks two big juicy loads out of Nixon and breeds Nixon.

It’s been more than half year since Nixon made his bottoming debut at Seancody (Check my post: Brysen Seeds Nixon’s Virgin Ass). In Nixon’s second bottoming scene he is paired with rugged hairy stud Daniel.

They start with a hot kiss before Daniel rims and finger fucks Nixon’s tight hole. Daniel barebacks Nixon in missionary and doggy position until he fucks a big load out of Nixon. Daniel then uploads his white jizz onto Nixon’s bubble butt.

In second round, Daniel continues to nail Nixon in doggy and missionary style before he fucks another big load out of Nixon. Daniel blows his load onto Nixon’s ass cracks before he shoves his cummy cock back in Nixon’s worked hole.


Watch The Full Video – Daniel Breeds Handsome Muscle Jock Nixon

Rugged Daniel barebacks and breeds hot muscle jock Nixon at Seancody 01


Rugged Daniel barebacks and breeds hot muscle jock Nixon at Seancody 02


Watch The Full Video – Daniel Breeds Handsome Muscle Jock Nixon


  16 Comments to “Seancody – Daniel Fucks 2 Big Loads out of Handsome Nixon”

  1. While I’m impatient for Daniel to get back to some bottoming, so far I’m unable to resist him. Physically, face, form, dick and ass, I can find no fault. The one point that gives me pause – and the same could be said of Paddy O’Brian – is how openly pleased Daniel is with himself.

    I’m not sure where the line is between sufficient self-confidence and self-absorption, and with other SC performers like Brandon, Cameron and David I could discern room to layer on sweet nothings that Daniel doesn’t seem to need. Have you ever been with a guy who – even when you’re alone in a room with him – can leave you feeling like you’re intruding on a private love affair…? Humble Daniel (and Paddy) are not.

    On the nuts & bolts point here, yes the sex is excellent.

  2. i disagree with Daniel.
    Nixon deserve another hot top in SC.

  3. Nixon needs to suck. Wtf.

  4. seriously, i watched the scene and dont think nixon cums with dick in his pussy at all

    • The first cum shot is. The 2nd one is half half. I saw Daniel hold his dick not to slide out of Nixon when he cums.

    • You must check your eyesight. Check time at 12:29, Daniel’s dick is clearly in Nixon’s ass when Nixon is cumming.

      • not too sure. Daniel cock could be between Nixon ass cheek and the couch instead of inside the anus.

        • Nixon got fucked cum out of him in his first cum shot. The second one is hard to tell as the camera is filming on the side.

  5. I still love Daniel, but Malcolm is my new baby.
    Malcolm is passionate and genuine in sex, not acting in an exaggerative way like Daniel.

  6. This site could stand more flips – and Daniel would be excellent in such a scene.

    • Agreed. I recently rewatched the clips of Brandon topping Daniel (6/05/13) and Cameron topping Daniel (8/20/13), and we’re being asked to make happy with considerably less these days.

      Going through the old stuff too, I’m reminded how much I miss Mitch, Abe, Cameron and especially David. There’s also that bearded darling Lawrence we were introduced to last March, and that they haven’t lured back for any action yet. While I still feel SC is consistently the best, there’s room to better themselves.

  7. Nice GIF. Thanks!

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