Jan 112013

Muscular Jordano Santoro Double Fisting big-dicked rugged Drew Sebastian at Clubinfernodungeon


Drew Sebastian is a little bit bored. He strips naked and strokes his monster cock. Jordano Santoro catches Drew in the act and can’t resist the temptation of Drew’s incredibly long cock. Jordano goes down on his knees swallowing Drew’s huge pierced manhood.

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Sep 262012

Muscle Daddy Josh West Fucks James Ryder with Huge Dildo and anal bead at Clubinfernodungeon


Drill Sergeant Josh West finds private James Ryder alone in the barracks relaxing on his bunk. After forcing him to perform rigorous jumping jacks and pushups, the twisted Sergeant puts the young studs ass to the test. He throws Ryder over a table and yanks down his military briefs to reveal his smooth virgin butt

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Sep 142012

muscle daddy Anthony London dildo-fucks and fists Evan Matthews at Clubinfernodungeon 01


Evan Matthews thinks he’s alone on the job site so he pulls out one of his favorite tools: a huge 12′ long by 8′ around fake cock with a handle. Evans fucks himself, oblivious to the fact that Anthony London is watching him through a window. London comes in and takes over, plunging the giant ass weapon deeper and deeper into Matthews’ rosebud. Mathews gets on all fours and order his big hairy coworker to shove his fist in his ass. As soon as London gets his arm inside him, Matthews sits down and swallows it to the elbow.

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Aug 282012

masculine Trenton Ducati pushes twin dildos fucking Tristan Phoenix at Clubinfernodungeon 01


Trenton Ducati finds Tristan Phoenix fucking himself with a dildo. Trenton takes over and shoves the fake cock in and out of Tristan’s hole. Despite Tristan’s moans Trenton knows the young stud can take more. He grabs another dildo and shoves them both in Tristan’s deep hole. The intense double penetration makes Tristan’s cock hard and he begs for more. Trenton forces the twin dildos deeper into Tristan’s ass stretching his hole to the max. Trenton continues to punish Tristan’s quivering butthole then finishes him off by inserting a fat butt-plug to tide him over until their next session.

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Aug 172012

Trenton Ducati toy & buttplug fucking Tate Ryder at Clubinfernodungeon 01


Puppy Tate Ryder shows up with a dog tail buttplug and a bucket full of toys ready to play with his sexy master Trenton Ducati. Trenton smacks the puppy’s ass and selects a massive dildo which he shoves in and out of Tate’s giant bubble-butt. Tate’s yelps turn to grunts and groans as he swallows the toy to the base…

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