Jan 032013

Exclusive tops Brandon, Bravo Delta and Jimmy Johnson Bottom up in 2013


There are always a few hot guys who are exclusive tops in gay porn industry. Everyone including me wants to see they finally give up their ass. It’s a big turn-on to see the tight virgin hole popped up by a big cock. No matter how many requests were sent to their studios, they still don’t bottom up. Why? They don’t want to ruin their images of a power top, or market rules force the studios to keep their virgin hole as longer as possible.

Luckly many of them finally cross the line taking a big cock up to their virgin ass. It happens with the time passing by. So we only need patience. 😀 Today I list three of these tops who have never bottom up under camera. Brandon at Seancody, Bravo Delta at Cockyboys and Jimmy Johnson at Men.com (from left to right). They are most popular stars nowadays. I think fans wanna see all of them gets fucked, but in order to see the difference, please choose the one you really like.

Brandon, Bravo Delta, Jimmy Johnson - You Wanna See Who Bottoms Up in 2013?

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  One Comment to “Hottest Men Series – Brandon, Bravo Delta & Jimmy Johnson – You Wanna See Who Bottoms Up in 2013?”

  1. It’s way overdue…if Bravo can’t get his ankles up to his ears, then get somebody to help him, dammit. I want to see him plugged in the worst way.

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