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Adam Bryant, Brad Kalvo, Jack King and Jimmy Durano, guess who will bottom up in Top to Bottom Part 12 at Men


It’s time to talk about the upcoming “Top to Bottom” episode. Here I list only 4 top only stars Adam Bryant, Brad Kalvo, Jack King and Jimmy Durano. So, it’s not that hard to figure out who will lose his anal virginity, right?

A few months ago, I already knew the new Top to Bottom episode will be coming. I want to make a teasing post long time ago, but I have to hold until December as I promised the rep manager of

There is a small change about releasing date. The “Top to Bottom” part 12 will be released on Dec 31st, 2015 instead of Dec 25th, 2015. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

[Updated on Dec 22nd, 2015] It’s Adam Bryant who gets his tight virgin ass popped up in “Top to Bottom” part 12. I know lots of fans like this result because Adam has a gorgeous bubble butt. Guess who is the lucky top? Stay tuned!

[Updated on Dec 29th, 2015] It’s Diego Sans who takes Adam Bryant’s anal virginity in “Top to Bottom” part 12. Adam also pushes his limits and sucks dick for the first time.


Watch The Full Video – Top to Bottom Part 12


Adam Bryant, Brad Kalvo, Jack King and Jimmy Durano, guess who will bottom up in Top to Bottom Part 12 at Men 01


Watch The Full Video – Top to Bottom Part 12


  30 Comments to “Men – Guess Who Will Get Fucked in Top to Bottom Part 12”

  1. Adam Bryant.

  2. (He tweeted a while back!)

  3. So the picture shows 3 guys from the front in their underwear and Adam from behind in a bare ass pose. Is that a hint?

  4. Would like to see each of these guys bottom, but admittedly Adam Bryan really does it for me. Great body — and like his ethnic (Latino?) look. And that ass!!!! I agree that he will be the one. Hope he has a decent top (and not Colby again — though I like Colby, but he ‘s been the top too often in these scenes. Brad would be great, because he’s such a beefy daddy — and probably won’t be doing porn for much longer. Pretty sure he’s not an anal virgin — except on video. Jimmy Durano really doesn’t do much for me, but he has a great ass — and it’s always nice to see an exclusive top bottom. I just don’t think Jack King will bottom — ever.

  5. Still hope brad kalvo will bottom..

  6. I dont know if T2B followers have noticed, but I feel like have built Will Braun up as a “top only” for about 6 months before giving him the permission to ride all the dicks he wants.

  7. I hope it will be Adam. This juicy ass is awesome

  8. I have read Adam’s post about selling to virgin to donate some money to some Foundations or Charity thing. So, i think it would be him, however, i ‘d love to watch Durano riding a real cock.

  9. While I am pretty sure the new top2bottom is Adam Bryant (at one point he was tweeting how he was ready to give up his ass and then he went very quiet) I am also hoping its Jimmy Durano. I have wanted to see him bottom for a very long time. I have had a mad ass crush on him forever. Quite frankly, I would be happy seeing any of them bottom. I think they are all mega hot.

  10. and can anyone explain to me this whole hype with top2bottom? why never bottom2top? or why all the top2bottom scenes are light skin (if not all white), why no asian? black? latino?

    • Bottoming seems to have become more of a taboo in gay porn than it used to be. I’m guessing it’s because scenes are so universally available on the Internet — whereas they used to be seen my much smaller numbers. And being gay and black is another taboo. It’s very, very rare to see a big muscular black guy bottom. It’s typically the skinny black guys who do. I think exclusive tops only appeal to bottoms in porn (who dream of being fucked by straight men — which I guess is why they don’t want a top to bottom). But I equate the interest in bottoming to straight porn. Can you imagine a guy watching straight porn and not wanting to see a woman fucked? If a guy is in gay porn — and I find him attractive — I want to see him take a dick — and that’s been the case with Adam Bryant since I saw his first solo photos (locker room/singlet scenario).

      • Oh, and there are plenty of Latin men who bottom — but they are mostly of the European persuasion. Europeans aren’t as repressed as Americans. Anyway, Adam Bryant looks a bit Latino to me — despite his white complexion.

        • Hey Alex, Thank you for taking the time explaining it. I just feel odd that noone wants to see Diesel Washington getting fucked or one of those macho thugs that people always “admire” and never watch lol

          • Diesel is the one who claimed to be a strict top on camera. It’s not the studio that did not convince him to bottom up.

            • Yes, the operative phrase is “on camera”. I don’t know that I’ve even seen a top in gay porn who didn’t have an asshole that looks like it’s seen many dicks in its day. No one forces these guys to get into porn, and I have less respect for a performer who will fuck ass after ass, but won’t give it up himself (on camera). I’d like to see Diesel get fucked — because he is such an aggressive top. Same goes for Alexsander Freitas (also versatile off-camera). I asked for him to be in Top to Bottom many times, but I think he retired. He said that if he ever bottomed on camera, it wouldn’t be for a long time. Chris Steele had one of the best asses in porn, but wouldn’t give it up on camera — because he thought it would hurt his popularity. Too bad!

    • Toptobottom is popular because it fulfils mens’ fantasy of possessiveness and conquest.

      There are some asian, latino, black models in gay porn though, just not as many as Caucasian. If people pay to see more black guys in action, you will see more scenes featuring black models. The standard of choosing models is only by the market.

  11. I’m desperate to see Jack King’s bottoming, but everyone has already known the next T2B is Adam Bryant

  12. So just announced Adam Bryant as the next top to bottom. And what looks even more enticing is that Adam sucks dick too! And he looks pretty good doing it. Can’t wait.

  13. Dick sucking does 0 for me, but happy for those of you who like. I’m in it for the beefy, creamy ass of his — so fuckable!!! Dont’ want to rush the holiday season, but am highly anticipating renewing my membership on December 31!

    • dick sucking can be very hot sometimes. It turns me on watching Paddy O’Brian, Abe, Jess or Brandon give head to the guy.

      Jess blowing Brodie is one of hottest oral scenes I’ve watched many times. Honestly, I thought Jess may bottom for Brodie in that scene although it did not happen. Jess totally sumbits to Brodie and sucks Bordie in different positions like a cock hungry slut.

  14. I love jack king t2b

  15. Wanna see brad kalvo bottoming debut

  16. I do really want to see jack king gets fucked. He is my favorite all the time. Do really wish to see him fucked hard and rough.

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