Jul 222013

Three hot muscle jocs Doc Tay Tay, La EL and Sean Holmes jack off at Gayhoopla


Doc Tay Tay, La EL and Sean Holmes, three hot muscle jocks are happy to upload their big loads for fans at Gayhoopla. Their names maybe sound new, but they are not newbies. They are all former Fratmen models. Let me talk about more of these hotties.

Doc Tay Tay, La EL, Sean Holmes. Who is hottest?

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Handsome muscle jock Doc Tay Tay aka Fratmen Taylor dumps his creamy loads of cum at Gayhoopla


Doc Tay Tay, aka Taylor at Fratmen, is a hot blond jock. This guy likes to be watched on camera. He did some hot solos before he made his debut at Gayhoopla. (Check my post: Muscle Jock Taylor’s Two Hot Orgasms).

This handsome boy teases us by a horny strip show. After getting naked, Doc Tay Tay lays back and works on his hard cock. I like his horny vocal while he strokes his dick. Watch handsome Tay Tay shoot a big load onto his T-shirt at the end.

Watch The Full Video – Doc Tay Tay Uploads His Creamy Loads


Macho big-dicked La EL aka Fratmen Leo shoots his milky loads at Gayhoopla


La EL, aka Leo at Fratmen, has a hot macho look that is different from what he looks like at Fratmen. This boy is horny all time. He has done three jacking off solos at Gayhoopla. La EL has a beautiful big curved cock you wanna suck for all night. His cumshot is pretty intense. Watch La EL shoot his thick loads onto his pubes and abs.

Watch The Full Video – La EL Strokes His Big Curved Cock


Hot blond jock Sean Holmes aka Fratmen Cason jacks off at Gayhoopla


Sean Holmes, aka Cason at Fratmen, is another blond hottie. Sean’s black evening dress makes him so handsome. This dude impresses me by his sexy body move. It’s nothing hotter than watch a hot guy like Sean bring you a horny strip show.

Sean teases us by sucking a black dildo. His orgasm is a hot as hell. Sean’s pleasure look, trembling body, sexy moaning come well together with his milky loads. Watch Sean’s hot sweet cream erupt from his erect shaft, spraying all over the place.

Watch The Full Video – Handsome Sean Holme Shoots His Loads Intensely


  2 Comments to “Gayhoopla – Doc Tay Tay, La EL, Sean Holmes – Who is Hottest?”

  1. Three gorgeous men and we only have to choose one?!!! You’re no fuuuun!!!! 😉

  2. LOL. I agree all of them are equally hot. Just a poll for fun

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