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Vote for your favorite Mormon daddies - Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks, Patriarch Smith, President Wilcox, President Woodruff at Mormonboyz


It’s time to make a cast list of hot macho daddies at Mormonboyz. Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks, Patriarch Smith, President Wilcox and President Woodruff, which are your favorite Mormon daddies?

There are more than 6 daddies at Mormonboyz, but it’s pointless to introduce those who do not show their faces. Here we have Angus, Nelson, Oaks, Smith, Wilcox and Woodruff (from left to right). Let’s vote for your favorite daddies (You can choose up to 3 guys).


Which Are Your Favorite Mormon Daddies?

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Angus, Nelson, Oaks, Smith, Wilcox and Woodruff – sexy, mature and masculine. They are hot guys in different ways. As a big fan of bottoming debut, watching these hot Mormon daddies bottom up easily turns me on.

So far, Angus has got fucked three times at Mormonboyz. Wilcox aka Ryan Wilcox lost his anal virginity at (Check my post: Adam Herst Fucks Ryan Wilcox’s Virgin Ass). But the other four have not bottomed up yet. Hope they will push the limits soon. šŸ˜€


Watch The Full Video – All Bareback Scenes of Hot Mormon Daddies


Vote for your favorite Mormon daddies - Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks, Patriarch Smith, President Wilcox, President Woodruff at Mormonboyz 01


Watch The Full Video – All Bareback Scenes of Hot Mormon Daddies


  54 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks, Patriarch Smith, President Wilcox, President Woodruff”

  1. Hot daddies..Wish I could sleep with any one of them.

  2. Where has President Woodruff been? I have not seen him for a while. He is my favorite daddy. Angus flip-fucking Nelson would be a hot scene!

    • Angus and Woodruff have very similar bodies — though Angus’s gravity-defying ass gives him the edge. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two flip flop as one or two of the elders watches — and maybe joins in by fuckng them both. Turnabout is fair play. I like Smith, but he rarely gets nuded up — so he didn’t get my vote. I doubt that he’d bottom, but I would enjoy seeing him spanked. Wilcox had a good body. Seeing him bottom at wasn’t as hot as it would be here when he wasa in character (I do like the storyteling aspect of the site — even though some of the text is utterly ridiculous). It’s evident that Nelson does bottom in real life, so I hope he’s open to doing it at mboyz. Truth be told — if it wasn’t for these daddies — I would 0 interest in the site.

      • Yeah, I’m totally looking forward to seeing Nelson and Oaks bottom!! Another great combo, Angus & Nelson flip fucking– with Oaks walking in after they’ve just fucked each other and they both fuck Oaks. Where’s my towel… Yeah, alex, Angus & Woodruff flip fucking…another great idea. But I’m fairly addicted to President Nelson’s dick, don’t get me started on how delicious his dick is. And I love watching Nelson getting his hot hole rimmed…at least I think it was him. In general I hope more of the hot daddies at MB will bottom more, they’ve clearly done it before. Share the joy, guys! šŸ™‚

    • very good

  3. By an x-ray finish, I give it to Patriarch Smith, but Oaks and Angus are snapping right at his heels. Smith however, is probably the most frustrating case of them all, appearing in more clips where he’s kept covered from his buttoned collar to his tied shoes than any given one of the “Bishops” or “Presidents.” I believe I’ve only watched two scenes where Smith gets totally naked, one of those a crowded foursome leaving scant time for the camera to ogle Smith. That’s before mentioning those clips where tops are kept hooded and we don’t know who we’re watching.

  4. You forgot Brother Samuels, although he only did one none-sex scene, he easily steals the scenes he’s in

    • I did not forget him. I also want to add Bishop Stevenson. But it’s too packed to squeeze 8 guys’ photos in cover picture. Samuels only did 1 softcore scene, so I decide to edit him out. I will introduce Stevenson’s old scenes (If I am not lazy.. šŸ˜€ ). He is one of my favorite guys at MBZ.

      ps. I edited your link, so they can see the whole collage other than just one photo of Samuels.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot about Bishop Stevenson, geez yes bring him back!!!! And then there’s Brother Johnson, that tall hung blond stud…

  5. Can someone tell me,what is the President Nelson,Patriarch Simth,President Woodruff’s real name?

    • Those are screen names. The real name is privacy. Even the studio has no permission to disclose the actor’s real name, unless the performers want to. Some porn stars may use real names on FB, TW or other social media, but not every body will do the same thing.

    • Woodruff is called ‘David’ at There are some pics of him from his younger days, but I prefer the current model.

  6. Mormon Boyz presents the similar dilemma that can be fostered by Sean Cody as well: the practice of giving models only one name, a first or last. Thus if any MB bishop or president go to work for another outfit (as Wilcox as least briefly has), one can lose track of them. It wasn’t until both were long past their Cody days did I know Jarec Wentworth was “Jarek” and Connor Kline had been “Bryce.”

  7. Bishop Angus because he is not only top but nice muscle bottom too!

  8. Smith and Nelson!

  9. Oaks looks like a professor when i was at univ.

  10. President Woodruff is my dream daddy. Nelson’s abs, hmm.., yummy

  11. Well, looks like with close to 100 votes, OAKS is the winner and WILCOX is the loser. The rest of the batch are within a few votes of each other. I can see why Oaks won because he’s a generically handsome silver fox — fits the dad role easily — though he’s a bit WASPish looking for my tastes. Still, he add some good variety and unlike Smith — he’s gotten naked frequently — and that’s always a plus. I do hope that more of these guys give up their asses to some of the young guys — because I love seeing the guys with authority take a hard dick!

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more, alex. Oaks does have a Readers Digest kinda vibe, still fuck him though, but I lean toward President Nelson and his yummy dick and hot ass I can’t wait to suck and rim.

  12. Oaks is a popular actor in their str8 site, such a hot silver fox

  13. Oaks also cast on the Mormon Girlz site. He is looks pretty dang hot fukin girls too…

    • And I bet he’d look great getting fucked. Wasn’t aware of the Girlz site — but if the wore a strap on and fucked the men– I’d subscribe!

      • I wasn’t aware of the Girlz site either…yeah, he would look, will look, so hot getting fucked on Boyz. I do love watching older, authority wielding daddy’s getting plowed by their younger charges sometimes. Very very hot.

  14. Oak and Smith r yummy. Can’t wait to see them bottom.

  15. Im in love with President Nelson, he is the reason mormonboyz is liked by me so much. Please, Does anyone know what is the name of President Nelson and if he performs for another bareback studios? please.

  16. Any other name of PATRIARCH SMITH in other gay movie

  17. Well Patriarch Smith is back this week after an absence of about two months. Of course, he’s completely clothed for another spanking scene. This site is so focused on the boys — that it fails to capitalize on attracting those of us who prefer the men.

    • I like boys and the men but I think I lean towards the men. Hotter, more experienced, knows what to do with a hot stud…

  18. I don’t think those pics of Woodruff do him justice. Really need to see him naked (especially form behind) to appreciate his appeal as a daddy.

  19. And where are all the hot still shots of all these guys? Younger and older. All I really see are scene stills, I’m looking for good shots of dicks and asses…

    • They don’t release preview videos, but there are plenty of stills for each scene. Here’s a nice scene that shows off Woodruff’s best feature (his meaty ass);

      The bottom in this scene does zilch for me — but Woodruff fucks him in most every scene he did. Was really hoping that series would end with Woodruff bottoming, but NO!

      Angus has bottomed — and his ass is even more impressive than Woodruff’s. Plus he can fuck like no one’s business. Here’s one of his earliest scenes where he tops one of the better elders (lately, they have been getting too many twinks).

      Honestly, after the young guys are put through their paces — what would be a better reward than topping the guys who topped them? But apparently the regular customers at mormonboyz don’t want to see that. Makes me wonder what kind of people are the regulars there — and why mormonboyz isn’t interested in appealing to other audiences. They poll their own members, but obviously guys like me who want to see men fucked as well can’t respond to their poll, because to date — I’ve only subscribed twice to see Angus bottom.

  20. … When Oaks rolls up his sleeves I die of excitement.

    Do he has another actor name, where he can be found with? Or is he just active as a Mormon President? I wish there would be more/other stuff with him … šŸ™

    Greetings from Germany šŸ™‚

    • Some of the older guys only show up here — though I’ve seen pics of Smith and Woodruff posted when they were younger — just nude pics — not action scenes. Seems most of the younger guys go on to other sites.

  21. Well they finally did it.

    Patriarch Smith fucks President Wilcox. Hot daddy on daddy Action. More please!

  22. Besides having a good daddy body, P. Angus often does some great internal cum shots. There are a couple in the first couple years of the series. P. Nelson sometimes seems to have some wood problems, although he is very good-looking.

  23. President Oaks is mine, I love that man. He is a twin to my former job coach who is a friend of mine at the training place that I am still at before I get a real job. I’d like to see just a photo gallery free of charge of President Oaks of just himself. I also would like to be able to contact him so he could maybe come to Arizona and he and I have sex.

  24. Where’s Bishop Stevenson? And who is he?

  25. What’s the Real name of patriarch smith ? any Facebook or instagram i want to meet him
    He’s my dream men and does anyone of you know what happen to smith haven’t see him ?since bonds of brotherhood is he working on another porn movie ?

    Does he works in another porn movie or any spy video ?

    im in love with him

  26. I’ve never seen Smith in any other productions. I would guess that he’s still popular enough to appear again if he so chooses. I have seen older pics of him on a Tumblr site — when he was 5-10 years younger.

  27. I like nelcon

  28. Can anyone tell me what the sexual orientation Oaks is? He showed up in their st8 site so I am curious about whether he is bisexual? Hope to see that he is gay in real life.

  29. alex whats the tumbrl site where you found smith’s younger pictures ? send me link please

    • I just happened upon those, and don’e know which site it was. It may have been this one — but can’t be certain.

      • Hi Alex

        I edited out the link as it has some personal info on that blog. Ask him to leave an email or disqus ID, so you can send him the link in private. Thanks.

  30. ok i have gmail my gmail is plese averything you have about smith send me to that email ill be thanckfull

  31. President Nelson is one hot fuck. Iā€™d love to see him top President Nelson.

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