Aug 162012

Cody, love or hate, solo jerking off at Codycummings 01


In Cody Cummings’ new solo video – Cool Cummings, Cody wears a black T-shirt “I love Haters”. I am not sure Cody likes showing his tolerance or just looking for a fight. There are always controversies about Cody’s video. So what’s your opinion?

Cody Cummings - Love or Hate him?

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Cody, love or hate, solo jerking off at Codycummings 02


Watch The Full Video – Cool Cummings

Cody Cummings is doing something a little different this time around. Kicking back. Just taking it easy. No costumes. No stories. No partners. No gimmicks. Just private time between you and Cody. He starts by slowly rubbing himself as he undresses piece by piece, one garment at a time, teasing you along the way. Half naked, he pulls his cock out of his unzipped fly and he’s already half hard for you.

Stroking it into full erection as he stands by the sunlit window, his body is illuminated in all its rippled beauty, but Cody has something else on his mind, so he throws himself on the bed and gets to work while you watch. Spreading his fingers around his dick he rubs his thighs and stomach, quivering as a drop of pre-cum escapes the head of his dick. Jacking with a purpose, he sits up and feels himself about to burst, but before he does, he makes sure you are watching. He wants to make sure you see every ounce of cum when he busts his load for you.


  3 Comments to “Codycummings – Showing his Tolerance or Looking for a Fight?”

  1. He missed the point become bottom, NOW HE is NOT INTERESTING, his ass is not as good as asses of young mtn or asses of beefy daddies

  2. young men

  3. I wish making love wgth codycumming
    and I want see all his movies,loding all,s

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