Apr 202016

Hot straight muscle hunk Brolly (aka Mike Fox) serviced, massaged and jerked off at Slowteasinghandjobs and Jakecruise


Today, I introduce a hot hung straight muscle hunk Brolly (aka Mike Fox). Watch master Scott and daddy Jake explore Brolly’s sexy naked body before they jerk the cum out of Brolly’s hard boner.

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Sep 302012

Muscular Noah Greene Serviced, rimmed, fingered at Jakecruise


Noah Greene lifted too much weight at the gym and popped a blood vessel in his eye. Although he told me it was painless I kissed it to make it better. I followed that kiss with a bit of tickling and a lot of touching. Noah Greene has a sexy tan and a cute bubble butt that makes my mouth water. When I peak inside his underwear I see a thick cock that makes my mouth water…

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Sep 212012

muscle daddy Robert Van Damme Fucks the cum out of cute twink Tyler Sweet at Jakecruise


Robert Van Damme is shaving on a sunny morning while poolboy Tyler Sweet nets the leaves out. But Tyler isn’t interested in Robert’s pool. He’s interested in Robert’s tool. Tyler jumps in the pool and yells for help, pretending he can’t swim. Robert hears the yells, runs out and jumps in to rescue young Tyler. He carries the limp boy out of the pool and into the living room where he begins mouth to mouth

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Sep 152012

Masculine Brad Kalvo Massaged, rimmed, fingered, jerked off at Jakecruise 01


Jake is so lucky to massage the hot muscle daddy Brad Kalvo. Brad shaved his face. His clean look is as hot as his beard look. A few hot parts in this scene turn me on: 1) Jake spreads Brad’s cheek for a deep rimming. 2) Brad gets fingered for the first time on camera. 3) Jake plays Brad’s sexy nipple. 4) Jake strokes Brad’s monster cock and makes Brad bust a thick creamy load. After watching this scene, I get so horny. But what can I do except being jealous of Jake! Pathetic… 🙁

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Sep 072012

Muscle Daddy Samuel Colt Fucks young Gabriel Louis at Jakecruise 01


Muscle daddy Samuel Colt comes home bearing gifts: a Fleshjack and a butt plug. He finds his young lover, Gabriel Louis, diligently poring over his textbooks, busy studying for his upcoming exam. Samuel empties the bag containing the gifts unto the bed and Gabriel asks, “What are those?” “You’ll find out,” replies Samuel as he pulls out his hard cock…

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Aug 252012

masculine Jeremy Stevens tops cute twink Tyler Sweet at Jakecruise 01


Do dreams come true? In Tyler Sweet‘s case they certainly do! Tyler is laying on the bed, touching himself while looking at sexy photos of Jeremy Stevens on an iPad. Tyler winds up nodding off only to find Jeremy waiting there next to him when he awakens. Jeremy is already naked and Tyler is in awe. He begins blowing Jeremy’s thick dick getting it stone hard in seconds…

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Aug 182012

Scotty Dean gets touched, rimmed and serviced Jakecruise 01


Many fans will be jealous of Jake daddy today. He is so lucky to get another new hottie – Scotty Dean. Jake touches every part of Scotty’s body with his tongue and hands. Scotty’s hot virgin ass gets rimmed deep by Jake. Then Jake strokes Scotty’s monster manhood to make Scotty bust a nut in his mouth. A very hot service scene!

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Aug 112012


AJ Monroe and Rock run into each other in the gym locker room. Rock has his eye on young AJ, and lets him know he likes the way he’s put together. AJ seems a bit embarrassed at first, comparing himself to Rock’s ripped and tanned body. Rock’s warm lips soon put AJ at ease as they wrap around his rising cock…

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Aug 032012


Gay porn fans will be jealous of Jake because he had sex with hot rugged masculine muscle daddy Brad Kalvo. I think it’s the first time I saw Brad gets rimmed. And Jake is so happy to have Brad take his load in the mouth and end up with a cum-kissing. What a nice day for Jake!

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