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Which Seancody model you's like to hear from and what questions you'd like ask him


I am honored that Seancody thinks so highly of my blog. I got a request from the rep manager of Seancody yesterday. He asked me to ask fans which model they’d like to see interviewed and what questions they’d like to ask that model.

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Things get better and better since Mindgeek bought Seancody this year. Seancody no longer seems a creature that is unattainable. They start to listen to fans’ feedback. 😀

Basically, you just leave a reply saying which Seancody model you’d like to hear from, and if you have a chance, what questions you want to ask him. And Seancody will interview the model based on what you say.

It would be nice to see your favorite model not only shoot a scene, but also answer your question in “Behind the Scenes” or something like that. I guess popular stars like Brandon, Abe, Jess, Cameron and Teddy will get a lot of questions from fans.

Seancody will randomly pick up some fans from here and reward them with one month free membership. Make sure you use a real email (that won’t be published), so they can send you free Seancody membership later on.

[Updated on Sep 23th, 2015] All the interview questions from fans were forwarded to Seancody’s rep manager last weekend. Unfortunately, the manager called sick last week. Today, I talked to him after he was back to work.

He liked these questions and forwarded them to the director whose opinion is the only one that matters. There are two kinds of directors. One who runs the brands is the big boss. Another is the film director. Here I mean the former.

The director will ultimately filter the questions and select the questions that will not hurt the brand because 98% of Seancody models identify as straight. Don’t ask me where 98% is from. It’s the number the rep manager told me. 😀

So just be patient. I talk with the rep manager quite often and I will let you know if there is any update. You can still ask interview questions. Thanks for your comments.


Watch The Full Video – 2000+ Hot Scenes at Seancody


  37 Comments to “Exclusive News – Interviewing Your Favourite Seancody Models – Get 1 Month Seancody Full Membership for Free”

  1. Brandon and Abe

    When will you bottom up for fans?

  2. Jess Jess Jess!! Would you like to eat cum in your next scene?

  3. Abe, are you still a virgin top?

  4. Teddy – Have you bottomed for another guy in private before you worked for Seancody?

    Peter – Are you Bi or Gay? I see you really love taking a dick up the ass.

  5. Cameron. How many times can you jerk off a day? I love your big loads.

  6. Sean, I am your big fan. Would you like to get paid to fuck me and shoot your load in my ass?

  7. Alan. Have you ever taken anything up your butt off camera? Mensparkle: How many ppl could get free membership?

    • I can not tell you exact number, but I guarantee it’s not just one. More fans reply, more free membership will be given away.

  8. Pavel

    do you escort when price is right and how to contact you?

  9. Where is Stu? Pls come back shooting more scenes. He’s the only star I care in SC’s team.

  10. And who is guy #1 and #3 in cover pic?

  11. When are we going to see a really good orgy scene? I would love to see an orgy with guys like Randy, Jack, Abe just passing around, dominating and breeding bottoms.

  12. Brandon please bottom soon.

  13. Please bring Tate and Duke back! They’re two hottest jock bottoms. I wanna ask them “Will you have sex with your fans”

  14. Abe – Is that true you smashed the hotel room during your last visit to San Diego, so you got barred by SC?

  15. Ollie-Are you an olympic athlete since you have a tattoo of the Olympics on your arm? Also, what do you like about bottoming?

  16. Curtis:
    What was your thought of gay sex before coming to SC ?
    When did you discover you could deep throat ?
    Who/What was the best sex you had over at SC and why ?
    When did you become more comfortable with what you did and who all knows ?
    What is your opinion of ‘fans’ watching your FB and commenting on your Confederate flag support ?
    What is your opinion of people of color — would you ever make a scene with a one ?
    Has the sex in your private life improved due to the ‘experience’ you have received while making porn ?
    What is your type of scene partner — what type of physical traits do they have. What do you have against swallowing cum ?
    Dose size matter ?
    What is your opinion on ‘strict’ tops or bottoms ?

    Please come back — Why did you leave ?
    Have you always been am amazing bottom or ?
    What is your type of scene partner — what type of physical traits do they have ?
    What do you have against swallowing cum ?
    Dose size matter ?
    Best sex you have had on camera with ?
    What is your opinion on ‘strict’ tops or bottoms ?
    When did you become more comfortable with what you did and who all knows ?
    Favorite type of music ?

    I have similar yet all the same questions for Jamie and a few others but lets see what happens here.

  17. Curtis. could you get fucked by a black guy?
    Marshall and Jamie. you can fuck me any time.

  18. Plz bring Stu back!

    Did he ever bottom off screen?

  19. Daniel: Please bottom again.
    David: Are you a married dad? I want you come back.

  20. Please tell me who the 1st guy is in the picture? He is hot!

  21. Jamie. tell us your craziest sexual experience.
    Calvin. I feel you like to have sex with men more than with women. is that true?

  22. Great news Mensparkle!! I would like to see the folks at Seancody interview my two favorite models: Daniel and Alan

    Here is what I would ask;

    Hi Daniel

    Absolutley Love your scenes at SeanCody!

    Here are my questions for you:

    SeanCody lists you as a Model or Performer, I think you can be better described as a Sexual Adventurer, would you agree?

    What is the one sexual act you most enjoy guys do to you?

    What is the one sexual act you most enjoy to do to guys?

    Are there any other Seancody models you would like to work with?

    Given your voracious sexual appetite, how do you feel about doing group scenes?

    You have shown off your versatility much to the delight of your fans, would you consider doing a scene where you are double penetrated?

    If you could film a scene for Seancody, anywhere in the world – were would it be and describe the scene for us?

    Hi Alan

    Big fan, really miss you performing at SeanCody, any possibility of returning?

    The best thing about your scenes is not only is the sex hot, but the scenes have a raw sensuality to them.

    Love the special attention you give to your partner at the end of the scene, you seem very fascinated with cum, is this something you like in your private life? Do you like the taste?

    Whats the craziest place you have ever had sex?

    You were one of the best tops, and an amazing rimmer, would you consider bottoming on screen?

    Ever try bottoming in your private life?

  23. to sean cody manager.

    after you join with a , why you not making vacation scene again ??

  24. Sean Cody Manager: Are we ever going to see models of different ethnicities in hard core scenes?
    Is there a double penetration scene coming up?

    Brodie: When are you going to take a cock up your ass again?

    Perry:You are a great bottom…..what do you like about bottoming?

    Ollie: You are ass is total PERFECTION….how do you keep that giant bubble butt in shape?
    Also, you are starting to bottom more….how do you like it? What do you like about getting fucked?

    Forrest: What you like about bottoming? What has been the hottest scene you’ve done at Sean Cody so far?

    I can I please request a Ollie, Curtis and Forrest three-way it will be bubble butts galore.

  25. Brandon, Jess, Abe, Harrison, Teddy, Steven, Peter, Daniel, Cameron, Tim, David… and lots of models I like. Too many to name. I have some questions for each of them if they are available.

    1. Most of you guys claim straight. I am curious how you could stay rock hard while you fuck another guy? You take viagra or watch str8 porn to stay aroused? As a gay guy, it’s hard for me to get hard if I have to fuck a woman.

    2. What’s the difference when you kiss a man and kiss a woman? Which one you prefer.

    3. You think a woman give you a better blowjob or a man gives you a better blowjob?

    4. Do you like to take something up your ass? Have you ever got finger fucked or took a dildo up the ass in your private life by your girlfriend. How does it feel?

  26. I have a few general questions for any Sean Cody performer (not sure if these were already asked before)

    1) How much input do you have on who your partner will be in scenes.

    2) Did you ever have a partner that when you met him you realized you had absolutely no chemistry or attraction to him

    3) When the scene is being filmed, how much input does the director give? For instance do they outline what they want to happen or do they just say “go at it” and just start running the camera

    4) If you are topping, do you prefer to pull out, shoot on their ass and stick it back in or prefer to cream pie the guy’s ass and let it drip out? Also, is this something that is decided on while the scene is being filmed or in the moment?

    Have another question or two but not sure if they would be for the performers or not

    1) Right now 3 new scenes are being released a week. Any chance that it will go up to 4? Maybe 1 solo and 3 fuck scenes?

    2) There have been a lot of hot guys doing solo scenes lately – Anderson, Jeff, Abraham, Steven, Zachary, Edin. Will we be seeing these guys in fuck scenes or are they just “one and done solo guys”?

  27. one more question

    What are your hobbies in your day to day life? For instance, do you like to refinish furniture, are you a baseball card collector, are you a big sci-fi/comic book collector, do you have a collection of a specific item, etc?

  28. So horny

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