Oct 052016

President Oaks barebacks Elder Holland in Initiation, Washing and Anointing at Mormonboyz


Hot missionary Elder Holland is going through his new session with handsome Mormon daddy President Oaks. Watch Oaks take Holland’s load in the mouth before he barebacks Holland’s tight ass and blows his sticky load.

It’s a hot pairing because Holland is one of the most popular Mormon boys and Oaks is the hottest Mormon daddy. We have seen Oaks suck dick many times, but it’s very rare to see Oaks take a boy’s load in the mouth.

In the chapter “Initiation”, Oaks explores Holland’s hot naked body and sucks Holland’s big dick before Holland blows his hot load completely in Oaks’ mouth.

In the chapter “Washing & Anointing”, Holland sucks Oaks’ dick before Oaks barebacks Holland in reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy style. Oaks uploads his sticky load onto Holland’s ass cracks before he gives the boy a deep kiss.


Watch The Full Video – Hot Daddy President Oaks Barebacks Elder Holland

President Oaks barebacks Elder Holland in Initiation, Washing and Anointing at Mormonboyz 01


President Oaks barebacks Elder Holland in Initiation, Washing and Anointing at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Hot Daddy President Oaks Barebacks Elder Holland


  20 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Silver Fox President Oaks Fucks Elder Holland – Initiation, Washing and Anointing”

  1. Yes, hot daddy oaks taking the boy’s load in the mouth is hot. Wonder when he will take the boy’s dick in the ass?

    • I’m not as big a fan of Oaks and Nelson as some people are. It would be hot to see Holland top Oaks, or even Nelson — just to break up the monotony of the old guys only topping. I’d love to see Angus again soon — both on top and bottom. And hope that Woodruff returns after going missing since January!

      • Oaks features in most of scenes on their str8 site. Oaks is str8, but it seems he has no issues with man on man sex. Oaks tried all gay sex stuff except bottoming. Oaks and Nelson are the main reasons I renew my MBZ membership. Two hottest daddies in gay porn!

        • I have little doubt that he’s tried bottoming offline. He’s had something up that ass — even if it wasn’t a real dick. But I only watch porn for the bottoms — not the tops. And since it’s been a very long time since they’ve had a really hot masculine elder — I have no reason to subscribe.

          • oh, come on! stop acting like a super hero. it sounds like MBZ will close if you don’t subcribe. a lot of fans enjoy watching daddies topping hot boys. and we are majority of the members.

            • No, never implied that — was only responding to Harley’s comment about why he subscirbee. Otherwise, I call em like I see em. There are other people who feel the same as me, but mboyz really gives us no reason to subscribe. Obviously, the members they do have are not on the same page.

            • I don’t mind if it’s daddy or boy gets fucked, as long as they are hot guys

    • I have a big crush on Oaks. His kiss, blowjob, dick, ass, and his cum shot…everything about him gets me so turned on. I wish I were one of those missionaries who can have sex with such a hot daddy!

  2. Great gif. Holland has a nice thick cock. He stays rock hard as he rides Oaks’ dick.

  3. Would love to see in a future oral scene both President Nelson and Oaks having 2 recruits and Nelson and Oaks suck the guys off – swallow and have the 2 recruits watch as the Presidents share a cummy kiss – that would fuckin hot!

    • Or having Oaks and Nelson finger and dildo fuck each other would be hot!

      • yes, Oaks and Nelson should take something up their ass for a change, or at least getting jerked off by young boys.

        • But members like Willy apparently cringe at that aspect I don’t get that mentality. I mean if you don’t want to see a top get fucked — there is always straight porn.

          • for instance, one person like you wants to see a daddy get fucked, while the other 9 people want to see a boy get fucked. You think your non-mainstream opinion makes you speical? LOL

            • But why can’t there be both?! You get your ass up in the air at the mere suggestion of one of the older guys getting fucked. I never said it should always be the dad on the bottom — or even 50/50. But you always ready to attack when someone suggests something that doesn’t interest you.

  4. Thanks for some great ideas that I like to forward to Legrand (the owner of MBZ). I hope he will like them.

    I am very loose on all the comments, but please DO NOT attack other people who share the different opinions with you, or you’ll get banned.

  5. “I would be happy if they would have one of the priesthood leaders bottom for one of the missionary boys just once this year.”



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