Feb 282016

Welcome to Reality TV Show Episode 1 at Brokestraightboys


It’s a hot reality TV show to BSB members, starring Jimmy Johnson, Kaden Alexander, Johnny Forza, Denver Grand, Cage Kafig, Sergio Valen, Paul Canon and Damien Kyle. Watch these hot straight boys have fun at the site.

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Sep 202012

straight boy Denver Grand & Trey Evans sucking and Flip-Flop Fucking at Brokestraightboys


we would each get to spend a weekend with Denver Grand. Good trouble seems to find the stud wherever he goes. The cameraman and Trey Evans went to bed early the night before this shoot, and Denver went out with Spencer and a number of other people. Don’t want to spoil Denver’s rendition, but pee was involved. You have to hang out with a guy who tells a urine tale. Today Denver and Trey are going to flip flop. Trey has never been a talker, and he says even less around Denver; however, whenever he looks in Denver’s directions his grin is from ear to ear. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were close to DG?…

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Sep 122012

masculine straight Denver Grand kisses and pounds hot Kodi at Brokestraightboys 01


There are times when words, and introductions, aren’t required. What hasn’t been said about Denver Grand and Kodi? They’ve done it all, and kept many in the BSB family happy and contented (grin). They share our studio bed and the two studs are kissing when the scene starts. Kodi is wearing jean shorts with a red t-shirt. His partner has jeans with a multi-colored shirt. They lose their tops and continue with the lip locking. Hard to tell who’smoaning, but someone is loving the lip dance…

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