Aug 212016

President Oaks creampies hot blond jock Elder Holland's tight virgin ass at Mormonboyz


It’s great to see hot blond jock Elder Holland get his cherry popped up. Watch fans favorite Mormon daddy President Oaks bareback Holland’s tight virgin ass nice and deep before he creampies Holland.

I’ve been following Holland since I introduced this hot Mormon boy last month. Holland (aka Austin Everett at Nextdoorworld) will bottom for muscle hunk Arad next week. But it’s nice to see Holland’s bottoming debut come out first at Mormonboyz.

Silver fox Oaks is the right person to take Holland’s anal virginity. Oaks orders Holland to strip bare before he explores Holland’s hot naked body. Then he spanks Holland’s tight bubble butt with a paddle.

Soon Oaks barebacks Holland’s virgin ass in doggy and missionary style. Holland’s tight hole makes Oaks feel so fucking good. Finally, Oaks shoots his hot cum inside of Holland’s warm ass in deep relief.


Watch The Full Video – Elder Holland Gets Fucked for the First Time

President Oaks creampies hot blond jock Elder Holland's tight virgin ass at Mormonboyz 01


President Oaks creampies hot blond jock Elder Holland's tight virgin ass at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Elder Holland Gets Fucked for the First Time


  15 Comments to “Mormonboyz – President Oaks Creampies Hot Jock Elder Holland – Holland’s Bottoming Debut”

  1. Great! I’d rather see Holland get fucked by Oaks than boring Arad

  2. Looks good, but since Oaks doesn’t get totally naked, we know we’ve already seen better from him.

  3. It’s okay as far as MBoyz goes (which isn’t far enough). This would be better if we saw Oaks give up his ass now and then (at least once) before laying it down. Holland is a cut above the most recent guys — but not as hot as the guys they had a couple of years back. And these guys are so subservient — I guess some people find that an attractive quality — but it just makes them seem lame to me. That’s why it was interesting when a lad would top a dad. Will we even see such a scene in 2016? Looking very doubtful. Well, guess the owner wants to keep his current clients happy — but he’s guaranteeing that guys like me won’t subscribe. I think this site would be so much better if dadz got fucked (at least on occasion) as well as ladz — who end up bottoming so much — that I don’t know how anyone can care up the third or fourth time!

    • President Oaks flip-fucking Nelson would be the hottest scene of the year. But it seems the owner of MBZ won’t make it happen any time soon.

      • Agree! Oaks flip fucking with the scorching hot Nelson would break the Internet.

      • Brilliant idea. it will be a smoking hot flip-flop. like I always wish SC could shoot
        flipflop between Abe and Brandon, but I know it’s unlikely to happen!

      • The owner states that most of the regular subscribers don’t want to see that — which makes me wonder just who are the regular subscribers there. But if the owner is satisfied with that membership, there isn’t much we can do beside ask that he reconsider. I’d love a scene where the 2 lads watch two dads fuck to see how it should be done. I’m also fine when a lad fucks a dad — because that takes me back to schoolboy fantasies (never had an interest in being submissive). I’m not going to subscribe to a site where the guys I find the most appealing sexually are only topping. I guess if you’re a bottom or are only attracted to boyish guys, you have different priorities.I don’t see why mboyz can’t appeal to both audiences — or at least, give us a site of our own as I’ve suggested before — mormondadz. Honestly, though — I don’t mind the difference in ages — it’s just that seeing guys in authority give up that authority to be fucked is much hotter than some submissive student giving up his ass so passively.

  4. The moderator of mensparkle had a conversation with him. He claims that he had a survey and his regular subscribers don’t want to see dads on dads or lads on dads. That’s a weird group of subscribers, IMHO. I know that some people prefer dads as tops — and some people probably would prefer just to see lads on lads — but you would think out of 10 updates per month — they could feature scenarios that appealed to different interests. And if you only show boys as subs — you’re not going to have subscribers like me who would pay to see the dads bottom — so their survey results are to be expected.

    • That’s a shame. What a waste. They have so many hot daddies we have not seen in other porn studios. The owner of MBZ should read this post. Seriously.

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