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MindGeek (the Owner of Men.com) is now officially the new owner of Seancody


OMG! I just heard of some sensational news – Seancody was sold! MindGeek (the owner of Men.com) bought Seancody. It’s definitely the biggest news of the year. You like this deal or not? Let’s vote.

MindGeek (the Owner of Men.com) Bought Seancody - You Like This Deal or Not?

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Look at the bottom of the homepage of Seancody, you’ll see the lines of “MG Billing US Corp…MG Billing Ireland Limited…”. That means this transaction had been done. MindGeek is now officially the new owner of Seancody.

I believe fans of Seancody.com or Men.com will have a lot to say about this deal. Here is my opinion. Seancody has been no doubt the number one of top class gay porn studios since they built up the site in 2001. Seancody is my favorite porn studio all the time.

I have no idea why Sean Cody decided to sell his studio. They did not make as much money as they did a couple of years ago because of piracy? Sean wanted to move on and try something new in his life? New condom law that was enforced in California made Seancody hard to survive?

Gossips about this deal will be spread in gay porn for a while. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when MindGeek takes over Seancody. Will they change Seancody back to condom porn? Will they use Men.com models in Seancody or vice versa?

If MindGeek could have top only Seancody stars (such as Brandon, Abe, Cameron, Jess…) in “Top to Bottom” Series at Men.com, I won’t complain. But I don’t want to see those overexposed Men.com models appear in Seancody because Seancody always features hot fresh models that you won’t see in other studios.

In last 14 years, Seancody has brought us tons of high quality videos, both solo and hardcore. I suggest you download your favorite Seancody videos as soon as possible in case MindGeek makes any change at Seancody.

Watch The Full Video – All Seancody’s Hot Videos in Last 14 Years


  2 Comments to “Breaking News – MindGeek (the Owner of Men.com) Bought Seancody – You Like This Deal or Not”

  1. I hope this sale improves the studio. I think Sean Cody has the best new models, but lately most of them never return. I think since the studio went bareback it’s difficult to get many models to perform without condoms One thing I hope does not change is Sean’s stills photographer. Without a doubt this guy takes the most amazing photos. No other studio produces pics like them. Regardless best of luck Sean and thanks to all the great jerkoff material you created!

  2. Bareback might be one of reasons that those hot SC solo models won’t come back for hardcore. But
    Corbinfisher went bareback almost at the same time as seancody turned to raw sex. They still run very well.

    One thing I like CF over SC is most CF new models who did hardcore finally will get fucked. But SC models like Brandon, Jess, Cameron are impossible for them to give up their tight asses. Fans are tired of watching the same stereotype over and over again.

    Honestly, if Brandon, Jess or Cameron would like to bottom up, I don’t mind it’s condom or bareback.

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