Oct 222015

A Sneak Peek of Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch fucking Each Other at Jizzorgy


It’s time to introduce hot scenes at Men.com in October and November. Hot Arab hunk Abraham Al Malek is back. Two potential exclusives Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles get their bubble asses fucked again. And how about new “Top to Bottom” episode?

It’s great to see Abraham get his gorgeous muscle ass fucked again. Landon not only bottoms for Diego and Alex, but also flip-fucks Sebastian. Alex also takes Colby Keller’s thick cock up his tight muscle ass.

I highly recommend an orgy starring Rafael Alencar, Dylan Knight, Jack Radley, Johnny Rapid & Zac Stevens. Every boy not only gets fucked by Rafael, and also gets double penetrated. We have four double penetration in one scene! It’s a milestone in gay porn.

As for new “Top to Bottom” scene, the rep manager has not told me anything yet. So we have to be patient. Of all 17 new scenes, I pick up 10 hot scenes I like. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Watch The Full Video – 17 Hot New Scenes in October and November


A Sneak Peek of Johnny Rapid fucking Josh Peters at Drillmyhole


[Oct 24] “Johnny And The Giant“, Johnny Rapid Fucks Josh Peters


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Landon Myclesat Drillmyhole


[Oct 25] “The Next Men Exclusive Part 4“, Diego Sans Fucks Landon Mycles


A Sneak Peek of Rafael Alencar fucking Dylan Knight, Jack Radley, Johnny Rapid & Zac Stevens at Jizzorgy


[Oct 26] “My Neighbor’s Son Part 4“, Rafael Alencar Fucks Dylan Knight, Jack Radley, Johnny Rapid & Zac Stevens


A Sneak Peek of Damien Crosse fucking Pierre Fitch at Drillmyhole


[Oct 29] “Thirst Part 2“, Damien Crosse Fucks Pierre Fitch


A Sneak Peek of Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch fucking Each Other at Jizzorgy 01


[Oct 31] “Thirst Part 4“, Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch Fuck Each Other


A Sneak Peek of Colby Keller fucking Alex Mecum at Men


[Nov 01] “Perfect Match“, Colby Keller Fucks Alex Mecum


A Sneak Peek of Phenix Saint fucking Scott Riley at Drillmyhole


[Nov 02] “Raging Hard On Part 1“, Phenix Saint Fucks Scott Riley


A Sneak Peek of Billy Santoro & Colby Jansen fucking Johnny Rapid at Drillmyhole


[Nov 03] “Stealth Fuckers Part 5“, Billy Santoro & Colby Jansen Fucks Johnny Rapid


A Sneak Peek of Alex Mecum fucking Landon Mycles at Drillmyhole


[Nov 06] “The Next Men Exclusive Part 5“, Alex Mecum Fucks Landon Mycles


A Sneak Peek of Landon Mycles & Sebastian Young having a flip-flop fucking at Drillmyhole


[Nov 07] “A Guide To Sex In Prison Part 1“, Landon Mycles & Sebastian Young Flip-Fuck


Watch The Full Video – 17 Hot New Scenes in October and November


  11 Comments to “Men – 17 Hot New Scenes Starring Diego Sans, Landon Mycles, Abraham Al Malek, Alex Mecum, Sebastian Young and More”

  1. Can’t believe Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles are still saying they are not exclusives as Waybig reported they are and still lie to their fans or block them if they don’t like what you ask. Where is Ryan Winter on Gayhoopla??

  2. Ryan’s new scene will be released at gayhoopla the coming monday. He tops Sebastian Hook.

  3. Where’s Paddy O’brian?? – I am so hoping he will do a flip flop scene with Alex Mecum.

  4. I miss Paddy too. I will ask this question when I talk to the rep manager next time.

  5. I know very little about Adam Bryant¡­.saw him in his first Bait Buddies scene and they referred to him as the Cape Canaveral Redneck¡­hmm.

    Alex Mecum¡­.saw him in 2013 on Legend Men. Never knew he would ever do this type of work but on his Twitter he said he wasn’t heading to what he wanted to do in his previous job so he is doing this and going to school to become¡­.an Engineer.

    All I know is he can’t say nothing bad about anyone because he knows what side his bread is buttered on. Informed him of a blog stating he and Marcus Mojo (Landon Mycles) are already ¡°exclusives¡± and have been for awhile¡­he only responded by saying he saw nothing abnormal or wrong on the site I told him about. Well, then I get ¡°blocked¡± from his Twitter. So, you can jump to your own conclusion’s¡­.mine have been cemented in my mind!

  6. Hmm..if we are really getting another Top to Bottom in the Fall, it must be in late November. I mean, Winter doesn’t start until December 21, but that’s cutting it awfully close. Nothing above really gives me incentive to sign up – although Sebastian Young flipping is worth consideration. I’m kinda surprised that men.com never had a flip between two of their biggest stars Colby and Paddy. Josh Peters is hot, but not with Rapid. Scott Riley is probably the hottest new guy they have – and teaming him with Phenix Saint is probably his best scene to date. I do miss the old revenge fuck scenarios though. Lately, stuff seems a bit tame.

  7. Big guy like Peter bottoms for small Johnny looks hot in some way. I love Alex Mecum, Landon Mycles and Diego Sans. Never tired of watching them. It would be nice to have Phenix Saint flip-fuck Sebastian.

  8. Wow! Starting to wonder about that next Top to Bottom. Maybe Thanksgiving?! Nice to see Phenix Saint and Sebastian Young back in the mix. I like Josh Peters, but not with Johnny Rapid.

  9. Sorry guys, I just roll back the database so some new comments were temporarily missing.

    Now all comments are restored.

  10. I ‘dunno if this means anything but when a certain porn star follows other porn stars from the same company..well, Connor McGuire and Alex Mecum…wait and see. He states he is in Houston in his Twitter right now on his way to Mexico….Fall Break from Salt Lake City, I guess…who really knows with him. It is flooding in Houston….

    • It’s just business. People work for the comany that pay them well.

      As for those tweet things, Don’t take them seriously. Porn stars change their mind too fast, like a girl changes her clothes.

      A star said he will quit being a porn actor, then he’s back to porn a few months later.
      A porn couple swear they will love each other forever, then they broke up just 4 months later.

      We’ve seen too much of this kind of drama in gay porn. As a porn fan, I only watch hot guys in action to get off. That’s all.

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