Jun 032013

Cooper Reed fucks a big load out of Andrew Collins in Nice Ink Dude at Circlejerkboys


I introduce this scene because it’s starring one of my favorite stars Cooper Reed. He did a great job in this video. Hot kisses, deep-throating and rimming are all pleased to eyes. Cooper slams cute boy Andrew Collins till he fucks the cum out of Andrew.

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Jan 142013

Smooth skin boy Aiden Allen solo debut of fingering and jerking off at Circlejerkboys


Aiden Allen made his debut at CircleJerkBoys. Aiden is a cute young boy and has a naturally smooth body. He watches the action onscreen as he feels his body with his hands, roaming his smooth chest and nips, rubbing his growing cock. I like the way he teases his nipple while licking his finger.

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Oct 012012

Big-dicked Dylan Roberts Fucks Cute boy Brandon Ford at Circlejerkboys


Dylan Roberts is back on CircleJerkBoys.com and turning up the heat this week as he helps us welcome a new face to the circle, Mr.Brandon Ford. Brandon and Dylan are filling out there forms and start to break the ice over the questionnaire. “So, do you have any special talents?” Dylan laughs as Brandon coyly teases him about waiting to find out. Dylan is still intrigued that he was the last thing Brandon jacked off to so he asks him about it…

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Sep 162012

cute big dicked Jacques LaVere Fucks slutty bottom Andrew Austen at Circlejerkboys


Sound the Big Dick alarm as we welcome a new face to the CircleJerkBoy.com family, Monsieur Jacques LaVere. This week Jacques going to put his charms to good use as we also welcome Andrew Austen to the circle. Jacques makes it home after being out in the heat and decides to take a quick shower. He strips off his clothes and heads for the john…

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Sep 082012

hairy chest and furry bubble butt Josh Long fingering & jerking off at Circlejerkboys 01


Josh Long peels off his tee as we get out first glimpse at his sexy hairy chest with a happy highway that disappears into his boxers. He has full lips and bedroom brown eyes you can’t help but notice and he sighs softly as he plays with his growing cock. Josh then stands up to jerk off and to give us a better view of his cock and furry ass.

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Sep 012012

Handsome Brad Campbell plows cute Lucas Vitello at Circlejerkboys 01


Brad Cambell is back after quite the warm welcome from our members on CircleJerkBoys.com and joining him is caramel sweetness Lucas Vitello! rad’s filling out some paperwork as Lucas waits for him to finish. He’s there to do a shoot with Lucas. They start off as Lucas asks him to flex his muscles as Brad peels off his shirt and shorts…

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Aug 252012

Handsome smooth Brad Cambell wanks him off at Circlejerkboys 01


We have a new face for you today on CirclJerkBoys.com that belongs to 19 year old Brad Cambell. Brad is watching some porn on his phone and his shorts seem to be getting tighter by the minute. He starts to rub his growing crotch as he gives that dick some attention. He keeps watching porn as he strokes his cock through his shorts…

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Aug 182012

Evan Mercy pounds twink Luke Whyte then fleshjacking at Circlejerkboys 01


Today on CircleJerkBoys.com we welcome Evan Mercy & Luke Whyte. “What you got there?” Luke asks as Evan toys with a new Fleshjack. He’d seen them online but had never tried one out. Evan lets him have it as Luke immediately pulls it out of the box to see what it feels like. “You’ve never used one before?’ grins Evan “Lemme show ya”.

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Aug 132012

Victor Wolf solo 01 at Circlejerkboys


Today on CircleJerkBoys.com we have new comer Victor Wolf. Victor is getting up and recovering from an unsuccessful night out on the town. Turns out his balls are sore from a mad case of blue balls after a promising 3-way went south. He gets up, washes his face and shaves before landing on the couch with a growing problem…

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