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Exclusive news of Seancody including release schedule, model hiring, upcoming hot scenes and feedback from fans


The rumor about Seancody has been spread all over the net recently. It’s time for me to give you some exclusive information about what exactly happened, and also about Seancody’s new plans and upcoming hot scenes in Summer.

I had a conversation with one of managers from Seancody a few days ago. I got some firsthand inside information that you can not find from any other place. I am sure it will help answer lots of questions from fans.

The release schedule has been changed to two scenes per week, at 12:00AM (EST) on Tuesday and Thurday. The Seancody director wants to focus on finding better talent and quality scenes instead of using filler on the site.

The rules of model hiring are same as before. You are supposed to be fit, muscular, toned guys, and have not worked for other porn studios. The reason why they stop hiring new models at the time is the process of transition from Seancody to Mindgeek has not finished yet. There are still lots of work to be done.

We all know “Top to Bottom” is a successful series at After Mindgeek bought Seancody, they also want to create some potential big series which will be developed every month. (I will be so happy if Seancody could also have its own “Top to Bottom” series in which we could see those long time top only hot straight guys get fucked. πŸ˜€ )

A lot of fans complain about many hot solo models never coming back. The truth is: A lot of models are simply strapped for cash. They shoot solo scene to get out of debt quickly, and then never come back.

After the solo, Seancody always proposes mutliple scenes to the models. But it’s the model who has the right to decide whether to shoot more scenes or not. It’s not fair to say they haven’t been back because Seancody didn’t try. Actually Seancody always tries to have progression with everyone after they shoot the solo scene.

Besides from creating hot new scenes, Seancody also wants to track down fans-favorite models from the past. The manager asked me for some recommendations. I don’t have time to go through all the models at that time, so I give him 12 hot guys that I want see them back again – Alan, Daniel, Dermott, Harrison, Jed, Kennan, Marshall, Neil, Parker, Pavel, Rocco, Victor.

If you want to see your favorite models coming back, leave a reply and I can forward it to Seancody. Maybe you will see them back on camera some day. πŸ˜€ Right now, Seancody is pushing a few hot models to come back. As far as I know, one of guys is pretty hot. His name starts with H (Sorry, I am not allowed to disclose his full name).

[Updated on May 12th, 2015] I just had a small talk with the manager of Seancody. Now I have some good news to share with you. The release schedule is changed to three scenes per week, on Thursday, Saturday and Monday. We have 2 hardcore scenes and 1 solo, with special features every couple months.

And one of managers from Seancody also read this post. So leave a reply and tell him what you guys want to see. I will update this post as long as I get any news. Stay tuned!

[Updated on May 15th, 2015] For the release schedule: Solo scene will be released on Monday, and two sex scenes will be on Thurday and Saturday. And for fans-favorite models such as Abe, Stu and Jess, Seancody keeps working on to get them back, but it also depends on those models.

[Updated on May 25th, 2015] Remember Seancody’s famous “Mountain Getaway” series? Seancody is creating a hot series like that one. And a Seancody model (old favourite) will join Bromo in the coming months. They did not tell me his name, but he has filmed with a known star and it will be bareback. This scene will be released at Bromo soon.

[Updated on June 19th, 2015] We have another hot solo model come back for his first sex scene tonight. His name starts with “G” and his solo debut was shot in last October. He barebacks Tanner in his hardcore debut. Wait a few more hours and you will know. πŸ˜€

[Updated on July 23th, 2015] There are tons of request from fans asking Abe to come back. Finally, I got a chance to chat with the rep manager of Seancody about Abe. Here is his reply: “I seem to remember the director mentioning Abe to me last week. we were just chatting about Abe. But like I said don’t quote me right yet. I don’t know if it was confirmed or Abe was approached.”

So we still have hope. But like he said, nothing has been confirmed yet. I will tell you guys as long as I get any updated info.

[Updated on Sep 06th, 2015] Two weeks ago, Seancody’s super star Brandon post a tweet “Something scary is about to happen and I’m goin to sandiego.” Rumors said Brandon will finally bottom up. If it’s true, it will definitely be the biggest news in gay porn.

Last week I asked the rep manager of Seancody to confirm this news. He told me Brandon was filming a new scene, but only the director knows what they were filming. I really hope Brandon will push his limits this time. Keep fingers crossed. I will let you know as long as I have any news. Stay tuned!

[Updated on Oct 26th, 2015] Abe, Marsall or Parker, one of these hot stars will make a comeback this Saturday (Oct 31st, 2015). And a super hot solo model will be back shooting the sex scene. I am not allowed to tell you more details for now. So just be patient.

[Updated on Nov 05th, 2015] A super hot solo model will be back this Saturday (Nov 07th, 2015) for his first gay sex scene. I already mentioned his name in my previous update. πŸ˜€ A lot of fans think he is the kind of solo only guy. But you are wrong. I can not wait to see his first interaction with a guy.

[Updated on Nov 20th, 2015] Can you believe that? Fans-favorite Seancody model Brandon finally gets fucked for the first time on camera. Brandon’s bottoming debut will be released on Nov 28th, 2015 (coming Saturday).

[Updated on Nov 25th, 2015] Tanner is the lucky top who takes Brandon’s anal virginity. Normally, Seancody do not pair same guys twice unless it’s in a threeway or orgy. But the good thing is: veteran Tanner knows how to fuck. I hope Tanner will fuck the cum out of Brandon and creampie Brandon. πŸ˜€

[Updated on Dec 17th, 2015] Today, the rep manager of Seancody told me: “there will be no solos at Seancody for the rest of the year. So, we will see all hardcore scenes in a row until Dec 31st, 2015. It’s for holiday!”

[Updated on Jan 27th, 2016] It’s a big surprise that hot hung Jess will come back on this Saturday! Although Jess did a solo at All-americanheroes (Check my post: Tony Jerks Off), Seancody still let him back. So you know how popular Jess is.

Jess is one of my favorite Seancody models. He is very cute with a lean fit body and a beautiful big cock. Jess is an aggressive power top. I hope he can stay longer this time.

[Updated on Mar 30th, 2016] Holy cow! Stunning muscle jock Shaw finally bottoms up! I saw this news on Seancody’s official twitter today. They post a few face expressions of Shaw’s pretty painful look.

Shaw’s bottoming debut will be released on this Saturday (Apr 1st, 2016), so I doubt if it is an April fool joke. Now I can tell you it’s a real scene after I confirmed it with an insider. Shaw getting fucked is definitely the hottest bottoming debut so far this year.

[Updated on May 03rd, 2016] Hot muscle jock Chase will come back after being away for more than 2 years. Chase is a super hot Seancody model I am attracted to (Check my post: Bottoming Up Wish List in 2014).

Chase’s new scene will be released on May 05th, 2016 (this Thursday). I hope Seancody can convince Chase to bottom up this time. Fingers crossed.

[Updated on May 26th, 2016] Fans-favorite Brandon will get fucked again to celebrate his 5th Anniversary at Seancody. I hope Brandon will do a full bottoming scene this time. This scene will be released on May 28th, 2016 (this Saturday).

[Updated on Sep 29th, 2016] To celebrate Seancody’s 15th Anniversary, a big bottoming debut will be released tomorrow (Sep 30th, 2016). Hot muscle hunk, long time power top Jack will get fucked for the first time on camera. Hot hung Jess is the lucky guy who takes Jack’s anal virginity. πŸ˜€

[Updated on Dec 12th, 2016] Hot new muscle hunk Arnie will be back for a duo scene in which he is paired with Dean. Looks like Arnie will top Dean or flip-fuck Dean in his first gay sex scene. Can’t wait. πŸ˜€

[Updated on Dec 21th, 2016] Handsome muscle jock Nixon will get his cherry popped up on Dec 24th, 2016 (this Saturday). Can’t wait to see Nixon take a hard raw cock up his tight virgin ass like a pro!

[Updated on Jun 1st, 2017] Seancody will release a Puerto Rico Getaway series. Long time power top Brysen will make his bottoming debut in this series. Can not wait to see Brysen take a hard raw cock up his tight bubble ass like a champ.


Watch The Full Video – More Than 2000 Hot Scenes at Seancody

Exclusive news of Seancody including release schedule, model hiring, upcoming hot scenes and feedback from fans 01


Watch The Full Video – More Than 2000 Hot Scenes at Seancody


  102 Comments to “Exclusive News of Seancody – Release Schedule, Model Hiring, Upcoming Hot Scenes and Feedback from Fans”

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing this information,
    here are some solo models i would like to see come back;
    Tom II, Chris II, Enrique II, Brett II
    I know a male model has appeared on their site before;
    do you think it is possible if Sean Cody could get Vladimir Ivanov and Ryan Taylor, as i think they have allot of potential.

    Kind Regards.

  2. That’s lame Sean Cody was never good even when Sean Cody was fucking models on camera bareback. No they want you to request these one name models

  3. WALKER!

    Pretty please with a cherry on top!?!

  4. Immanuel! Immanuel!!

  5. Is it only me that don’t want Sean Cody to create those β€œTop to Bottom” series?

    • The fact of the matter is, Sean Cody doesn’t need a Top to Bottom series, like Men dot com has, in order to simply get its models to return and bottom. SC models have returned to bottom what, a couple hundred times? already, without having a dedicated series or separate website.

      The best news I ever heard of this whole sorted mess is that when Mindgeek bought Sean Cody it was NOT going to change anything. While SC has been going steadily down, down, down recently, it would be 100 times worse for SC to mimic any part of Men dot com.

    • The T2B series at SC is my wish. Actually SC is working on a new scene series – weekend getaway or something like that.

      • Men is one of the worst gay porn sites and a lot of their performers are shit at what they do, showing no passion whatsoever. They need to keep Men and SC completely separate. I have also read that SC don’t pay as much as they used to, so why would some of the old fan favorites come back if they get paid less. Personally i think SC is never going to return to their old glory days, 2014 was a shitty year for them and that was when the site was owned by its original owner so i really doubt Mindgeek is going to change things for the better.

        • It’s all about money. Mindgeek has a much deeper pocket than original SC. That means they can hire hot models or create big featured series. Let’s see.

  6. You mentioned Victor to them but not Abe? Abe is one the most popular models they ever had and many SC fans want to see him come back.

    • Of course I mentioned Abe. I showed SC my bottoming up wish list and told SC I want to see them back.

      But the manager said a lot of those guys are still filming. I am confused. I will confirm this when I talk to him next time.

      • I don’t need see Abe bottom, they have more then enough bottoms. I just want him to come back because he’s one of the best tops they ever had and they are really lacking in that department. Btw i don’t think he would ever bottom to begin with. I’ve also read on two blogs that he wasn’t asked to come back because he invited some people to come party in his hotel room and they ended up damaging it and he basically didn’t care about it.

        • Abe is a power top for sure. I would like to see more scenes from Abe. Topping or Bottoming does not really matter.

          I will talk to that SC manager and see if there is any chance to get Abe back.

          • Btw this mess with Jarek acting as a pimp for Don Burns has been nothing but bad publicity for SC, there were already rumours that SC was basically an escort agency for rich old white guys and this mess only confirmed it for a lot of people. And now the price for a monthly membership has gone up and you don’t even get as much scenes as you used to.

            • No, they change to 3 scenes per week, with 2 sex scene and 1 solo. I just got the news this morning.

    • I also asked if we could get Abe back. The manager said Abe is not available right now.

  7. As for SC wanting fans to suggest favorite models to return, I think this is nothing more than slick marketing. By using its own metrics, it can determine which guys draw the most interest, not to mention I’m sure some of SC’s fans already email them about their favorite guys.

    As for these 12 guys, while I understand you didn’t spend much time researching or contemplating the list, there’s only a few of these guys that are currently being begged for by blog commenters and there’s quite a few missing, like the aforementioned Abe, Stu!, Dennis, Jake, Calvin, etc

    • You are right. We had a talk about half hour. I can not check all the models. So I just list a few names that came unbidden to my mind.

      Abe, Stu, Jess, Calvin, Cameron, Glen, Jamie, Chase…There are lots of hot models I want to see them back but I forgot to add to the list at that time.

  8. Well im with Chris. I dont want a top to bottom series here. and there are some tops that I dont want them to bottom, its kinda ruining the masculinity image lol… Besides, seriously, why all the bottom are white? I want to see dudes like chase coxxx or some of those black tops getting dicked too.

    • Most SC models are white, but I still like some hot black models such as Landon, Glenn, Chad.

      Chase Coxxx has worked for other studios, so he can not be in SC’s roster.

  9. I was curious about why there is not been an update. I do like Sean Cody quite a bit and I am glad they are continuing.
    What I would like to see
    1) more group scenes with 4 or 5 guys. There are great 1 on 1 scenes but group scenes are great
    2) some new solo scenes with existing models-I understand why they do not want models who are “one and done” but some new solo scenes would be good
    3) As for models returning, would definitely love to see Abe back. I would also love to see Ashton, Cameron, Dane, and especially a return of Matt (muscular brunette model form the late 2000’s). And definitely more scenes with Jack (muscular blonde)

    • I love mountain getaway series. Mindgeek is very good at creating series. I believe we will see some hot orgy in the future.

  10. also, will Sean Cody continue with the barebacking scenes?

    • Yes, I just confirmed with the manager of SC. I asked him “SC will continue Bareback, right?”
      He said “yes we have no plans to change that”.

  11. Stu! Plz!

    • Stu made some money from SC to pay his tuition fee. Now he is in college. Don’t know when he will be back though.

  12. I have always hoped Alan would make a surprise return, his scenes were always hot! In addition to him, my requests would also include Ethan, Willis, Harley, And Grant who looked amazing bouncing up and down on Ashton’s dick.

    • Totally agree! Alan is one of my favorite models at Seancody. Alan might not be the hottest model, but he is a great performer. Kissing, sucking and fucking are full of passion. All of his scenes turn me on easily.

  13. Stu and Calvin and Chalrey please!

  14. I’d love to see “Reid” (2008) again. He was such a cutie.

  15. Harley returning wouldn’t be that exciting. When he left he really had some negative things to say about the industry and gay people. Not a pleasant person.

  16. Some good news to update. We are gonna have 3 scenes per week, 2 hardcores and 1 solo. Read my post after red words [Updated Info on May 12th, 2015].

  17. JESS!! Please have JESS return. Oh and Kurt too! Throw in Ethan for good measure.

  18. I am very concerned about the quality of Sean Cody going forward. Not a fan of because the scenes are passionless, lack of kissing, chemistry, erections, the minute I notice bland scenes at SC you can count my repeating mostly membership go to From 12 months to 2 per year. I will encourage others to vote with their wallet and do the same . Don’t mess with what is working now.

  19. I hope BRADY from last year who only did a solo will come back!

  20. I love bare-backing flip-flopping, and and both guys being cream-pie..

    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

  21. [another update]:

    Monday: solo
    Thursday and Saturday: hardcore

  22. I want Ashton, Chase and Daniel back. And Brandon should bottom.

  23. Sounds like everyone’s favorite, Abe, will not be coming back. I’m heartbroken. Okay, then. If not Abe, how about:

    1. Ethan – All American face and a huge uncut dick to die for!
    2. Willis (although I heard he was a troublemaker, too, like Abe)
    3. Chase – his scene with Randy was scorching, and then, poof! He disappeared.
    4. Joel – one hot scene with Daniel and another quick exit
    5. Troy – he was a voracious bottom!

    And wouldn’t it be great to see some of the Sean Cody pioneers like Zack and Dylan come back? Although it’s been over a decade since we’ve seen them. They might look very different now, and some of them are probably married with kids at this point.

    • Willias has been escorting for a while. The chances he comes back are slim (I guess). Troy is one of hottest bottoms at SC. Zack II now works for other studios. Zack I and Dylan shot their scenes ten years ago. I do not think they will be back.

      • Yes; I know there’s little to no chance of the original Zack and Dylan coming back. I’m just saying it would be great to see them today.

    • I will forward these names to SC next time. See if they can get some of them back.

  24. I have a strong desire: see ocasionally SC models working together with stars. God, just imagining Brandon or Jess nailing Colby Jansen or Anthony Bennet is magic wonder hot.
    And PLEASE, bring Parker back RIGHT NOW.

  25. Some updated info – after red words [Updated Info on May 25th, 2015]…

  26. Who is coming back?! Payton? Liam???

  27. Lets bring Spence back, from way back when…. Then there is also Dave, and of course Jake

  28. I would like to see Marshall and Parker back

  29. We have another hot solo model come back for his first sex scene tonight. His names starts with β€œG” and his solo debut was shot in last October. He will bareback Tanner in his hardcore debut. Wait a few more hours, you will know.

  30. So it’s been two months… can you ask about an update on Abe? I was just watching his scene with Spencer. My God, what an ass…. What a fuck!

    • I already told them two months ago. They said “they are working on it. But who knows how long it’s gonna take. Because it also depends on the model”.

      Abe is hot as fuck and everyone wants him back. Besides from Abe & Spencer, I highly recommend Abe & Brent. In that scene, Abe sucks Brent’s dick for about 5 mins. It’s the only time I see Abe suck dick for so long. It’s definitely one of my favorite blowjobs at Seancody.

      Abe Barebacks Brent

      • But a while you said he was unavailable — so is he unavailable, or are they still working on it? Can they not give you a direct answer? Like, “it’s possible that we bring him back.” or “he’s not coming back at all.” Because that would be preferable, as it would shut all of us up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that we have the scenes that we do, and I agree that his sucking dick is a hot scene. But he left at his peak! Imo, he was hotter when he got beefier and tanned. Damnit, I’ll fund his return myself if they make it happen!

        • Well, I can not give you a firm answer because Seancody never gave me a firm answer. Next time I will bring up this question when I talk to the rep manager of Seancody. He is not online recently, maybe on vacation.

      • Being a big fan of Abe for years, I have to check this one. Thanks

  31. updated on July 23th, 2015

  32. Any update on the site getting some of the past models to come back and do new scenes? Still hoping to see Alan in action again.

    • For now, even the rep manager of SC does not know which model will come back. Only the director (the guy who interviews the model at the beginning or in behind the scenes) knows. He is also in charge of shooting.

  33. To Jack:

    All the comments under this post were already reviewed by the rep manager of SC. But I have no idea which model they’re gonna use.

  34. Does anyone know the full name of Parker the first one and did he ever bottom or do porn outside of

  35. If only they can get Peter back.
    He was one of Sean Cody’s best finds in recent years and after too few scenes he just disappeared.
    They realy should have made an effort to keep such a hot&excellent performer.
    Please pass this along to the SC rep.

    • I totally agree. Peter is one of my favorite SC models. Peter is not only a big-dicked top, but also a great bottom. He loves having a hard dick in the ass more than anyone else. It would be great if SC can get Peter back,

      • Totally agree about him being a great bottom!
        Peter was well liked by many.Is the rep aware of his popularity?
        Did you mention Peter to him?

  36. I want to see Parker back!!! He was a SEX GOD!!!! I wonder what he looks like now…

  37. Please, please do whatever it takes to bring TIMMY back? He’s the hottest all-american jock they’ve had this year and I have a feeling he’d cause as much excitement as Abe, Stu and Brandon did in the past.

  38. Hi Mensparkle – love your blog!!!!

    Question: Any idea what happened to the SC site? It looks like all the older models and their scenes are no longer available? Is this true?

  39. My favorite based on your previous SC posts is for Steven to return. His mushroom dick head just aches to be licked, sucked and nibbled. . .

  40. There have been some hot solo guys these past few weeks, it would be great to see any of them return. Kinda hoping Shaw will make a return visit.

  41. Does anyone know Parkers full name (real name)?

  42. I’ll sign up if they bring back Harley, Jake, Doug, Stu and Abe. Orgy with all of them while Brandon’s the bottom haha

  43. Please bring back Peter and Calvin! Both were great tops as well as bottoms and they both seemed to genuinely enjoy the scenes they were in.

  44. Did the rep give any hints that there maybe some special surprises in store with these scenes?

  45. Hello all,

    I just found this blog so here are my thoughts.

    1. I always like seeing t2b series, so SC doing it would be welcomed I mean we all know it is porn so a little fantasy would not be bad… but not too much, then SC would become like many other sites.
    2. Brandon has bottomed but he only did one position. I don’t know about you but I feel kinda cheated from that. Waiting for like 5 years I am glad he finally bottomed but I think he needs to bottom again. Take the bottom training wheels off! lol Sucking some dk would be nice… from ALL the models.
    3. More scenes with 3 or more vers models and spit roasts would be great

    4. Models I would like to see come back,

    – Landon = bottom / flip
    – Chad = bottom / flip
    -Jamie = seriously one of the best bottoms they had
    -Joshua = another great bottom
    -Abe = bottom / flip
    -Kurt = bottom
    -Liev = bottom / flip

  46. Accidentally left Peter off the list.

  47. Thanks for sharing some great news. Love your blog.

  48. Stu should come back

  49. Thanks for having us informed about SC’s news. Keep up the good work!


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