Jul 262013

Billy Santoro, Micah Brandt, Vito Gallo and Tom Wolfe have a fourway fuckfest in Micah Brandt's Four-Way Slam Fest at Lucasraunch


Billy Santoro, Micah Brandt, Vito Gallo and Tom Wolfe have a super hot foursome featurs pissing, sandwich fucking, double penetration. The fuckfest is intense and the double penetration is different from what we normally see.

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Sep 082012

Edji Da Silva bottoms for the first time for Tate Ryder Flip-Flop pissing at Lucasraunch 01


Finally, hot Edji Da Silva bottoms up for the first time on camera. Technically, Edji has bottomed before for a French studio. But trust me, that one really sucks. The background is so dark and there is almost no clear penetration view. Lucasraunch made a very nice flip-flop video for Edji & Tate Ryder with a lot of pissing and sucking through the whole scene. Edji’s bottoming is awesome with a nice clear penetration view from underneath. You can see Edji’s tight hole pounded by Tate’s big dick with Edji’s hot face expression of pleasure mixed with pain. Later on, they switch positions and Edji fucks the cum out of Tate. So fucking hot!

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Sep 012012

Draven Torres flip-flops and blasts water with Brock Rustin at Lucasraunch 02


Brock Rustin and Draven Torres make a great couple: they both have a similar build, but their features differ from one another. Brock is a ginger dude: he has a shaved head, but his goatee is all red and his skin is fair. Draven is Latino with dark skin and a wild Mohawk. It’s noticeable both love their tattoos…

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Aug 252012

Edji Da Silva plows, pisses and stuffs Jonathan Agassi at Lucasraunch 01


Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and hanged suspended after sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, who releases Jonathan after he’s finished pissing on himself through his shorts. Edji takes Jonathan inside, where they both get even more soaked together: their bodies are glistening in fluid, making them two of the biggest sex pigs ever seen on LucasRaunch

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Aug 052012


Tate Ryder is known for being a bad-boy troublemaker who deserves plenty of discipline. Thankfully Preston Steel is around to show him who is in charge: first Preston locks Tate in a garbage can and asks if he’s ready to be his bottom boy.

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