Jul 302016

A Sneak Peek of Hector De Silva flip-fucking Sunny Colucci at Men


It’s time to introduce upcoming scenes at Men.com in August. Sunny Colucci, Zak Bishop and Brandon Evans will make their Men.com debut. Hot muscle hunks XL, Hector De Silva and Klein Kerr will bottom again. And how about the new “Top to Bottom” episode?

A new gay porn parody of famous science fiction drama series “Sense 8” will be released. The first 3 episodes are very hot. Paddy O’Brian tops Logan Moore in part 1, Hector De Silva flip-fucks Sunny Colucci in part 2, and Jay Roberts fucks Gabriel Cross in part 3.

Former Chaosmen model Griffin Barrows becomes a solid jock bottom. He will bottom for Diego Sans and ex Brokestraightboys model Brandon Evans. Dato Foland fucking hunky black stud XL is also a hot scene you should not miss.

As to the new “Top to Bottom” episode, it’s been a dry spell for a while. I will have a talk with the rep manager of Men.com next week. Hope we have some good news. Honestly, we have a few hot guys who can fill the spot.

Besides from established top only stars like Jimmy Durano and Jack King, hot muscle hunk Eddie Walker is a good choice. And it’s good to know hot muscle jock Cliff Jensen was just released from jail. So please be patient. 😀


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A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Logan Moore at Men


[Aug 01] “Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Logan Moore


A Sneak Peek of Dato Foland fucking XL at Men


[Aug 02] “Discover“, Dato Foland Fucks XL


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Griffin Barrows at Str8togay


[Aug 04] “Taking Down The Conservatives Part 3“, Diego Sans Fucks Griffin Barrows


A Sneak Peek of Jaxton Wheeler fucking Will Braun at Str8togay


[Aug 06] “What Happens In Vegas Part 1“, Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Aspen fucking Zak Bishop at Drillmyhole


[Aug 07] “Shut Up And Fuck Me Harder“, Aspen Fucks Zak Bishop


A Sneak Peek of Hector De Silva flip-fucking Sunny Colucci at Men 01


[Aug 08] “Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 2“, Hector De Silva Flip-Fucks Sunny Colucci


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Klein Kerr at Drillmyhole


[Aug 11] “The Weekend Away Part 1“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Klein Kerr


A Sneak Peek of Brandon Evans fucking Griffin Barrows at Str8togay


[Aug 13] “What Happens In Vegas Part 2“, Brandon Evans Fucks Griffin Barrows


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans & Zak Bishop fucking Will Braun at Drillmyhole


[Aug 14] “Sharing My Boyfriend“, Diego Sans & Zak Bishop Fuck Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Jay Roberts fucking Gabriel Cross at Men


[Aug 15] “Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3“, Jay Roberts Fucks Gabriel Cross


Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Hot Scenes in August, 2016


  12 Comments to “Men – 15 Hot New Scenes Starring Sunny Colucci, Zak Bishop, Brandon Evans, Paddy O’Brian, Gabriel Cross, XL and More”

  1. A flip flop of Hector De Silva and Sunny Colucci is the hottest one in this bundle. It would be great that men.com could push Cliff Jansen’s boundaries.

  2. Gabriel Cross is my favor bottom boy. I like to see Paddy paired with Diego in a flip-fucking. It’s ridiculous that Diego turns to a total top. He was a hot bottom with randyblue a while back

  3. Speaking of Jack King, pulling out an old disc at random, I’m right now watching July 2013’s “Boat Safety,” which is the first time I ever noticed King. (I’d have to catch up later with his entire ‘Buddy Davis’ identity.) This was one of those prisoner-at-first-encounter occasions. No sighted gay man could ignore King in a ranger’s uniform! I’ve never had to struggle for his name or face, or confuse him for anyone else since.

    (Three years time has settled a becoming vintage on that disc too, containing work as well by Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad, Colby Jansen, Connor Kline, Paddy O’Brian, Tom Wolfe and a Mormon Boyz. Oh, what wonderful fucks we’ve witnessed. ) 🙂

    Looks like a fine coming two weeks. The familiarity of proven veterans O’Brian, Moore, DeSilva, Aspen, Sans, Foland & Roberts, with a scoopful of newer fellows positioned to become favorites too. Carry on, MEN. 🙂

  4. Who will be new T2B?

  5. Jack King, please give up your anal virginity!

  6. For me I think Gabriel should be top for Jay, however, a big dick bottom is also nice

  7. Cliff Jansen is so broke after being released from prison. Men.com could take advantage of it and convince that hot dude to bottom up.

  8. Jack doesn’t so much porn these days, and I doubt he’ll do a Top2Bottom — unless men.com can come up with some big cash. If he does it, expect him to retired as most of the T2B’s seem to have done after giving up their asses. I don’t know that Brad Kelvo would appeal to the majority of men.com consumers, but I’d love to see that daddy take a dick. I think Eddie is too new and not established enough to be a draw for T2B, but I’d definitely like to see him on the bottom. We don’t know if he is considered a top or a bottom, but many true bottoms seem to have called themselves tops in porn. I think they should go after some of the daddies at mormonboyz — since they are in no danger of bottoming at that site!

    • agreed. Men.com should go after those hot daddies from Mormonboyz. I believe men.com have a deep pocket that allows them to hire hot guys.

  9. I hope men.com could have Woody Fox bottom again.

  10. I heard rumors that Jack king abandoned the porn gay, He now makes only porn Straight.

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