Jan 082017

Macho daddy President Nelson barebacks Elder Holland and Elder Oaks in Priesthood Retreat at Mormonboyz


It’s a raw threeway starring masculine Mormon daddy President Nelson, blond jock Elder Holland and cute lad Elder Oaks. Watch Holland and Oaks take turns getting pounded by Nelson before Holland creampies Oaks.

I have a big crush on macho daddy Nelson, esp. his big thick cock. Although I wish Nelson could bottom up some day, it still turns me on watching Nelson stretch the boy’s tight hole with his big raw cock.

Holland and Oaks are commanded to undress Nelson before they suck Nelson’s thick cock and lick Nelson’s big balls. Two Elders then bend over as Nelson takes off their pants and plays with their dicks and balls.

Nelson then barebacks Holland and Oaks back and forth. Moments later, Neslon has Oaks ride Holland’s hard cock. Nelson blows his juicy load on Oaks’ back before he breeds Oaks. Holland continues to pound Oaks until he creampies Oaks in a deep relief.


Watch The Full Video – President Nelson Barebacks Elders Holland and Oaks

Macho daddy President Nelson barebacks Elder Holland and Elder Oaks in Priesthood Retreat at Mormonboyz 01


Macho daddy President Nelson barebacks Elder Holland and Elder Oaks in Priesthood Retreat at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – President Nelson Barebacks Elders Holland and Oaks


  28 Comments to “Mormonboyz – President Nelson, Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat”

  1. Boring! It’s the same shit from President Nelson, he just wont do shit! But go watch him eat out pussy and everything else at their sister site, fucking pathetic. Gays getting the same dull performances from these one act pony. I guess they need the gay money to pay off the female talent that they do everything with, but they can’t suck one dick or rim. SMH

    • Why are you so upset? MBZ did not force to you watch their scenes. You don’t pay a single penny to support MBZ, then you ask they produce some scenes you like? Funny.

      You should skip MBZ scenes and find other sites that interest you. Simple as that. I am a loyal MBZ fan and I have not been tired of watching daddy fuck young boys.

      • Well said. I’m not tired of watching dominant daddy on top, but I’m so tired of those queens bitching about everything about MBZ!

        • Bitching Queens? there is the self loathing…you know the owner should really stop replying to these comments, i get tho you don’t to deal with the negative criticism. But GoGo did have a fact and you really skipped over it, they rarely do much and him asking for more isn’t really that big of a deal? The people that bend over backwards for shitty scenes are the reason why gay porn is just awful today.

          • LOL. Who the fuck do you think you are? I have been a paid member of MBZ for two years and I still enjoy the scenes MBZ produced.

            Why did MBZ have to produce the scenes to please bitchy queens? Like MBZ_Fan said, they don’t force you to take the money out of your purse. You don’t like MBZ. Great, then move on with other porn studios.

      • And you’re the reason why gay porn is absolute shit!

      • You know some people are entitled to comment on a site they might be paying a penny for….how do you they don’t! Quit making assumptions, and he has a point they rarely do anything. He likes more reciprocation and not boring gay border line necrophiliac gay sex like you!

        • Get over yourself. MBZ does not need the support from bitch queens like you. A majority of MBZ fans are those who pay what they enjoy. Obviously fans still support the scenes MBZ produced, or MBZ will be out of business like many other porn studios.

    • To be fair, MBZ is a decent site with some hot scenes. “Mormon Boys” implied they mostly focus on boy sub niches that also comply with Mormon culture. If they open a new site called “Mormon Daddies”, they’re maybe more interested in boy on top. The lighting and contrast make their scenes look like some high quality visual arts.

    • Nelson has sucked dick, even eating the boy’s load. I saw Mensparkle introduced that scene. Search Nelson’s post…

  2. Well, I was just headed here figuring this post had arrived, and I wasn’t going to state it as bluntly as GoGo, but GoGo isn’t wrong. At least this time they use one of their bright sets and not that dark room, so you can see what’s happening, even if it’s the same old stuff. I didn’t know that Nelson did het stuff, but yes, and for the sake of his professional longevity, I would hope Nelson’s a more enthused performer at something else, somewhere else. And now they’ve got Max Sargent (‘President’ Ballard) checking his former versatility for this same somnambulistic routine. Time to get Angus back on the front burner; at least he gave up the butt once in a while.

    • You get it! You can watch any scenes with the two older ‘daddies’ and get the same performance from each of them every single time, they just don’t even bother doing anything else than just sticking it in. Gay porn is in such a dire state, i blame some of the self loathing gays that have very little standards.

  3. Did you guys agree Nelson has one of most beautiful cocks in porn? It’s thick with a big mushroom head. I can suck him off or jerk him off every day!

  4. I like Holland. Oaks is too skinny.

  5. Calm down, guys.

    In case it may escalate into an unnecessary drama, the comments to this post are closed.

    [Updated] The comment is re-opened by request. No more personal attack please, or you will get banned. Thanks.

  6. Thank you mensparkle!

    I know everyone has their own views on what is hot in porn, but I don’t understand why people are so resistant to different types of scenarios. There are plenty of sites I’ve joined where I don’t like every setup — but I don’t get upset about those scenes — and I don’t understand why the current subscribers at mboyz get so upset when someone suggests the dads to more than just fuck boys. It’s not like that type of scene is going away — and they could appeal to a wider audience if they showed other scenes as well. I’m not sure what people love so much about Oaks and Nelson. Nelson is so faked looking with his dyded hair and waxed body. Oaks looks good, but neither has a personality. Watch a scene with Angus topping (or his rare bottoming), and you can see that he’s passionate about fucking a guy.

  7. Angus, Oaks, Nelson are hot daddies in different ways. Actually I like Nelson’s stone cold manner.

  8. My husband and I have read several of the critiques listed above before. Specific critiques in the comments section of MenSparkle seem to be isolated to the same handful of guys. Those few individuals have a strong preference to see mature men having sex with each other. Specifically they want to see mature men bottoming. That’s fine. Great even. What is odd is that those individuals specifically want to see specific mature men from Mormonboyz having sex with each other…and they want us to showcase it on Mormonboyz. And look, we don’t fault those individuals for wanting to see certain types of porn. Porn is about fantasy after all. And while these few anonymous men are not in the majority, those among them with constructive criticism are heard. We respect those who subscribe and watch our movies, and especially those who are passionate enough to provide us with both praise and valuable critiques. That said, we do not respect people who sit on comment threads throwing poorly conceived insults at others like petulant children. Those individuals are ignored.

    In the near future we will release other sites and products that will cater to different audiences and tastes. We are proud of what we create and pour our hearts into our creations constantly. So much so that my husband and I don’t have much time to stay on top of these conversations.

    We’re glad that so many of you love our work!


  9. Great to see some commentary. I don’t understand why some feel the need to attack others for their opinions. Mboyz releases two scenes per week, a little variety is not going to kill anyone! Speaking personally, yes I prefer mature, but I don’t mind the ideas of young men and mature men having sex — it just needs to be reciprocated every once in a while. Young guys like to fuck — it seems very odd when they are so submissive over and over again without getting any in return.

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