May 262016

A sneak peek of Brandon and Paddy O'Brian new bottoming scenes and Mark Long's bottoming debut


Holy cow! We will have 3 super hot scenes coming soon. King Brandon will get fucked for the second time. Paddy O’Brian will bottom again in X-Men gay porn parody. And long time top only star Mark Long will lose his anal virginity.


A sneak peek of Brandon's second time bottoming at Seancody


To celebrate the 5th Anniversary at Seancody, Brandon decides to take a hard raw dick up his flawless bubble ass for the second time. This hot scene will be released on May 28th, 2016 (this Saturday). More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Watch The Full Video – King Brandon Bottoms Up Again


A sneak peek of Paddy O'Brian new bottoming scene at Men


For those who like to see Paddy O’Brian on bottom, now you are happy. Paddy will get his gorgeous muscle ass fucked again in the upcoming X-Men gay porn parody. Maybe it’s a gangbang too. 🙂

Watch The Full Video – Paddy O’Brian Bottoms Again in X-Men Gay Porn Parody


A sneak peek of Mark Long's bottoming debut at Nextdoorraw


Long time top only star, big-dicked straight hunk Mark Long finally gives up his tight ass. Mark only got fucked once by a strap-on at Nextdoorhookups. Now he will take a real dick up his virgin ass.

Markie More is the lucky top. He will bareback Mark’s tight virgin manhole nice and deep. This hot scene will be released at Nextdoorraw on Jun 15th, 2016. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Watch The Full Video – Long Time Top Only Star Mark Long Bottoms Up


  17 Comments to “Hot Bottoming Alert – Brandon, Paddy O’Brian and Mark Long”

  1. def. waiting for Mark Long’s debut. Paddy should get his shit together. he looks worse than before

  2. A lot of hot scenes come out together. It’s time for summer blowout.

  3. Wow! hope Brandon bottoms through the scene. fingers crossed. Paddy’s skin looks kind of weird. maybe the light reflection? Mark’s first bottoming scene looks hot

  4. Glorious news. I hope Brandon really enjoyed it this time. He’s such a genial fellow in every clip, a foremost example of the positive-spirited sex that is Cody’s very calling card. Not only would I like a bed romp with him, this is a guy I’d want to share a cross country road trip. Paddy hasn’t bottomed since last July (Connor Kline), disappeared entirely through the autumn of ’15, so of course a fresh round is most welcome. And the cherry on top is my beloved tall drink of water Long going all the way, as if directly answering my plea.

    Nothing short of Tim Kruger, Jimmy Durano and Jack King relinquishing their own gateways on the very same day could top this joy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. I hope some powers at Mormon Boyz are reading this…

    • My list of guys I really want to see lose their anal (film) virginity are Alexsander Freitas (but he’s retired), Brad Kelvo (hasn’t been seen in a few months) and President Woodruff of MormonBoyz. Though I’d love to see him take a book as the prez — I’d be fine with him showing up somewhere else and having actual reciprocal sex with another man (even another lad — but not a twink).

    • Must correct myself here too. It was Connor Maguire with Paddy last July. Kline, fine as he was, has been long gone over two years.

  5. Studios race to release their best scenes on memorial weekend. My dick will get very busy!

  6. Look forward to seeing Brandon get fucked. I bet some queens will jump the gun calling it a lame scene after watching it. Mark my words.

  7. A small update: Chase is the top. Brandon will have a full bottoming in this scene. I hope to see Chase fuck the hell out of Brandon in all positions. 😀

  8. Great news about Mark. I saw a great scene of him being fucked buy a chick– and he seemed to really enjoy it. Brandon and Paddy are both attractive and masculine — so seeing them fucked is always a plus. But when, oh when will they get Brody to bottom again. In my opinion, he’s never looked better — and that ass of his is bigger than ever — so he’s really ripe to get boned!

  9. I am a big fan of Chase and Brandon. I wish this one is as good as Shaw’s bottoming scene

  10. I think Brandon will get better than his bottoming debut.
    Without a doubt Mark is a hot guy, but don’t add more tattoos to ruin your hot body.

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