Nov 262016

A Sneak Peek of Topher DiMaggio fucking Adam Bryant at Men


It’s time to introduce upcoming scenes at in November and December. It’s nice to see Adam Bryant get his bubble ass fucked for the second time. Hot muscle jocks Brad Banks, Trevor Long and Jordan Levine also joined

It’s been a year since Adam Bryant lost his anal virginity (Check my post: Diego Sans Fucks Adam Bryant). It’s great to see Adam bottom again. Since skipped the preview on certain days, I can not tell you the releasing date of Adam’s new bottoming scene.

Brad Banks, Rocke Rathburne, Trevor Long and Jordan Levine are hot muscled studs I am attracted to. Jordan will top Scott Riley and Wesley Woods in 2 new episodes of a gay porn parody of “Ghosts Of Christmas”.

It’s nice to see Travis James back in action after being away for two years. Since it’s almost the end of the year, I hope could surprise us with a few big scenes at the end of December. Maybe a new “Top to Bottom” episode? πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed.


Watch The Full Video – 20 New Scenes at in November & December, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Brad Banks fucking Vadim Black at Drillmyhole


[Nov 27] “Perfect Storm“, Brad Banks Fucks Vadim Black


A Sneak Peek of Darin Silvers fucking Jack Hunter & Billy Santoro at Drillmyhole


[Nov 28] “Cum-petitive Pricing“, Darin Silvers Fucks Jack Hunter & Billy Santoro


A Sneak Peek of Rocke Rathburne fucking Leo Fuentes at Str8togay


[Nov 29] “Free Rent For A Price“, Rocke Rathburne Fucks Leo Fuentes


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Sunny Colucci at Men


[Dec 01] “Ex-Machina: A Gay XXX Parody Part 2“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Sunny Colucci


A Sneak Peek of Trevor Long fucking Jacob Peterson at Drillmyhole


[Dec 02] “On The Run Part 1“, Trevor Long Fucks Jacob Peterson


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine fucking Scott Riley at Drillmyhole


[Dec 04] “Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1“, Jordan Levine Fucks Scott Riley


A Sneak Peek of Vadim Black fucking Luke Adams at Bigdicksatschool


[Dec 05] “Returning To Where It Happened“, Vadim Black Fucks Luke Adams


A Sneak Peek of Trevor Long fucking Jake Ashford & Jacob Peterson at Drillmyhole


[Dec 09] “On The Run Part 2“, Trevor Long Fucks Jake Ashford & Jacob Peterson


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine fucking Wesley Woods at Drillmyhole


[Dec 11] “Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody 2“, Jordan Levine Fucks Wesley Woods


A Sneak Peek of Travis James fucking Chris Harder at Drillmyhole


[Dec 13] “Working The Case“, Travis James Fucks Chris Harder


Watch The Full Video – 20 New Scenes at in November & December, 2016


  17 Comments to “Men – 20 Hot New Scenes Starring Paddy O’Brian, Adam Bryant, Topher DiMaggio, Trevor Long, Jordan Levine and More”

  1. Adam gets fucked again? Great.

    • Agreed. But I hate Topherina πŸ™

    • Agreed. He ruins every scene he’s in. But I love Adam — and am happy to learn this (looked at at updates last night and didn’t see his scene included).

      This is typical of’s monthly scenes though — one hot one among a lot of meh. Brad Banks, Rocke Rathburne, Trevor Long and Jordan Levine all need to bottom ASAP at — so tiring to see the same old skinny disposable guys on the bottom month after month! I think Trevor is the only one who has not bottomed.

      I wouldn’t count on a top 2 bottom this late in the year. They usually announce that more than a month beforehand — to get people excited.

      • I checked Men’s member zone. I don’t know when, but it seems skipped a few days in their preview section. For instance, the preview clips on Dec 3rd, 6th, 7th, 12th, 14th are missing. I guess Adam’s scene is one of them…

  2. It’s gonna take some getting used to, Colby Jansen not there anymore πŸ™ But no Dennis West? No Diego Sans? No Johnny Rapid?! Changing times, indeed. I miss Landon Conrad, Andrew Stark, Joe Parker, Jack King, Logan Vaughn, Andrew Justice, Jarec Wentworth… Oh well, none of them stay forever.

    • I don’t mind new guys — but the hot new guys are only topping — and the new bottoms looks like they were found at the Dollar Store — and are about worth as much in terms of appeal.

    • Today’s update is Diego Sans fucking Sean Duran. I think everyone is tired of watching Diego top again. I bet Diego will also feature in some of new scenes in December, but same stereotype – he tops again.

      Landon Conrad is a hot stud. Too bad he retired. Other guys you mentioned are not active anymore. Jarec Wentworth is behind bars, 5 years to go.

      • You can say that again. This ‘no bottoming’ business of Diego Sans is getting boring.

        Conrad was supposed to be ‘finishing out his career at Falcon,’ this was maybe two years ago now. They finished him alright; nothing new came. But I suppose better to bow out with a whisper than the way Wentworth came to a halt. When the shit hit the fan, MEN couldn’t seem to dump his remaining scenes fast enough: six in March ’15 and the last two that April.

        There’s a worse case: Jason ‘Addison’ Andrews. He’s never coming out; first degree murder, and he dealt away the death penalty pleading guilty. He did several scenes for Cody in the spring of ’08 (the crime was May ’10), and a few stragglers for Dallas Reeves. Mid-20s, fantastic body, strong, with all kinds of promise, and he threw it away to impress the whore who did the crime with him, and turned on him the moment both were in custody. There’s a YouTube (with some searching) of him being led away a last time in an orange jumpsuit. Terrible.

  3. Love the scene shot in the desert, Trevor Long, Jake Ashford and Jacob Peterson look hot in the threeway. I agree Trevor should bottom. It’s about the time!

  4. Whoa! Any of you guys check out Adam Bryant’s twitter feed? There are pics of him taking a HUGE black dildo! This guy is no “top” LOL!!

  5. now has a big list of top only guys: Arad Winwin, Dalton Briggs, Jimmy Durano, Eddie Walker, Trevor Long. I will be surprised if could not convince any of them to try bottoming.

    Paddy O’Brian, Diego Sans, Topher DiMaggio or Jordan Levine should bottom again. Their hot asses need a hard pounding. Men should stop producing the lame gay parody stuff.

    • Totally agree. Gay guys are not interested in gay porn parody things. We only want to watch hot guys fuck hard. should hire a senior gay director who really knows what gay customers want.

    • Agree: I’ve been wanting to see Dalton Briggs bottom the first time I saw him. Like he said in his interview when he was at Belami, he said he would bottom for Kevin Warhol whom is his favorite porn star but it never happened.

    • You can add Jack King, Brad Kalvo and Noah Jones to the list.

      • Jack King would want his ass babied — and that’s if someone could pay his asking price which is doubtful. Don’t know Noah Jones, but seeing big daddy (what a huge ass he has) bottom would be nice. I imagine he’s close to retiring, so could be a nice cash grab before he exits — should be serenading him!

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