Mar 122017

A Sneak Peek of Bud Harrison Fucking Tobias at Str8togay


It’s time to bring you new scenes at for the rest of March. Besides from popular stars Jordan Levine, Trevor Long, Diego Sans and Vadim Black, we will see hot newcomers Bud Harrison, Nate Grimes and Toby Springs make their debut.

Bud Harrison is a hot muscle daddy with his rugged manly look, muscular body and a hot bubble ass. Bud will top muscle jock Tobias in his debut. Bud’s profile says he is a versatile top. I hope his bottoming debut will be coming soon.

Nate Grimes is another new face to me. Nate will bottom for Diego Sans and Trevor Long in two new scenes. Toby Springs has worked for Boyshalfwayhouse and Fraternityx. Toby will take Diego’s hard cock up his ass in his debut.

We’ll see a hot orgy starring Ashton McKay, Aspen, Connor Maguire and Jake Ashford. And it’s always nice to see hunky Teddy Torres and Diego Reyes get their bubble butts pounded hard. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming. Stay tuned!


Watch The Full Video – 16 Hot New Scenes at in March, 2017


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine Fucking Colton Grey at Str8togay


[Mar 16] “Last Day On Earth Part 1“, Jordan Levine Fucks Colton Grey


A Sneak Peek of Bud Harrison Fucking Tobias at Str8togay 01


[Mar 17] “The Secret Life Of Married Men Part 3“, Bud Harrison Fucks Tobias


A Sneak Peek of Ashton McKay, Aspen and Connor Maguire Fucking Jake Ashford at Jizzorgy


[Mar 18] “Dad Group Part 3“, Ashton McKay, Aspen & Connor Maguire Fuck Jake Ashford


A Sneak Peek of Manuel Skye Fucking Teddy Torres at Str8togay


[Mar 20] “Undercover Stripper Part 3“, Manuel Skye Fucks Teddy Torres


A Sneak Peek of Noah Jones Fucking Jackson Grant at Drillmyhole


[Mar 22] “Textual Relations Part 1“, Noah Jones Fucks Jackson Grant


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine Fucking Vadim Black at Str8togay


[Mar 23] “Last Day On Earth Part 2“, Jordan Levine Fucks Vadim Black


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans Fucking Nate Grimes at Drillmyhole


[Mar 24] “Thoroughbred Part 1“, Diego Sans Fucks Nate Grimes


A Sneak Peek of Trevor Long Fucking Nate Grimes at Str8togay


[Mar 27] “Chicken Soup For The Cock“, Trevor Long Fucks Nate Grimes


A Sneak Peek of Hector De Silva Fucking Diego Reyes at Drillmyhole


[Mar 28] “Hall Pass Part 1“, Hector De Silva Fucks Diego Reyes


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans Fucking Toby Springs at Drillmyhole


[Mar 31] “Thoroughbred Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Toby Springs


Watch The Full Video – 16 Hot New Scenes at in March, 2017


  16 Comments to “Men – 16 Upcoming Scenes Starring Bud Harrison, Nate Grimes, Toby Springs, Jordan Levine, Trevor Long and More”

  1. Bud Harrison is a hot daddy! More info about him?

  2. When are they gonna release another Top to Bottom scene? Or please have Paddy come back for a new bottoming scene?

    • Or have Jordan, Trevor and Diego bottom. Hot guys should not always top

    • Agreed. Where is Paddy?

    • yep……….where’s Paddy ?

    • On Paddy’s twitter page he mentions exciting things to happen in March…………I think he has set up his own website ???

      • What did he say then? I thought Paddy is exclusive. He can not open his own site unless his contract is over.

        • he says……..keep watching for exciting news in March ………….we’ll see, perhaps he gets it together with Rocco and Raphael !!

    • I’m wondering if the price tag is too high for some guys to bottom. There are a few guys at who should have given up their asses by now — as they are pretty boring as top only performers — very few guys really have the charisma and ability to only top. I would put Toby on the top of the list to bottom next, but doesn’t seem to be in the works. Bud Harrison is hot — but he seems like the kind guy won’t use as a bottom — judging by the lackluster images shown above.

  3. Jordan Levine is hot as fuck. I hope he bottoms again like he did at Randy Blue.
    He’s now a total top, either at Men or Bromo.

  4. When Tony paradise comeback in 2017???

  5. Same feeling as last time…It would be a nice bundle if they switch the role of tops and bottoms.

    • That’s about where it’s at lately. The scenes will be effective and functional, acceptable without really generating enthusiasm. We’re ready – and deserving – of a happy surprise.
      Today’s Sean Cody debut is a fellow named “Lawrence,” and oh boy, is he a fine, bearded, ink-free new addition. He’ll be a welcome player in the ‘family’ if they can coax him to stick around and get busy.

    • I keep my eyes on Noah Jones. He’s such a hot jock. I am surprised that Noah has not been fucked yet even if he has worked at Corbin Fisher and Boys Halfway House…

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