Jun 202017

Horse hung Tim Kruger fucks Spanish beefy stud Gabriel Lunna at Timtales


Muscular Spanish stud Gabriel Lunna visits Timtales for the first time. Watch Tim Kruger plow Gabriel’s sexy bubble butt with his monster cock in a various of positions before he gives Gabriel a hot facial.

I have been following Gabriel since he worked for Kristenbjorn. Gabriel is a hot versatile muscle stud with a bouncy ass you want to fuck. Tim is happy to pound Gabriel’s big juicy ass on the roof under a beautiful sunny day.

Gabriel sucks Tim’s thick cock before Tim fucks Gabriel’s muscle ass in doggy, missionary and sideway style, with nice penetration angles. Tim blows his thick load onto Gabriel’s opened mouth before Gabriel licks clean Tim’s spent cock.


Watch The Full Video – Tim Power Fucks Beefy Stud Gabriel Lunna

Horse hung Tim Kruger fucks Spanish beefy stud Gabriel Lunna at Timtales 01


Horse hung Tim Kruger fucks Spanish beefy stud Gabriel Lunna at Timtales 02


Watch The Full Video – Tim Power Fucks Beefy Stud Gabriel Lunna


  15 Comments to “Timtales – Tim Kruger Fucks Spanish Beefcake Gabriel Lunna”

  1. Nice GIF. Thanks.

  2. Am i the only one who waiting for Tim get dicked?
    So boring

    • Tim’s boyfriend is a total top. Tim must have bottomed for him in private. Tim just did not do it on screen. Maybe he will, some day, who knows.

      • Jessie:

        I think you’re “right on the money,” as I’ve heard the same thing about Tim’s boyfriend, Grobes Garrett. Grobes is several years older than Tim and they’ve been together for close to 10 years. Your comment about Tim reminds me of another long time “video Top.” I’m referring to the late Arpad Miklos. Arpad appeared in videos from 1994 beginning with Kristen Bjorn until he tragically took his life in 2013. Arpad never bottomed in roughly 20 years in gay porn, however he was a prolific bottom as an escort, as I know firsthand how talented a bottom he was having hired him several times beginning in 2009 until late 2012. After getting to know Arpad, I asked him why he was so comfortable getting fucked “offscreen,” but apparently so uptight about getting fucked “onscreen.” His answer was a bit complicated, but the gist of it had a lot to do with his Hungarian upbringing and the condemnation by Hungarians of all things gay. While Arpad was very comfortable with his sexuality, he was also a hyper-masculine guy and I believe letting people know that he enjoyed getting fucked conflicted with his idea of masculinity. Not to sound all “Sigmund Freud” on this topic, but I think Tim Kruger suffers from the same issue as Arpad. He likely enjoys bottoming offscreen, but can’t quite get comfortable with people seeing him get fucked onscreen. There are quite a few “video Tops” that I’ve hired as escorts and they’ve all bottomed for me. Sadly a lot of gay men are still fucked up mentally about the whole “Top/Bottom” issue and I believe Tim Kruger is one of them.

        • Great comments. Mike.

          That’s exactally what I heard about Arpad. There are stories about Arpad’s off-screen bottoming at an old gay porn forum atkol.com (which has shut down).

        • I am a big fan of Arpad. I dont know why he took his won life in his early 40’s. Someone said he’s suffering from depression. Too bad we lost a great performer.

        • Tim’s BF Grobes Garrett is a hot daddy. He only did two scenes. Now he’s the camera guy who films Tim fucking other guys. I hope Grobes will shoot a scene with Tim!

    • No, you’re not the only one Mr. Grey 🙂 Alas, as with Jack King and Jimmy Durano and the now-recalcitrant Diego Sans, I’ve given up on Kruger doing that after about 10 years of top-and-only-top. And it isn’t that Kruger has loss anything to make you stop turning your head; he’s as fine to behold as he ever was. But the reliable lack of surprise in his every fresh outing now is boring like you say.

      • and also Timtales always give me same shit porn.
        just bottom sucking dick and take dick in his ass, just like that. No more.

        no kissing, no rimming, no romantic scene, just dick put in ass.
        so boring.

        • They have kissing and rimming scenes, just not that often. You can check Flex’s scenes, hot kissing.

          I am an ass man, so I enjoy Timtales scenes. Long, rough fuck and great close-ups. And they only hire hung tops.

        • Obviously, you have never been a Timtales member. They have lots of great kissing and rimming scenes, esp. those old scenes a few years ago.

    • No sir! As much as I like Lunna, I won’t even watch a preview of this — because I can’t watch guys who refuse to bottom. I know that probably all tops have bottomed at some point — and most bottom regularly in private life. I hate that they propagate the myth of guys being only tops or bottoms. I know that is true of some guys, but I think the majority are versatile to some degree. I don’t think gay porn should even use guys who won’t bottom.

  3. This scene looks hot. Many studios have no idea about how to film under sunshine. If you don’t filter sunlight properly, you’re gonna make the video not watchable. Tim Tales have a good camera guy who knows how to film great outdoors scenes.

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