Nov 282015

Tanner barebacks Seancody's most popular star Brandon's tight virgin ass until he seeds Brandon's worked hole at Seancody


Finally, The king of Seancody, fans-favorite muscle jock Brandon gets his tight virgin ass popped up. Watch Brandon and Tanner take turns barebacking each other before Tanner seeds Brandon’s pink hole with his juicy loads.

It’s a tough job for me to write this big post because watching this scene already made me cum twice. Brandon’s bottoming debut will be kept in my hot bottoming debut collections. There are lots of highlights you should not miss.

Brandon and Tanner have passionate french kisses through the whole scene, which makes me wonder if they are in relationship. Tanner rims Brandon and probes Brandon’s pink hole with a butt plug to loosen him up.

Tanner shoves his hard raw cock up Brandon’s tight virgin ass, fucking Brandon nice and deep. Brandon’s virgin hole is so fucking tight. Tanner has to squeeze his raw meat in Brandon on every thrust.

Brandon moans loudly “Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! OMG! It hurts”. But Brandon also repeats “feels good” twice. 😀 Tanner shoots his juicy loads right onto Brandon’s ass cracks before he breeds Brandon’s worked hole.

Tanner sucks his cum out of Brandon’s manhole before he gives Brandon a cummy kiss. In second round, Tanner rides Brandon’s hard raw meat until he blows his hot load.

Tanner blows Brandon before Brandon jerks a sticky load out of his hard cock. Tanner tongues Brandon’s pink hole again before they share a hot kiss.

In “Behind the Scenes”, it’s fun to watch Tanner teach Brandon how to relax before the penetration. Brandon not only takes a butt plug up his tight virgin ass, but also finger fucks himself for the first time.


Watch The Full Video – Tanner Breeds King Brandon’s Tight Virgin Ass

Tanner barebacks Seancody's most popular star Brandon's tight virgin ass until he seeds Brandon's worked hole at Seancody 01


Tanner barebacks Seancody's most popular star Brandon's tight virgin ass until he seeds Brandon's worked hole at Seancody 02


Watch The Full Video – Tanner Breeds King Brandon’s Tight Virgin Ass


  21 Comments to “Seancody – Tanner Barebacks Brandon’s Super Tight Virgin Ass – Breeding and Feltching”

  1. Great. But not enough . Only one position

  2. Ridiculous hype for such a lame scene. Hilarious and typical haha!

  3. I like this scene so much. Their kisses are so hot. Watching the hottest guy in gay porn getting fucked turns me on. Maybe SC want Brandon to go through all positions as a bottom, but could not make it happen. You clearly see it’s Brandon’s first time bottoming. He struggled to take Tanner’s dick. I am surprised Brandon let Tanner seed his hole. Overall, Brandon did a great job in his bottoming debut.

    Rumor said Brandon is done with porn. If it’s true, this is literally the last scene Brandon shot. Think about that hype fake king Cody Cummings who never sucked dick. Brandon is much much better. Love Brandon!

    • i am with you on this one. they have been begging Brandon bottoming for 5 years. finally Brandon did it, then they thought it’s a big fail. Bitchy queens will never be satisfied.

      • LOL! Bitchy queens? If you honestly think that scene was good, your sex life has to be the most boring ever–that is if you have one….

        • This scene is fine given that Brandon is first time bottoming. Brandon is str8 and obviously bottoming is not his thing. If you wanna see Brandon become a cum dumpster like those pig bottom sluts from Treasure Island Media, it’s never gonna happen.

  4. I like this scene too. finger-fucking Brandon already turned me on. Not to mention it’s a real dick in that flawless muscle ass. it would be nice if Brandon cums from getting fucked. Now it’s Abe’s turn. mensparkle, Please tell the rep manager: bring Shaw back to pop Abe’s cherry!

  5. “First time” and “straight”? Sheesh! Reminds me one of Carrie Bradshaw’s quotes: “how about this for a column: desperate women who’ll believe ANYTHING” hahaha!

    Bottom line: it was NOT a hot video! Like 6 minutes of “bottoming”? Yeah, def deserved the 2 week long hype lol!

    • have you ever left any positive comment? you are negative about almost anything. I bet you’re not a likeable guy in real life. if you pay for SC membership, then cancel it. if you don’t, just shut up and stop being a drama queen. OK?

      • Hahaha! Yes I have left positive comments if deserving, instead of blindly saying “yeah it was great” all the time. And dude, you’re the one who got your panties in a bunch just because I expressed a negative opinion–and you call me a drama queen? Height of absurdity LOL!

      • Lots of queens bitching about this scene did not watch it as a paid SC member. If they are not paying to see it, then I don’t get what they’re bitching for.

  6. Hope this isn’t one off thing and Brandon bottoms again. Now it’s time for Abe to get fucked.

  7. i just watched the video from beginning to end, no fast forward. I like their funny interview and romantic make-out. Brandon bottomed for about 7 mins, a bit short but still good to watch. i give this scene 80 on 100 scale, which was beyond my expectation. before I watch it I was worried about it might be as bad as Topher Di Maggio’s bottoming debut.

  8. the scene is good, I am not sure why some people complained so much. the best part is Brandon’s moaning and groaning, real and natural. He suffers from pain but also enjoys being penetrated.

  9. Remember Doug’s bottoming debut in Hawaii fuck fest? Doug only took a few thrusts in less than one minute. That was a horrible first time bottoming.

    As a long time seancody paid member, I’m fine with Brandon’s bottoming debut. Brandon even took Tanner’s load in his ass. Great! hope Brandon will bottom more often.

  10. Brandon has awesome ass but he is not good bottom. It is pity.I hope he will improve his bottom skills

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