Feb 162014

Rado Zuska barebacks young boy Kyril's tight virgin hole in Gangster Fuck 152 Facing His Destiny Episode 04 at Gangsterfuck


Poor boy Kyril gets tied up and takes aggressive master Rado Zuska’s hard raw dick up his tight virgin hole. Watch Rado slam Kyril like crazy till gives the boy a big facial.

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Jan 222013

Handsome blond Lubos forces cute boy Jan to have sex in The Hitchhiker episode 01 at Gangsterfuck


Cute boy Jan is on his way home after he stayed the whole night in a dance bar. It’s a long distance by walking back home so he tried to stop a car. He is unlucky to get any help untill handsome blond Lubos’ car was passing by. Lubos likes this cute boy so he gave Jan a ride.

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Jan 072013

Master Gregor Tortures, barebacks, humiliates slave boy Marvin in The Looser 4 at Gangsterfuck


Aggressive Gregor is very brutal to his slave boy Marvin. He humiliates Marvin by forcing him to lick his feet. Gregor uses the belt to control Marvin deep-throating his big cock. He fucks the boy’s warm mouth intensely, which almost makes Gregor reach the climax.

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Sep 142012

Luke Tortures, whips, tied James in The Guest - Part 3 at Gangsterfuck 01


Now James is in a pitiful position. Completely stripped naked and tied to the roof of the barn he is standing on two water canisters. Now the games is about to start. His master whips him. First with a rope and later with a broom. Agonized from the pain he is jumping from one canister to the other. This makes Luke so horny. He starts to suck his slave as his own cock is rock-hard already.

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Sep 072012

Gregor barebacks sprayer kyle and cumming facial at Gangsterfuck 01


Gregor gags the boy with a sock and lets him sniff his sweaty sneakers. Kyle gets fucked now very hard. First doggy-style then missionary. The young sprayer moans and groans but his martyrdom isn’t over yet. Because Gregor still needs to shoot his load of hot sperm directly into the boy’s mouth. A good time now to finish this by giving the boy a good couple of hard face slaps.

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Sep 032012

Hassan beats, drags, gags Weedhead Felix at Gangsterfuck 01


Felix is camping with a friend at the lakeside. After sunset both are sitting round a fire and smoke some weed. As Hassan sees them he starts to swear at them. Later, when Felix fell asleep he grabs him and drags him out of his tent. Time to teach this weed-head a good lesson. He beats him, gags him with grass and finally gives him a good, cold shower in the nearby river.

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Aug 242012

Jess barebacks tortures Bennies in The Thief Episode 04 at Gangsterfuck 01


After three episodes’ foreshadowing, the story The Thief reaches the finale. They will do the real things – bareback fucking. The poor boy Bennie gets tied on a ladder. Jess slides his big RAW cock up to Bennie’s sweet hole, which makes Bennie feel so painful. Jess then ties Bennie in an upside-down position and forces Bennie to suck him untill Jess shoots his heavy load into the bottom boy’s mouth . A very hot SM series.

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Aug 182012

Luke tortures, kicks and beats James at Gangsterfuck 01


In the barn there is a short fight. James tries to escape. But he had no chance against the stronger dude. Luke overwhelms the boy and tears up his clothes. Again and again he kicks and beats him. When he finds a couple of candles, he torments him with hot wax. He can run all of his sadistic urges and fills the mouth of the boy finally with his huge, hard cock.

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Aug 102012


Gregor enjoys the blow-job. The humble sprayer has to please him. Then he unties the boy and throws him to the ground. He starts to kick him with his boots and kisses him as well. Again the boy has to suck his master’s dick. Now it is time for a nice ass. Gregor tears down the pants of the sprayer boy and gives him a real hard flogging. Then he is ordered to lick both toe and feet.

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Aug 042012


Benni could cry now. What has been happening within the last hour? He only tried to steal the wallet from a guy. And now he is almost naked and tied to a ladder. Jess starts to suck the boy’s prick. Benni is embarrassed that he even gets a hardon. And Jess is kissing the reluctant guy all over. Then he turns him around and cuts his undies. Time for a good spanking.

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