Dec 132016

A Sneak Peek of Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian fucking Griffin Barrows, Ken Rodeo & Sunny Colucci at Men


It’s time to bring you upcoming scenes at for the rest of December. Hot Latino muscle hunk Jacob Taylor joined And popular stars Arad Winwin, Trevor Long, Jordan Levine, Paddy O’Brian and Tobias continue to deliever their solid performance.

Two hot new orgies are coming. In “On The Run Part 3”, Arad Winwin and Trevor Long top Jacob Peterson, Jake Ashford and Paul Canon. In “Ex-Machina Gay XXX Parody Part 5“, Jessy Ares and Paddy O’Brian will fuck Griffin Barrows, Ken Rodeo and Sunny Colucci.

Jacob Taylor will make his debut and top Wesley Woods. Hot inked hunk Jordan Levine will fuck macho studs Dennis West and Colby Keller in two scenes. Hot muscled stud Connor Maguire will top sexy hairy daddy Dirk Caber.

Like last time, skipped some previews of certain days. So we don’t know if they hold some great scenes until the last minute. Maybe a hot new “Top to Bottom” episode to celebrate the New Year? Who knows. 😀


Watch The Full Video – 16 Upcoming Hot Scenes in December, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Arad Winwin & Trevor Long fucking Jacob Peterson, Jake Ashford & Paul Canon at Jizzorgy


[Dec 16] “On The Run Part 3“, Arad Winwin & Trevor Long Fuck Jacob Peterson, Jake Ashford & Paul Canon


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine fucking Dennis West at Drillmyhole


[Dec 18] “Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3“, Jordan Levine Fucks Dennis West


A Sneak Peek of Jacob Taylor fucking Wesley Woods at Men


[Dec 20] “A Change“, Jacob Taylor Fucks Wesley Woods


A Sneak Peek of Topher DiMaggio fucking Austin Carter at Str8togay


[Dec 21] “Take The Bait Part 3“, Topher DiMaggio Fucks Austin Carter


A Sneak Peek of Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian fucking Griffin Barrows, Ken Rodeo & Sunny Colucci at Men 01


[Dec 22] “Ex-Machina: A Gay XXX Parody Part 5“, Jessy Ares & Paddy O’Brian Fuck Griffin Barrows, Ken Rodeo & Sunny Colucci


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Brandon Evans at Men


[Dec 24] “Warmed“, Diego Sans Fucks Brandon Evans


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine fucking Colby Keller at Drillmyhole


[Dec 25] “Ghosts Of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody Part 4“, Jordan Levine Fucks Colby Keller


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire fucking Dirk Caber at Str8togay


[Dec 26] “The Boyfriend Experience Part 3“, Connor Maguire Fucks Dirk Caber


A Sneak Peek of Tobias fucking Brenner Bolton at Drillmyhole


[Dec 28] “Hook Up Fail“, Tobias Fucks Brenner Bolton


A Sneak Peek of Tobias fucking Aspen at Drillmyhole


[Dec 30] “Rugby Boys“, Tobias Fucks Aspen


Watch The Full Video – 16 Upcoming Hot Scenes in December, 2016


  17 Comments to “Men – 16 Hot New Scenes Starring Arad Winwin, Jacob Taylor, Jake Ashford, Austin Carter, Jordan Levine and More”

  1. Aspen, Bolton, Keller, Maguire, West, Sans, Caber, Ares, O’Brian and Woods …enough of my favorites not to complain, but I might be skipping the group stuff. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not as good as just enough.

  2. A bunch of hot guys. Austin Carter and Colby Keller get fucked. that’s great.
    But it’s a shame Paddy, Trevor, Jordan and Arad did not bottom.

    • Agreed. I hope Jordan will not become another top only guy like Diego Sans. They have bottomed a few times @Randyblue. How come now they turn to total tops @Men?

  3. Wish Jacob Taylor would be the new top to bottom model. I have been looking forward to seeing that juicy ass get pounded for a long time.

  4. I am tired of the same formula. Brandon Evans and Brenner Bolton always bottom. Topher and Diego always top. Why is it so difficult to find hot versatile guys in gay porn nowadays?

    • I agree Freddy — gay porn is pretty dismal these days — and is a good example of that. Most update are young little okay guys getting fucked by hotter, beefier, older guys. There are a few exceptions like Dirk Caber — but he’s been used one too many times as the daddy of choice on this site. The scene with Jessy and Paddy would be better if it was a flip — even though they’ve topped each other before — I think Paddy fucked Jessy at a different site. And seeing versatile guys like Diego and Jordan only topping — why should I care? Don’t know if Trevor Long is well known enough to be in a Top 2 Bottom, but unless they can a really well-known experienced top to bottom, he’s be my choice.

    • Someone said in gay porn bottoming gets paid a little bit more than topping. Bottoms love to bottom more coz they make more money.

      • yeah, if bottoming and topping makes a big difference on payment. I bet more hot guys would like to bottom. Every guy in gay porn has a price.

      • I’ve read that if the bottom and the top are of approximate equal popularity, the bottom makes up to half again more what the top is being paid.

        When you factor in that financial incentive, and that it isn’t as crucial that the bottom be hard every moment of the scene, if the performer can also refuse any top he doesn’t like, bottoming looks rather attractive work.

        It’s the top that has all the pressure. If he’s not hard, nothing’s to going to happen, and when consider all the stop and start and ‘hurry up and wait’ that’s involved before the finished scene we observe, that really is considerable pressure.

    • Couldn’t agree more Freddy, that’s why I just canceled my membership. Just the same old same old boring stuff. Stupid parodies and same guys nothing new. you need to smarten up so you don’t lose anymore loyal members like me.

      • at least update daily and have most popular gay porn stars in industry, so I will renew my one year membership. It’s a good deal. But I agree they need diversity

  5. The preview for Dec 31st is missing at Men’s member area. Hope it’s a great scene of some hot muscle stud getting fucked for the New Year!

  6. Blake Mitchell is finally getting fucked. Different studio though 🙂

  7. Paddy needs to bottom again…………preferably by someone he hasn’t bottomed for before, Rocco !! Rafael !! Diego !! , getting the horn just thinking of it, Paddy getting gangbanged !!!!

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