Feb 122017

Elder Foster and Patriarch Smith bareback President Wilcox in Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz


It’s a hot raw threeway starring Elder Foster with sexy Mormon daddies Patriarch Smith and President Wilcox. Watch Smith and Foster take turns barebacking Wilcox’s muscle ass before Wilcox and Foster take turns getting bred.

It’s a hot scene for those who want to watch Mormon daddy get fucked. And it’s the very first time a Mormon daddy fucks another Mormon daddy at Mormonboyz. It’a nice to see silver fox Patriarch Smith back in action.

There are a few highlights in this scene. The hot kisses between Smith and Foster turn me on. And it’s very rare to see Smith suck dick. It’s hot as hell watching Smith suck Foster’s dick as Wilcox blows Smith in a sandwich sucking train.

Smith barebacks Wilcox’s bubble ass before he has Foster fuck Wilcox. Foster shoots a big juicy loads all across Wilcox’s back before he breeds Wilcox. Smith then uses Foster’s cum as lube to pound Foster’s tight hole for a bit.


Watch The Full Video – Patriarch Smith & Elder Foster Bareback President Wilcox

Elder Foster and Patriarch Smith bareback President Wilcox in Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 01


Elder Foster and Patriarch Smith bareback President Wilcox in Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Patriarch Smith & Elder Foster Bareback President Wilcox


  24 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Patriarch Smith, President Wilcox, Elder Foster – Bonds Of Brotherhood”

  1. It’s a surprise they release a scene of daddy fucking daddy.
    But it’s hot for sure. 🙂 Wilcox has a nice muscle butt.

  2. Yes! My favorite daddy Patriarch Smith had anal sex again. Watching Smith give head to the boy gets me so hard. Hope he gets totally naked next time!

  3. Is this the first time Wilcox gets fucked?

    • Wilcox, aka Ryan Wilcox, has bottomed at Men.com and NDS. But both are condom scenes. I think this is first time Wilcox gets fucked bareback.

  4. Really, I had to watch every moment of it, and twice, to believe I was seeing what viewers like myself and alex had been saying we wanted for so long. This is the first time we’ve seen Smith again with pants off, not since December ’15, and the only time we’ve seen him fuck a senior staff member and not one of the silently compliant and sleepwalking twinks.

    Ryan Wilcox, I believe, did some bottoming at other porn work, but this is his first round as one of the Mormon ‘presidents.’ This is a big, big step in a very entertaining direction, and we should all chant “More!”

    In short, it’s magnificent. 🙂

    • I’ve seen Wilcox bottom before, but this is definitely the type of scene I crave — and seeing Smith mostly naked is the icing on the cake. Smith and Angus are probably both younger than they appear — and their bodies are really a joy to behold (I think better than Oaks and Nelson whom most guys seem to prefer according to the poll (http://mensparkle.com/blog/2016/03/mormonboyz-bishop-angus-president-nelson-president-oaks-patriarch-smith-president-wilcox-president-woodruff/). I know it probably won’t happen again any time soon, but would love to see another daddy make his bottoming debut here (really don’t care if he’s topped by a dad or a lad). I still get turned on by the prospect of Woodruff’s meaty ass taking a dick! I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and join for one month — just to show the owner of mboyz that there is a market for this — even if it’s a small niche compared to the dads fucking lads that is common here.

      • Don’t be too optimistic. If MBZ’ owner finds new changes get the majority of members pissed off (they may cancel the membership), he will be back to his old track – daddy fucking boy. It’s all about money.

        • Agreed. If more people who want to see daddy get fucked join MBZ, we will see more scenes of daddy on bottom. It’s all about business.

        • I can’t really see many guys cancelling a membership just because of this scene — though they may vocalize displeasure. There really isn’t any other viable option for this kinda stuff — and I have no illusions that it will become a man on man site — but I hope they continue to explore this side from time to time. I imagine this is a hot premise for a younger guy (unless he’s a total bottom) — and it makes it all the more interesting when everyone is fully participating — and not just in one position (top or bottom). I don’t see how it could be a problem to have more variety and appeal to a wider audience — and make more people happy than just one group of people.

      • 🙂 Been waiting for your reaction all day alex. I saw no way this one could displease you. I think you’re right too that we will occasionally see more like this, but not right away. Surely there’s a backlog of the usual stuff on the release schedule first. This entry at mensparkle has 100% ‘thumbs up’ remarks, which is rare, so let’s hope MB does read here.

        As for Smith’s age, I too think he tries to play older than he actually is. If the man is a day past 45, he’s done a hell of a great job keeping discipline over his body. He’s like a composite of my first employer and two or three school teachers I would have liked to fuck, so seeing him bottom would be like a dream come true. His body is great, and he has no reason to hesitate peeling off every fabric. Best Gay Porn Monday in ages 🙂

  5. The best part of this scene is: Patriarch Smith fingers Foster’s cum back in his ass before he fucks Foster again. It’s Smith’s best scene.

    And again, The lighting and contrast hue make the scene look like high quality visual arts. Gayhoopla should learn from them.

  6. Nice to see Mormon Boyz try something new. It seems they listen to fans. 🙂

  7. +++ Hot

  8. Patriarch Smith has a hairy body and a hot ass. Why is he afraid of getting naked?

    • Good question! In all of his scenes, there are very few where his ass is on display — it’s like the Where’s Waldo? of Mormonboyz. But I do love watching guys like he, Angus and Woodruff top — with their asses on display — as I’m imagining my dick going in their holes!

  9. Wilcox fucking Smith in next round would be perfect.

  10. I guess I am the only one who likes Foster more than two daddies in this scene. LOL

    • I’m not really a fan of Wilcox — and I’ve seen him fucked before, but never in the context of this site. And being that he’s topped several lads before, it’s very hot to see him fucked in front of — and then by — a lad. Of course, the lad will get his next time — which is fine by me. I like mormonboyz is finally throwing a twist this year! Hope it continues from time to time — when we least expect it.

    • While Foster might be a little shadowed here by the surprise of daddy-on-daddy, he certainly makes his mark too with that creamy cum shot all the way up Wilcox’s back. Not the kind of thing to go unnoticed or forgotten. What a marvelous success this round. 🙂

  11. What is patriarch Smith real name please?

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