Nov 222016

Armando De Armas and Brandon Jones flip-fuck in A Gardener's Job is Never Done at Colbyscrew


Let’s celebrate popular porn star Colby Jansen’s brand new personal site with a hot bottoming debut that I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Armando De Armas finally gets fucked for the first time on camera after being in porn for 3 years!

Colby Jansen just launched his new site Colbyscrew, featuring some hot muscle jocks and hunks, such as Derek Thibeau, Mam Steel, Gabriel Clark, Ezekiel Stone, Mike Stallone and more. Colby also flip-fucks Jack Hunter in a new update.

I’ve been waiting for Armando’s bottoming debut since he started his porn career in 2013. Brandon Jones is so lucky to pound Armando’s tight bubble ass in this hot flip-flop.

Armando fucks Brandon in doggy and missionary style before Brandon drills Armando’s tight hole in doggy position. Armando explodes a huge load onto the counter top before Brandon uploads his hot load onto Armando’s bubble butt.


Watch The Full Video – Armando De Armas’ Bottoming Debut

Armando De Armas and Brandon Jones flip-fuck in A Gardener's Job is Never Done at Colbyscrew 01


Armando De Armas and Brandon Jones flip-fuck in A Gardener's Job is Never Done at Colbyscrew 02


Watch The Full Video – Armando De Armas’ Bottoming Debut


  19 Comments to “Colbyscrew – Armando De Armas and Brandon Jones Flip-Fuck – Armando Finally Gets Fucked”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this news! I have been waiting for Armando’s bottoming debut for ages. Colby’s new site looks nice too.

  2. Yes!! Thanks for the update 😀

  3. This has to be the bottoming debut highlight for 2016!

    And better still Armando looks great getting fucked!

  4. Love that he’s really getting pounded, and not some pussy-footing top gingerly sticking in a half-hard peepee up his ass haha! Thant GIF is awesome–thanks again, mensparkle 😀

  5. Great job, mensparkle! will regret they failed to make Armando a new T2B model.

    • Agreed. How come missed Armando’s bottoming debut in the top to bottom series? They need a hot T2B guy like Armando desperately.

    •’s recruiting team did not work hard. It’s been a while since their last T2B episode.

    • Does anyone at work hard? They are lucky if they put together one hot scene per month. Most of their updates are about as appealing as last week’s leftovers. They need new writers, new directors, new performers — pretty much a revamp from ‘top to bottom’. Yeah, it’s sad that they can’t even do more than one Top to Bottom a year — and the ones between Charlie Hardin and Adam Bryan were all forgetable.

      Colby’s site appears to be off to a great start. Hope he can continue to have versatile performers — seems happy to have the same guys only top and the same guys only bottom.

  6. Best bottoming debut so far this year. Armando looks hot as being fucked!

    I am curious about Derek Thibeau and Mam Steel. Their profiles said they are versatile even if they’ve never bottomed up on screen. Hope their bottoming debut will be released soon.

    • They even list Mam Steel as a versatile bottom. lol.
      Derek and Mam are two hot French-Canadian studs I want to see they get fucked.

    • That may be their preference in their sexual lives — doesn’t mean they will bottom on screen. Seems a lot of hot gay guys won’t bottom in porn — that’s probably whey they have to recruit so many gay for pay performers.

  7. it seems colbyscrew is down.

    Sorry, we are down for some maintenance…
    We will be back up in just a few moments, thank you for your patience…

  8. Hi, Mensparkle, please also introduce the flip flop of Colby Jansen and Jack Hunter.
    Can’t wait to see Jack’s big cock pound Colby’s muscle ass.

    • Exactly. Now that we know the site does exist, I’m eager again to see the owner in front of his cameras again too. We haven’t seen Jansen in action since July. Maybe Jansen can best MEN with one thing the latter never managed: get Jack King to bottom.

    • Sounds like a hot scene. Jack’s dick should be the biggest one Colby’s ever taken!

  9. Great. Hope Armando bottoms more and turns to a versatile guy.

  10. And still waiting for brad kalvo to do bottom

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