Dec 272016

A Sneak Peek of Aspen fucking Griffin Barrows & Kaden Alexander at Men


It’s time to introduce new scenes at in January, 2017. We’ll see hot guys Jackson Grant, Ken Summers, Gabriel D’Alessandro and Tayte Hanson make their debut. Black power top Diesel Washington comes back after 2 year hiatus.

Hot muscle jock Jackson Grant just made his bottoming debut at Colbyscrew this month. Jackson will bottom for hung Jimmy Durano in his first debut. Hot latin jock Ken Summers will get fucked by Russian hunk Dato Foland.

Hot Cockyboys star Tayte Hanson will flip-fuck Sunny Colucci and bottom for Jay Roberts in two new scenes. Gabriel D’Alessandro is a new face. He will get fucked by Trevor Long.

Diesel Washington’s last scene at was released 2 years ago. It’s nice to see Diesel come back and nail muscle bottom Micah Brandt’s bubble ass. Popular stars Arad Winwin, Diego Sans and Colby Keller will also feature in upcoming scenes.


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at in January, 2017


A Sneak Peek of Aspen fucking Griffin Barrows & Kaden Alexander at Men 01


[Jan 01] “Star Wars 8 Gay XXX Parody“, Aspen Fucks Griffin Barrows & Kaden Alexander


A Sneak Peek of Jacob Taylor fucking Paul Canon at Str8togay


[Jan 02] “A Place Of Yes“, Jacob Taylor Fucks Paul Canon


A Sneak Peek of Dato Foland fucking Ken Summers at Drillmyhole


[Jan 03] “Made You Look Part 1“, Dato Foland Fucks Ken Summers


A Sneak Peek of Diesel Washington fucking Micah Brandt at Drillmyhole


[Jan 04] “Lies And Affairs“, Diesel Washington Fucks Micah Brandt


A Sneak Peek of Trevor Long fucking Gabriel D'Alessandro at Drillmyhole


[Jan 05] “American Sex Story Part 1“, Trevor Long Fucks Gabriel D’Alessandro


A Sneak Peek of Sunny Colucci flip-fucking Tayte Hanson at Drillmyhole


[Jan 06] “Fuck Him Up Part 1“, Sunny Colucci Flip-Fucks Tayte Hanson


A Sneak Peek of Arad Winwin fucking Dennis West at Drillmyhole


[Jan 08] “Soap Studs Part 1“, Arad Winwin Fucks Dennis West


A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano fucking Jackson Grant at Drillmyhole


[Jan 09] “Reconnecting“, Jimmy Durano Fucks Jackson Grant


A Sneak Peek of Jay Roberts fucking Tayte Hanson at Drillmyhole


[Jan 13] “Fuck Him Up Part 2“, Jay Roberts Fucks Tayte Hanson


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Jacob Peterson at Drillmyhole


[Jan 14] “Spies Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Jacob Peterson


A Sneak Peek of Noah Jones fucking Brenner Bolton at Drillmyhole


[Jan 15] “Soap Studs Part 2“, Noah Jones Fucks Brenner Bolton


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at in January, 2017


  16 Comments to “Men – 15 Hot New Scenes Starring Jackson Grant, Ken Summers, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Tayte Hanson, Dato Foland and More”

  1. Now Tayte Hanson is a handsome guy. His old long hair looks awful.

  2. Look at these names: Jacob Taylor, Diesel Washington, Arad Winwin, Jimmy Durano, Noah Jones. None of them has never bottomed.! Do something! It’s time to produce a new top to bottom scene. Diego tops again? no surprise.

    • They’re making it more and more effortless now for Sean Cody to show them up.

    • I am not picky. Some hot bottoms In this bundle: Griffin Barrows, Kaden Alexander, Jacob Peterson, Micah Brandt. Watching those hot asses get fucked is enough for me to get off. 🙂

    • Despite some new faces, it’s more of the same old tops and same old bottoms. This stuff is tired people! The only reason to bring back Diesel Washington is if they are getting ready to use him in a Top to Bottom — otherwise, been there, seen that. The proportion of good scenes to bad is really piss poor. They need to concentrate on quality over quantity!

    • I have a feel that one of these guys will bottom up in 2017. It’s impossible everyone becomes a top-only Diego Sans 2.0.

  3. Jackson and Tayte’s bottoming scenes look hot.

  4. I am not interested in gay porn parody stuff, but the Star Wars parody looks not bad.
    Aspen, Griffin Barrows and Kaden Alexander… three hot jocks in one scene.

  5. MEN produces the worst porn out there, doesn’t help when all they manage to hire is g4p. For them it’s clearly quantity vs quality.

    • Then you should stop watching Seancody too. SC and MEN are owned by the same company Mindgeek, They all hire G4P.

      G4P is mainstream in gay porn. It’s sad but it’s ture. If you don’t like it, fine. Then find some hot gay guys for yourself. Titan only hires gay performers, but their scenes are boring as fuck, and only one scene per week. Or you can find some studios that hire many gay twinks. Their scenes are boner killers. I’d rather watch hot G4P guys, like Paddy O’Brian, Aspen and many more…

      • I’m talking specifically about MEN, and yes I know that mindgeek owns them but clearly there is a difference when it comes to the end product. Don’t get all but hurt over an opinion, enjoy all the g4p shit u want!

    • For a big studio that produced sex scenes on a daily basis, you can not expect every scene is high quality. To be fair, Men’s lighting and camera work are top class. And now they have most popular performers in industry work for them.

      Men features condom porn. I do not think you can find another big studio that also features condom porn could beat, either by quantity or quality. For instance, Nextdoor or Gayroom?

    • I agree some Men’s scenes are redundant, but they are far away from the worst. I am curious about your standard. Can you name some studios that you think they are not producing the worst porn?

  6. Maybe I’d be more patient with this material but for what’s going on just outside. The back to back loss of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, and the horror of January 20 looming ever closer doesn’t make it easier to ‘just relax and enjoy the porn.’ A particularly mean year is coming to an end and what waits on the horizon is hardly reassuring.

  7. What happened with Paul Walker? His last scene for was a year ago.

    Also what about Christian Wilde? Been a while too and nothing on his Twitter since September.

  8. where’s Paddy ? setting up his own website ??? lets see him bottoming for Rafael or Rocco !!

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