Sep 042016

Hot muscle hunk Eddy CeeTee and Rocke will get fucked for the first time


It’s great to see two bottoming debut scenes coming out soon. Hot hairy muscle hunk Eddy CeeTee will get fucked for the first time on camera. And hot new inked muscle jock Rocke will also make his bottoming debut.


Hot masculine hunk Eddy CeeTee's bottoming debut at Titanmen


I have been following sexy beefy stud Eddy CeeTee since he made porn debut at Titanmen last year. In Titan’s new movie “Say Uncle”, Eddy will get fucked by Matthew Bosch. I can not wait to see Eddy take a hard dick up his gorgeous muscle ass.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Beefy Stud Eddy CeeTee’s Bottoming Debut


Hot inked muscle jock Rocke's bottoming debut at Realitydudes


Rocke is such a hot dude with his rugged macho look, muscular body and a big juicy ass. Watch the cameraman pound Rocke’s tight bubble ass until he gives Rocke a cum shower. This hot scene will be released at Realitydudes on Sept 9th, 2016 (coming Friday).

Watch The Full Video – Hot Tattooed Muscle Jock Rocke’s Bottoming Debut


  20 Comments to “Hot Bottoming Debut Alert – Muscle Hunk Eddy CeeTee & Rocke”

  1. great news! I have been waiting to see Eddy get fucked since his first scene. RD’s new guy Rocke is hot too.

  2. Nice. Ryan Jordan from Active Duty got fucked too. Loved the moaning 😉

  3. Hats off to mensparkle. Thanks for bringing us this wonderful bottoming debut series.

  4. Did Rocke have other names? I thought I saw him somewhere. The camera guy is lucky to fuck such a hottie.

  5. OMFG! now I’m really wondering how much did Realitydudes pay to get those hot fuckers legs up?

  6. both guys are very hot. maybe they could do a flip flop afterwards. lol

  7. Eddy’s bottoming debut is a must-have scene. I perfer Eddy bottoming for a power top. flip-flop is fine, but Matthew Bosch is a muscle bottom in my dictionary. Matthew has a thick cock for size queen though. lol

  8. I think that a top bottoming occasionally give his repertoire a boost. Any guy who only tops or only bottoms gets boring — very fast. Both of these guys look great, They should have been in a scene together. Reality Dudes is really getting some hot guys to bottom. If they can do it — why does seem to have problems getting masculine men to bottom regularly?!

    • Realitydudes and belong to the same parent company mindgeek.
      RD/str8chaser features hot guys’ first time bottoming.
      MEN’s top to bottom features a long time top guy getting fucked for the 1st time.
      So there is difference between them. T2B seems harder than a newcomer’s first time bottoming.

      • You are right. The rep manager of once told me their director is very selective about the T2B candidate. Only a long time top only actor could be choosen as a new T2B model.

        Compared with a newcomer’s first time bottoming scene, it’s not easy to find an established top nowadays.

        • lol.. lets be honest about Will Braun, is he an established top? that kid have craved cock since the begining. its Mindgeek’s idea to keep him from his talent for that T2B scene.

          • Will Braun was one of their latest T2B models. I think already had problem finding top only actors at that time. Before that, they have done a great job. Paddy, Colby Jansen, Jimmy Johnson, Charling Harding…Those are all hot T2B guys. just my 2 cents

            • There are a few out there still performing who haven’t bottomed, but many are retiring before giving up their ass. should go after Brad Kelvo — a hot daddy getting fucked for the first time — that’s gotta be a wiin. Or go after the mormonboyz daddies — since they are in no danger of bottoming there!

    • Yesh, they need to find hot macho guys for the new T2B episode. I believe will continue the T2B series as it was the most successful series they have produced.

      I am happy to keep my membership because I find they have a big bonus section where I can find vintage videos from old studios.

  9. Any top here has never bottomed before?

    • Titan only hire gay performers. Eddy’s bottomed in private off camera for sure. But I have not seen Eddy bottomed on screen yet. Don’t know about new guy Rocke.

  10. Rocke is smoking hot. Where is Max London? I hope he is not a hit and run guy who showed up only in one scene.

  11. looks hot. thanks for the great news.

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