Feb 262017

A Sneak Peek of Mick Stallone Fucking Manuel Skye at Str8togay


It’s time to introduce new scenes at Men.com in March. Besides from popular stars Connor Maguire, Noah Jones, Vadim Black, Ashton McKay and Will Braun, We’ll see hot newcomer have Manuel Skye, Leon Lewis and Roman Cage will make their Men.com debut.

Manuel Skye is a hot masculine daddy with a thick cock. Manuel will top Skyy Knox in his Men.com debut, and bottom for Mick Stallone (Manuel’s husband). It’s maybe Manuel’s bottoming debut if his bottoming scene hasn’t been released at other studios.

We’ve seen muscle hunk Leon Lewis at Realitydudes. Leon just joined Men.com and will get fucked by Adam Bryant. Roman Cage is aka Emerson at Corbinfisher (info courtesy of Menofporn). His new beard look makes him hard to be recognized.

Hot jocks Trevor Long, Noah Jones, Ashton McKay, Connor Maguire and Vadim Black will continue show us their topping skills in the new scenes. I just hope Trevor and Noah will push the limits and bottom up for fans some day.


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at Men.com in March, 2017


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West Fucking Griffin Barrows at Men


[Mar 01] “With Him“, Dennis West Fucks Griffin Barrows


A Sneak Peek of Trevor Long Fucking Will Braun at Str8togay


[Mar 03] “The Secret Life Of Married Men Part 1“, Trevor Long Fucks Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire Fucking Jake Ashford at Str8togay


[Mar 04] “Dad Group Part 1“, Connor Maguire Fucks Jake Ashford


A Sneak Peek of Noah Jones Fucking Jacob Peterson at Drillmyhole


[Mar 05] “Slut Cash Part 1“, Noah Jones Fucks Jacob Peterson


A Sneak Peek of Manuel Skye Fucking Skyy Knox at Str8togay


[Mar 06] “Undercover Stripper Part 1“, Manuel Skye Fucks Skyy Knox


A Sneak Peek of Vadim Black Fucking Jordan Boss at Str8togay


[Mar 07] “Every Town Secrets Part 1“, Vadim Black Fucks Jordan Boss


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant Fucking Leon Lewis at Str8togay


[Mar 10] “The Secret Life Of Married Men Part 2“, Adam Bryant Fucks Leon Lewis


A Sneak Peek of Ashton McKay Fucking Aspen at Str8togay


[Mar 11] “Dad Group Part 2“, Ashton McKay Fucks Aspen


A Sneak Peek of Noah Jones Fucking Jacob Peterson and Will Braun at Drillmyhole


[Mar 12] “Slut Cash Part 2“, Noah Jones Fucks Jacob Peterson and Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Mick Stallone Fucking Manuel Skye at Str8togay 01


[Mar 13] “Undercover Stripper Part 2“, Mick Stallone Fucks Manuel Skye


A Sneak Peek of Ashton McKay Fucking Roman Cage at Drillmyhole


[Mar 15] “Couch Confessions“, Ashton McKay Fucks Roman Cage


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at Men.com in March, 2017


  13 Comments to “Men – 15 Hot New Scenes Starring Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone, Leon Lewis, Roman Cage, Vadim Black, Ashton McKay”

  1. I could miss Dirk Caber, Bennett Anthony and Paddy, but West, Maguire, Aspen, Bryant, Braun & Black are enough veterans for this batch, and there’s many an interesting newer face here too. Not bad.

  2. Looks like another boring month where the same guys are topping and the same guys are bottoming. — big difference from a couple of years ago where more of the performers were versatile (and hotter).

  3. Roman’s beard and haircut are messy. He looks much better with a clean shaved face at Corbin

    • If they’re around long enough, most of them eventually try out some stupid ideas. Since they’re always going to be performing the same activity the one variable they have to tweak in order to refresh themselves is their look. To pick one example, Tom Faulk can be found out there in everything from a near-military buzz cut to street-corner, stringy hippie and back again.

  4. Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye are a hot couple.

  5. It’s gonna be a hot bundle if they switch the top and bottom roles, tbh

  6. Looks like Will Braun has replaced Johnny Rapid.

    Someone else gone for a long time is Paul Walker. Wonder if he’s moved on to being a stuntman.

  7. Where’s Paddy

    • Even when he is there, Paddy doesn’t seem to be getting the A-shelf showcasing that once seemed his alone.

      Toward the end, Landon Conrad took a couple shitty offers from Helix, paired with twink nobodies, before wisely deciding to remember where he’d set his hat. This for a guy whose 2011 Falcon covers can still set saliva glands in overdrive. I don’t wish it, but if the same finish line looms for Paddy I’d rather have him announce ‘that’s a wrap’ than witness any down-spiral.

  8. want to see botttoming debut..arad winwin,trevor long,more toping guyz

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