May 282016

Chase barebacks fans-favorite muscle jock Brandon at Seancody


This scene is for Brandon’s 5th anniversary here with Seancody, and also a hot scene fans are waiting for. Watch hot muscle jock Chase bareback Brandon’s flawless bubble ass before he seeds Brandon’s worked hole.

I just watched this scene. I have to say it’s much better than Brandon’s bottoming debut. Although Chase only shot 2 sex scenes at Seancody, Chase’s wild pounding skill gains the reputation of being a good top.

Chase also has a hot ripped body that can match Brandon’s. The two kiss and strip each other bare. Brandon sucks on Chase’s nipples and rubs Chase’s crotch bulge before he sucks Chase’s dick.

Chase then barebacks Brandon in missionary style. Brandon’s ass is still very tight, but he handles Chase’s fast thrusts very well. Chase blows his hot loads all over Brandon’s face and chest before Brandon sucks Chase’s cummy cock dry.

In second round, Chase slam fucks Brandon in doggy style, with some nice camera angle. The smile on Brandon’s face tells you he enjoys being fucked better than last time.

Chase shoots his juicy loads onto Brandon’s ass cracks before he shoves his dripping dick back in Brandon, seeding Brandon’s sore ass. Brandon jerks himself off, shooting his hot cum on the couch before they share a final kiss.


Watch The Full Video – Chase Breeds Brandon’s Flawless Bubble Ass

Chase barebacks fans-favorite muscle jock Brandon at Seancody 01


Chase barebacks fans-favorite muscle jock Brandon at Seancody 02


Watch The Full Video – Chase Breeds Brandon’s Flawless Bubble Ass


  15 Comments to “Seancody – Chase Barebacks & Seeds Brandon’s Hot Bubble Ass”

  1. Totally agree with your review. Brandon improved a lot. Now lets hope Chase, Jack and Jess will follow Brandon and bottom up.

  2. I think we should give Brandon some credit. He took the first load on the face and the 2nd load in the ass. doggy style is very hot.

  3. I have not watched the scene yet but I am glad that Chase is back doing more scenes

    I think I am in the minority though but I do not need to see the “exclusive top” becoming a bottom. I like seeing some tops stay tops and some bottoms just stay bottoms. However I can see where some people would think it would be hot for an exclusive top to bottom for the first time. For me though, it kind of ruins the mystique of them being nothing but a top.

    • Couldn’t agree more Matt and I know Brandon probably didn’t want to do this. He still lives in Nashville TN and I’m sure his porn day’s are coming to a close.

      • What makes you assert Brandon will quit gay porn soon? Remember Curtis started shooting porn for seancody in 2008. Now he still comes back after 8 years. I think Curtis is at least 35 years old. Brandon is only 25(?), still very young.

        • I heard Brandon was a bartender at a local bar in Nashville. I don’t think Brandon will stop shooting porn anytime soon. Shooting one sex scene for SC makes more money than bartendering for 2 weeks.

    • Brandon is the right kind of american muscle jock fans like to see in gay porn. He was here with SC for 5 years and only bottomed twice.

      I guess a lot of fans agree Brandon is not a good top. I am fine with his 6″ dick. But Brandon is kind of boring when he tops other guys. Maybe once or twice he was good. Most of his topping scenes are forgettable.

      Brandon was supposed to be a hot jock bottom with his nice booty. It’s a pity that we can not see that hot ass being pounded regularly.

      • I agree. We want to see Brandon bottom because he has one of the hottest asses in porn. Sean Costin from Gayhoopla also has a gorgeous ass, and he bottoms quite often. Are we tired of watching Sean get fucked? Hell no.

  4. So hot tops with asses like that (like Brandon) must go bottoming. I can not wait see this scene. I Hope Brandon will bottom again and again

  5. Love the smile on Brandon’s face. Not like Tanner, Chase stays rock hard as he fucks Brandon. The scene is not as long as other duo scenes, but still a decent one.

  6. Finally, Seancody released a hot scene. The more Brandon bottoms, the more we’ll love him. Brandon is not just a good looking guy, he’s also a nice guy in real life.

  7. It delivered 🙂 and improved substantially on last November’s try with Tanner. Progress is progress. Now we await the first new Paddy bottoming in nearly a year, and Mark Long’s very first.

  8. Chase is hot. Can we see Chase fuck Shaw?

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