Oct 232017

The cast list of 24 hot new Sketchy models at Sketchysex


It’s been over a year since the last model list of Sketchysex dudes I created in 2016. Now it’s time to bring you another new list with 24 hot sketchy dudes, including their aliases and sex roles in the scene. Enjoy!

Before today, I already made two cast lists for Sketchysex models. Check my previous post here: The Model List #1, and also here, The Model List #2. Now it is time to make The Model List #3 for fans.

I’m glad to see Sketchysex start to use full names for some models. But a few models only have a first name. Here are aliases those models go by when they work for other studios: Dax aka Dax Daniels, Jacob aka Amador or Jacob Lucha, Sasha aka Sasha Alexander.

As usual, I create two categories: top and versatile/bottom. “Top” means they’ve never got fucked at Sketchysex (I don’t count if they bottomed at other studios). “Versatile/Bottom” means they are either versatile or bottom at Sketchysex.

Top: Austin Floyd, Brad Gemini, Damien Nichols, Dax, Guy Houston, Jacob, John Finch, Kye, Lance, Landon, Rebel, Rico, Ryan Pitt, Sasha, Steven DeLillo, Tony

Versatile/Bottom: Addison Blue, Billy Bottom, Cameron Boyd, Gabriel Knight, Joel, Joss, Marco, Tristan Sweet


Watch The Full Video – All Hot Bareback Scenes of 24 New Sketchy Models


The cast list of 24 hot new Sketchy models at Sketchysex 01


Watch The Full Video – All Hot Bareback Scenes of 24 New Sketchy Models


  21 Comments to “Sketchysex – The Cast List of 24 Hot New Sketchy Models”

  1. Nice list.
    You did a great job of helping us track these models. Thanks!

  2. Joss and Rebel also did bottoming scenes at Chaos Men.
    I’d like to see John Finch and Guy Huston get gang banged.

  3. Any more info about Lance and Jacob?

  4. Jacob is Jacob Lucha

  5. Rebel bottomed once at Chaosmen.
    Ryan Pitt worked for Next Door Buddies and Gay Room. But he’s top only so far.
    I hope Rebel or Ryan will be the new bottom in a gang bang scene at Sketchy Sex.

  6. Austin Floyd looks Helix’s Blake Mitchell. Are they the same guy?

  7. Dax is hot

  8. I would like to know who one of your models is…i have a picture but no name…please help me with this…he is apart if sketchy sex.

  9. Sketchysex es lo mejor del #sexo bareback entre #hombre con mucha #leche

  10. Does anyone know anything more about Rico? I’ve been searching for anything I can find on him and there’s nothing. I just want a Twitter/IG profile or more videos/stuff he’s done outside of Sketchy Sex. He’s gorgeous!

  11. Does anyone know anything more about Dax aka Dax Daniels. He was working with a different studio and they announced his retirement but then he showed up on sketchy for a couple shoots and then nothing. I would love a list of every scene he’s ever done in porn.

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