Aug 072016

A sneak peek of Max London and Scott Ambrose's bottoming debut at Realitydudes


Two upcoming hot bottoming debut will be realesed at Realitydudes. Former Randyblue model, hot muscle hunk Max London will get fucked for the first time. Hot new beefy stud Scott Ambrose will also bottom up for the first time on camera.

Watch The Full Video – Max London & Scott Ambrose Get Fucked for the First Time


A sneak peek of hot ginger hunk Max London's bottoming debut at Realitydudes


I have been a big fan of Max London since he worked for Randyblue 6 years ago. This hot muscled stud was a solid top at Randyblue. I am so glad to see Max return to porn and get his tight muscle ass fucked for the first time.

Max still looks hot as fuck with his chiseled muscled body and tight bubble ass. It’s hot as hell watching the cameraman’s hard dick stretch Max’s tight sphincter. This hot scene will be released at Realitydudes on Aug 12th, 2016.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Muscle Hunk Max London’s Bottoming Debut


A sneak peek of new recruit Scott Ambrose's bottoming debut at Realitydudes


Hot beefy newcomer Scott Ambrose made his solo debut at Activeduty last month. Now he pushes his limits and takes a dick up his bubble ass for the first time. Scott’s bottoming debut will be released at Realitydudes on Aug 19th, 2016.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Beefy Newcomer Scott Ambrose’s Bottoming Debut


  17 Comments to “Hot Bottoming Debut Alert – Max London and Scott Ambrose”

  1. Great news. Max is still in good shape after six years. Max said more than once he will bottom up for his fans at RB’s live show. It takes 6 years to see this happen.

  2. Danny Harper and Max London are two hot ginger studs. After I saw they take dildo/buttplug up the ass in the cam show @ randyblue, I hope they will try a real dick. Max came back and did it. that’s great, even after 6 year hiatus. But I guess Danny already retired. I really missed him.

  3. I thought Max London had retired for good! What a surprise! he’s still hot as ever

  4. Am I the only one who finds Scott attractive? His biceps and big pecs look amazing

  5. wow! Max’s bottoming debut is like a top to bottom scene. can not wait.

  6. Max London is really hot

  7. realitydudes did a great job. I love to see hot masculine guys get fucked.

  8. This is awesome news — probably better than’s next Top to Bottom (they need to really put some effort into it — and convince a long-time top to bottom on screen).

    I wasn’t aware of the dildo scene with Max London, but he was at Randy Blue when they had a lot of hot guys — and the majority of those guys topped and bottomed. I always support a site that has a hot bottoming debut — and in this case, it will be two for the price of one! I wish, though, that Scott had worn the glasses in the scene — because a buff nerd is so hot!

    • On the other hand — I hate scenes where a guy is fucked by a hidden/unknown top. That’s a lousy premise. I hope all of their scenes don’t use the same M.O.

  9. Max is sexy and hotter than ever. Hope he continues in the porn industry. Some guys were just made for porn…like Max London

  10. 11 th photo down hungry ASS HOLE clinging for dear life. This is not Max London’s FIRST FUCK

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