Dec 252016

Hot straight jock Nikol Monak and Thomas will make their bottoming debut


Let’s celebrate holiday with two upcoming hot bottoming debut scenes. Rugged handsome Czech straight jock Nikol Monak and ripped college jock Thomas will both get their tight asses fucked for the first time on camera!


Rugged handsome straight jock Nikol Monak will get fucked for the first time at Williamhiggins


I have been waiting hot athletic jock Nikol Monak’s bottoming debut since Nikol made his porn debut at Williamhiggins last year. Nikol will be paired up with Boda Gold in the new “Cherry Busting” scene next week.

Boda’s bottomed for Alan Carly this month, so it will be Nikol’s bottoming debut unless it’s a casual mistake made by Williamhiggins. I sent them an email for the confirmation, and I will update this post if I hear back from them.

[Updated] Nikol will make his bottoming debut for sure in the upcoming “cherry busting” scene (info courtesy of frenchparadise). This hot scene will be released on Dec 31st, 2016.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Straight Jock Nikol Monak’s Bottoming Debut


Hot college jock Thomas will get fucked for the first time at Corbinfisher


Handsome college jock Thomas has become one of most popular stars since he made his porn debut at Corbinfisher 2 months ago. So far, Thomas has shot one straight scene, one gay sex scene and one Bi scene, all as a top.

It’s glad to know Thomas will give up his tight virgin ass in a new scene in which Thomas will bottom for hot jock Bryce. Corbinfisher did not announce when this scene is gonna be released, but I guess it’s highly possible right before the New Year! 😀

[Updated] Bryce will bareback Thomas’ tight virgin ass in missionary, doggy and sideway style (info courtesy of frenchparadise). This hot scene will be released on Dec 31st, 2016.

Watch The Full Video – Handsome College Jock Thomas’ Bottoming Debut


  21 Comments to “Hot Bottoming Debut Alert – Nikol Monak and Thomas”

  1. Great news! It’s time to see these hotties get their legs thrown in the air.

  2. Yeeeeees!! Thomas finally made it. Corbie rocks!

  3. Scruffy Nikol is such a hot Euro hunk…Best news for X’mas…Thanks for heads up.

  4. It’s a twink whom Nikol will bottoms for?! They should use a better top to pop Nikol’s cherry.

    • It’s about time for Monak(!), I agree, but unless he’s dominated like he’s dominated others, it won’t do the job. And no twink is up for what it requires. I’m thinking of that brutish airport security material, you know?

    • I’d say Boda is a muscle jock. It must be hot to watch his thick cock stretch Nikol’s tight hole.

  5. Nice! My bottoming waiting list of CF guys are: Sebastian, Nicholas, Thomas and Kevin.
    Now Thomas bends over, who is next?

  6. +++ Both guys are super hot

  7. Hi Mensparkle, I didn’t see the Nikon scene trailer anywhere on their site. Where did you get that pic from? Or maybe perhaps they just pulled it down I don’t know. Either way, I wish Nikon tight ass fucked as a new year present for the sake of (gay) humanity too. lol

  8. It seems big studios hold the big scenes for the New Year. In the meanwhile, continues to release endless dumb gay parody videos. How devastating could it be?

    • They lost Colby Jansen to his own production company, and at any outfit even he’s been at it for four and a half years in. They’ve put Johnny Rapid through the mill and back, and I can’t fathom fresh ways to showcase him anymore. In his obstinate non-bottoming, Diego Sans is trying fans patience, and they never did get Durano or Jack King to bottom. The parodies too, as you mention, are certainly no cure-all. They might not be a sinking ship but they’ve got renovation work to do in the new year.

  9. Reading this news already got me hard. lol

  10. Yesss i just saw some preview images about Thomas bottoming and it’s super hot!!! It’s like a dream with his tempting hairy hole! oh my god! this is scheduled for december 31.

    do you wanna see in premiere? hehe

    and yes i confirm that Nikol bottoms in december 31 too as you can see on this image

    Guys the New year’s eve is going to be hot! 🙂

    • Great! can not wait.

    • Hi, frenchparadise

      I just got an email from the studio. They don’t want the upcoming scene leaked in public before it’s actually released, so I have to edit out the links.

      Thanks a lot for heads up. I updated the post and included your name. 😀

      • Hey no problem i understand they want to keep the surprise of these exclusive hot updates. Be ready especially for Thomas who will make you hard instantly hehe enjoy this end of year! Thanks to include my name 🙂

    • Thanks. I saw the links before Mensparkle edited them out. haha
      The preview is fucking hot – Thomas’ tight hairy hole gets pounded real hard!

    • OMG!!! I want to see this premier Frenchparadise ???? (Obviously, in private massage, if you have them) Please ?????????

  11. O Nikol é realmente um homem lindo. e gostoso.Meu sonho de consumo. o segundo também é, mas o Nikol pra mim é o top dos tops.

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