Jul 262012


Today I select three hot LegendmenBrock Magnum, Drake Renfro & Luke Cannon (from left to right). They are all-around sexy – handsome face, muscle body, bubble butt and nice dick. I like all of them. Which one is your favorite? Let’s vote:

Brock Magnum, Drake Renfro and Luke Cannon. Who is hottest?

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Brock Magnum have two hot solo jacking off videos at Legendmen. Brock gets a nice massage and a helping hand strokes a huge load out of him. Drake Renfro has a couple of multiple jacking off videos. Luke Cannon is a big shooter. Each of Luke’s cumming shot is like a spring and he splashes the jizz on his neck, chest, abs, everywhere. It’s awesome to watch the cumming shot of these hot Legengmen muscle gods.

Watch jacking off videos of Brock Magnum, Drake Renfro & Luke Cannon

  5 Comments to “Legendmen – Brock Magnum, Drake Renfro & Luke Cannon – Who is hottest?”

  1. Brock Magnum is my cup of tea!

  2. merveilleux Drake Renfro un vrai mek j’aimerais sentir sa noble queue me transpercer le cul

  3. I can’t believe Brock got the least votes, was it because of his babyface?


  5. brock magnum luke cannon butt

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