Nov 202015

Hot muscle jock Brandon finally bottoms up at Seancody


It’s a milestone at Seancody. Long time top only star, fans-favorite golden boy Brandon finally gives up his virgin ass. Just thinking of Brandon taking a hard raw dick up his flawless muscle butt makes me hard right away.

Brandon started his porn career at Seancody in Jun 1st, 2011. Brandon has shot 24 scenes (1 solo and 23 duo scenes) so far. In last 4 years, tons of request from fans ask Brandon to bottom up. Finally, the dream comes ture.

In Brandon’s 23 sex scenes, Brandon only got finger fucked once (Check my post: Brandon Gets His Virgin Ass Finger-Fucked). Now Brandon is gonna take a real hard raw dick up his tight virgin ass for the first time on camera.

Brandon’s bottoming debut scene will be released on Nov 28th, 2015 (next Saturday). Guess who is the lucky top? Sorry, I have to keep my mouth shut until I am allowed. 😀

[Updated on Nov 25th, 2015] Tanner is the lucky top who takes Brandon’s anal virginity. Normally, Seancody do not pair same guys twice unless it’s in a threeway or orgy. But the good thing is: veteran Tanner knows how to fuck. I hope Tanner will fuck the cum out of Brandon and creampie Brandon. 😀


Watch The Full Video – Seancody Golden Boy Brandon’s Bottoming Debut


Hot muscle jock Brandon finally bottoms up at Seancody 01


Watch The Full Video – Seancody Golden Boy Brandon’s Bottoming Debut


  17 Comments to “Breaking News – Seancody’s Brandon Finally Gets Fucked”

  1. Kinda knew this since last August when he tweeted….

  2. Just thinking about brandon getting fucked raw makes me hard! It’d be great if it is abe or randy topping him. I just hope he gets fucked hard and good. ?

  3. What a big surprise! I hope Sean, Shaw or Abe tops and creampies Brandon.

  4. This might be breaking news to you but others had already figured it out.
    Let us know when you run an exclusive.

    • Well, I knew this news right after SC updated their twitter on Nov 18th. I confirmed it with SC’s rep manager the same day. He told me to keep the mouth shut before Friday. Just like I knew every Top to Bottom episode months before it’s actually released, but I don’t spill the beans until I am allowed. Not every blogger followed the rules as I did, though.

      • But Brandon had already spilt the beans in August with his tweet.
        You said you know who the top is.
        Will that be an exclusive reveal or will you announce it along with other websites?

        • Brandon’s tweet only said “sth scary is about to happen”. It’s not officially confirmed to be his bottoming debut until SC’s tweets came out this week.

          I am not the person who likes to draw attention to my blog by revealing the exclusive news that I was not supposed to do in advance. Not to mention I have good co-operation with the rep manager of SC and Men. I always follow the rules I promised to obey.

          • Do you know who the top is?
            Can you narrow it down to 5 options? Or tell us 5-10 options it won’t be?
            Something to set your blog apart from other blogs who posted story 24-48 hours prior to you?

          • It sounds pointless that you tell us you have information that you don’t want to share or even give any kind of clue.

            You might as well not say anything at all and just go along with the press releases as they come along.

          • I understand what you mean. It’s like you are allowed to tell us the new top to bottom is coming, but you are not allowed to tell us who the bottom is, right? I know it’s not your fault. It’s mindgeek asking you to play their teasing game. haha

          • Haha right–cuz that could have meant SO MANY other things he’s “scared” of LOL!

  5. Brandon did work at Applebee’s in Nashville, Tennessee … so I heard from a friend that was waited on by him…

  6. Can you gives us some hints. Since SC usually is 2 scenes does this mean Brandom will be bottoming two times? Or will it be a flip flop?

  7. We need a power top popping Brandon’s cherry. I am thinking of Brodie, Daniel, Sean.

    Abe is the best, but I think Abe has not been back to SC yet in Sept when Brandon shot this scene.

  8. The lucky top is Tanner. It’s kinda weird to me because SC has never paired same guys twice unless it’s in a threesome or orgy. But the good thing is: veteran Tanner knows how to fuck. I hope he fucks the cum out of Brandon and creampies Brandon. 😀

    • I think one of Brandon’s best scene (my favorite!) is with Marshal, as at the end Marshal gives Brandon a wonderful facial! Just seeing his cum dripping down Brandon’s cheek is so hot! I hope Tanner gives Brandon a facial in this scene!

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