Jan 292017

A Sneak Peek of Teddy Torres fucking Marco Gagnon at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce hot new scenes at Men.com in February, 2017. Hot newcomers Skyy Knox, Marco Gagnon, Diego Reyes and Teddy Torres not only make their Men.com debut, but also get their hot asses fucked in the upcoming scenes.

Marco Gagnon is a hot hung versatile top. I introduced Marco’s bottoming debut in 2013 (Check my post: Sonny Stewart Fucks Marco Gagnon). Diego Reyes and Teddy Torres are two hot Euro muscle bottoms.

Lean fit jock Skyy Knox is a hot newbie in gay porn. Skyy will top Dustin Holloway in his first scene, then Skyy will bottom for Marco Gagnon in another scene, which is also Skyy’s bottoming debut. Can’t wait.

Popular porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Diego Sans, Jordan Levine, Jimmy Durano, Dirk Caber, Griffin Barrows and Ashton McKay will continue to deliver their solid performance. More HD photos and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at Men.com in February, 2017


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Ken Summers at Men


[Feb 01] “Satisfied“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Ken Summers


A Sneak Peek of Skyy Knox fucking Dustin Holloway at Drillmyhole


[Feb 02] “The Huntsman Part 1“, Skyy Knox Fucks Dustin Holloway


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Tayte Hanson at Drillmyhole


[Feb 05] “The Book Part 1“, Diego Sans Fucks Tayte Hanson


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Levine fucking Jacob Peterson at Drillmyhole


[Feb 06] “Honeymoon For One Part 1“, Jordan Levine Fucks Jacob Peterson


A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano and Roman Todd fucking Griffin Barrows at Drillmyhole


[Feb 07] “Heartbreakers Part 1“, Jimmy Durano and Roman Todd Fuck Griffin Barrows


A Sneak Peek of Ashton McKay and Brad Banks fucking Jake Ashford at Drillmyhole


[Feb 08] “Reverse Peeping Tom Part 3“, Ashton McKay and Brad Banks Fuck Jake Ashford


A Sneak Peek of Marco Gagnon fucking Skyy Knox at Drillmyhole


[Feb 09] “The Huntsman Part 2“, Marco Gagnon Fucks Skyy Knox


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Diego Reyes at Men


[Feb 11] “Captivated“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Diego Reyes


A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano fucking Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant at Drillmyhole


[Feb 14] “Heartbreakers Part 2“, Jimmy Durano Fucks Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant


A Sneak Peek of Teddy Torres fucking Marco Gagnon at Drillmyhole 01


[Feb 15] “The Huntsman Part 3“, Teddy Torres Fucks Marco Gagnon


Watch The Full Video – 15 Hot New Scenes at Men.com in February, 2017


  20 Comments to “Men – 15 Upcoming Hot Scenes Starring Skyy Knox, Diego Reyes, Marco Gagnon, Teddy Torres, Brad Banks, Dustin Holloway”

  1. Dustin Holloway is the only one insteresting here

  2. +++ Marco Gagnon

  3. When will Jimmy Durano get fucked? He is a bore as a top.

    • Agreed, and all the more so when he’s a top-only in a threesome. (This’ll be Sans 58th scene with no bottoming either.) I’d gladly trade either Durano for a new Dennis West. Doesn’t look like they’re in a hurry to build Rocke Rathburne, which is a waste. And it’s now three months since they’ve featured Johnny Rapid in anything new. Nothing like being unceremoniously kicked to the curb after you’ve helped build the joint. Wasteful too letting Bennett Anthony slip away.

      • Two positive things:

        1. It seems twinky Johnny’s gone.
        2. They finally take a break from endless dumb gay parody stuff.

        • Just so I’m not misunderstood, Matthew, twinks in general and Rapid in particular do nothing for me erotically either. But apparently Rapid was of such sufficient popularity that he was a key element in helping MEN shoulder its way into the majors in a very competitive field. If he’s just on a long break, fine, but I would think it a terrible insult if his true retirement went unacknowledged. Rapid’s or any star who was there when they were breaking ground, gave his all, and risk was at its greatest.

          • Rapid is a turn off in any scene he’s in, but I begrudgingly downloaded the scene where he fucks Ricky Larkin — cause watching Ricky take a dick — even Rapid’s turns me on. The only other scene I hae of his is when Charlie, Colby and Jimmy fucked him — mostly as a primer to watching each of those 3 guys take a dick in Top to Bottom scenes (love tops who bottom — but men.com apparently doesn’t).

    • It would do good things for Paddy’s voltage too to do a fresh bottoming scene himself.

      • Agree and let him suck cock again. Far as I recall he has only ever done that twice so far. Would also be good to see Paddy move to Bromo and be a hot barebacked botttom……..I can dream

    • Not all that bad. Jimmy Durano’s some topping scenes are hot. I recommend two.
      Jimmy fucks Colt Rivers
      Jimmy fucks Jorge Fusco

  4. Teddy is a power bottom at Eric Videos. It’s funny his profile @Men says he is a versatile top…

  5. Have they just totally given up on the top to bottom series??

    • It would appear so — they probably have made offers that most tops can refuse — instead continue to give us numerous scenes of the same old tops topping and the same old bottoms bottoming. ZZZZZZZZZZZ…

  6. A bad trending continues. Ashton McKay, Brad Banks and Jordan Levine had no problem taking a dick before they worked for MEN. Now they all became Diego Sans 2.0 – No more bottoming.

    • The blame lies squarely on men.com. I don’t even know why they hire hot guys who only top — unless the majority of their viewers are bottoms?

  7. Diego Reyes is nice bottom. I hope it will be cool. And Dustin Holloway as bottom is interesting. Other scenes look boring . I like Paddy and Diego Sans like bottoms but they don’t bottom often last period.

  8. When is Paddy gonna bottom again ?? I reckon he’s setting up his own site – judging by comments on his twitter account.

  9. I’m always pessimistic when men.com announces new scenes — and as usual, I have reason to be. Most of the bottom guys are so interchangeable — same builds, same age — most could be replaced by a blow up doll. Diego Reyes has a nice body, but one good scene per month makes for bad stats! Ashton McKay and Brad Banks should be fucking each other — that would be an update worth a membership!

  10. It was rumored that Men.com hired a new director who obviously had no idea about what gay audience like and care..

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