May 292014

Five hot frat boys Danny, Ryan, Scott, Stiffer and Travis bareback and breed Pike's fuck hole in Shut up and Take it at Fraternityx


It’s a hot bareback gangbang starring 6 frat boys Danny, Ryan, Pike, Scott, Stiffer and Travis. Watch Pike get his both holes filled with big dicks till he takes five big loads in his fuck hole.


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Mar 232014

The cast list of 28 hot frat boys including Andy, Benny, Jose, Kyle, Mike, Stiffer, Travis and more at Fraternityx


Wow! It takes me a few hours to make this cast list. Now you have names of these hot college dudes at Fraternityx, and what roles they act in the scene. Enjoy!


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Dec 022013

Hot college dude Travis gets gangbang barebacked in Give Me That Ass at Fraternityx


I like to introduce any new scene at Fraternityx because every time I could find hot fresh college dudes. Toady hot newcomer Travis gets his virgin ass barebacked by three horny frat boys. Watch these brutal tops gangbang Travis before they take turns breeding Travis’ tight hole.


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