Jun 302018

The Model List Part 05 - 22 new frat dude actors at Fraternityx


It’s time to create a new model list of Fraternityx for fans. Today, I bring you 22 hot new actors who joined Fraternityx since 2017. And I also list their aliases and sex roles in the scene. Enjoy!

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Feb 152018

Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Cowboy gangbang breed Timothy in He Fucked Up at Fraternityx


Timothy who hits a bong twice becomes the new target in the house. Watch hot frat dudes Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris and Cowboy gangbang bareback Timothy at his both ends until they seed Timothy’s wrecked hole with four creamy loads.

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Jan 012018

Charlie, Ethan Cock, Kris and Cowboy gangbang creampie Timothy in Fuck Or Get Fucked at Fraternityx


It’s nice to see some hot newcomers join Fraternityx. Watch hot frat dudes Charlie, Ethan Cock, Kris and Cowboy gangbang bareback house bitch Timothy hard and deep before they fuck four creamy loads in Timothy’s wrecked hole.

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