Mar 232014

The cast list of 28 hot frat boys including Andy, Benny, Jose, Kyle, Mike, Stiffer, Travis and more at Fraternityx


Wow! It takes me a few hours to make this cast list. Now you have names of these hot college dudes at Fraternityx, and what roles they act in the scene. Enjoy!

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Mar 182013

Cool college dude Ethan barebacks and breeds muscular bottom Benny in Half Time at Fraternityx


Ethan and Benny are two popular stars at Fraternityx. Benny is fans-favorite muscle bottom who is cock hungry all the time. Today Ethan slams our slutty muscle bitch in every way in this hot bareback scene.

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Feb 032013

Cool sunglass guy Ethan gets fucked bareback and bred by Jackson and Benny in Pretty Boy Hole at Fraternityx


Finally, one of my favorite fraternityx stars, a cool guy in sunglass all the time, big-dicked Ethan gets his tight ass fucked bareback and bred! It’s been almost a year since Ethan lost his virginity. At that time I did not even know fraternityx, so I missed his bottoming debut.

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Dec 182012

Jackson, Benny and hot camera man bareback threeway in Throw That Dick In at Fraternityx


I am excited about this update. Not only the handsome muscle bottom Benny gets bareback fucked again, but the cute camera man gets fucked and bred for the first time. I am not very sure, but I think this hot camera operator appeared in other Fraternityx videos before.

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Aug 242012

Ethan & Grant barebacks and breeds Benny's hungry hole at Fraternityx 01


Handsome muscle bottom Benny gets bareback fucked again. It’s hot to see Grant fucks Benny with a fuse-ball machine! I know the butt-machine fucking, but I don’t know they can use a fuse-ball machine, lol. You can imagine how slutty Benny is. I like Ethan, the guy wearing a black sunglass. Ethan fucks both Grant and Benny. Grant also gets a chance to bang Benny’s muscle ass. They take turns fucking the brain out of Benny and seeding Benny’s hungry hole at the end. Awesome! I just wish Fraternityx could put Ethan bottom in the future. He is fucking hot! 😀

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