Mar 082013

Masculine hunky Spencer Reed, Tommy Defendi and Jimmy Johnson gangbang fuck cute boy Hunter Page Jizz Shower at Jizzorgy


Our cute boy Hunter Page is having a shower alone until four masculine guys, Spencer Reed, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Johnson and Jack King, enter the room. They are horny as hell and their hard meats need more attention. Hunter’s tight ass is a big turn-on for these horny muscle hunks.

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Mar 042013

Masculine rough Spencer Reed fucks a big load out of bearded handsome Alex Marte in Late For Work at Drill My Hole


I like this scene so much. Two popular big stars Spencer Reed and Alex Marte have a horny rough men sex. Both guys are masculine and rugged handsome, hairy, hunky and big-dicked. It’s also Alex’ debut at

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Dec 232012

Musculine Power Top Spencer Reed Fucks Brody Wilde Mike De Marko threeway at Cocksuremen


Both Brody Wilde and Mike De Marko are eager to have sex with masculine agressive Spencer Reed. They take turns serving Spencer’s cock with their mouths and then stand to lick and touch his huge muscular arms, biceps and pecs. The threeway fucking chain is hot. 

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Sep 192012

masculine daddy Spencer Reed plows JP Dubois' tight ass at Eurocreme


Hotel manager JP Dubois is at the end of his young tether. Everything is going wrong around his reception and tough daddy Spencer Reed is called in to save the day. Bursting from his work shirt, this musclebound brute catches a glimpse of JP and instantly recognizes him from his past…

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Sep 122012

masculine Spencer Reed & Billy Baval top bearded Dominic Pacifico at Alphamales 01


First to arrive is Dominic Pacifico and he is one sexy fucker. Spencer Reed knows him and don’t waste time tasting again each other until they are interrupted by the arrival of brazilian hot topman Billy Baval. he works his way into the duo and share Dominic hungry holes. Dominic gets spitroasted and drilled by spencer while Billy shoots a massive creamy load on his chest.

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Sep 092012

masculine bearded Spencer Reed pounds Kyle King at Ragingstallion 01


Spencer Reed straddles his motorcycle, jacking off, in a secret place surrounded by rough wood slats and corrugated siding. He thinks he’s alone, but there’s another tribute to manhood, Kyle King, watching from a distance. The siding reflects the light as shiny and unyielding as the spit covered cocks of the two bearded men eying each other…

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Aug 182012

masculine Spencer Reed tops beard Derek Parker at Ragingstallion 01


Tatted up muscle man Spencer Reed is entangled in a serious make out session with bearded muscled stud, Derek Parker. They exchange saliva, nipple biting, heavy rub downs and lusty fist slaps before Spencer can’t wait any longer to wrap his mouth around Derek’s pulsing hard cock…

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Aug 072012


With massive Spencer Reed standing behind him fucking his tight ass, Colin Black is in pig’s heaven as he works his other hole on Troy Haydon‘s big cock. The hunky trio rock back and forth in continuous motion with Spencer eagerly leaning forward and nudging Colin out of the way so he can get his hot licks in on Troy’s hot knob.

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Aug 052012


Bryce Star devours Spencer’s cock, deepthroating the big, meaty spear. Spencer Reed then takes his turn to show off his oral expertise. Desiring more man play, Bryce then backs himself up against the glory hole in the makeshift wall and pushes his butt through.

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