Jul 192015

Sonny Stewart fucks Caleb King's tight virgin ass and Caleb King flip-fucks Colton Grey & JP Dubois at Cockyboys


Watching Caleb King riding a hard cock in reverse cowgirl style really turns me on. Watch Caleb get his cherry popped up by Sonny Stewart, and flip-fuck Colton Grey and JP Dubois.


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Sep 192012

masculine daddy Spencer Reed plows JP Dubois' tight ass at Eurocreme


Hotel manager JP Dubois is at the end of his young tether. Everything is going wrong around his reception and tough daddy Spencer Reed is called in to save the day. Bursting from his work shirt, this musclebound brute catches a glimpse of JP and instantly recognizes him from his past…


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Sep 052012

Cute twink JP Dubois & Lucas Davidson Flip-Flop Fucking & cumming facial at Eurocreme 01


Entering his office after a hectic week of everything going wrong in the Hotel, JP Dubois is greeted by his masseur ready to help him unwind. Stripping off naked for a full body rub-down, Lucas Davidson is a bit taken aback by the candidness of the manager but goes along with it…


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Aug 082012


Caught out having a quick piss, Hotel manager JP Dubois has a very pissed off young man waiting for him at reception! Cue new exclusive Billy Rubens at the desk with a very very untidy room. Having just checked in, no-one wants a shit-tip to greet them, so Billy Rubens is straight to the point when JP comes to check what’s going on…


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